Senin, 24 April 2006

Thurston Moore (Ecstatic Peace)
with Ludo Mich fluxus artist
and Chantal Mich

Backstage Recyclart Ultra Eczema concert
Brussels 23 april 2006

photo: Dennis Tyfus
Ludo Mich and Thurston Moore
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Sabtu, 22 April 2006

Ludo Mich Fluxus
16 februari 1964

Ludo Mich paints with his left and right hand
on the rythm of free music while singing.

YWCA-antwerp, belgium

photo: Alex Van Rompaey

Senin, 17 April 2006

Ludo Mich at factor44 borgerhout belgium
performance : "47 moons , moonstruck on saturn" 25 01 2006

Ludo Mich - vocals
featuring: Vaast Colson, Hans De Ley and Maarten Tibos on electronics.

photos Erwin Van Looveren