Jumat, 30 November 2012

Beauty Chica Grateful Giveaway

For Indonesian Residence only


How are you doing?
And i hope it is going to be better because i am bringing you back the GIVEAWAY!
And this time i will bring you

Nature Republic Advance Cell Boosting FX Mask
Dermal White Collagen Mask 
Dermal Royal Jelly Mask
Pixy Facial Scrub
Hadalabo Tamagohada Lotion
Cussons Hair Lotion
ELF Eyeshadow in PunkFunk
Two pairs of eyelashes
Snal BB Cream Sample Nature Republic
Skin food Lemon BB Cream Sample
Skinfood Black Egg Pore Primer Sample
Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream Sample


Five packs of my favorite cereal from Singapore called VITAMAX
It is sooooo great for my health and we can do DIY scrub too

And i am holding this giveaway to be thankful that i am recovering from a very bad accident that turn my life upside down three months ago. I have learned a lot and i had become a better person 

So thankful that i can be with my friends again....

and also for LOVE that stretch through the sickness and happiness. Thank God for giving me Chris in my life

in the end, i am grateful for having YOU here! When i was sick, the blog had been a great help for me. Also, when i started this blog a year ago, never comes in my mind that the blog will go this far, and have 200 ++friends!! WHOOOOO! Thank you for being here with me through bad times and now good times. I have met wonderful people through this blog like Xiao Vee, Gita, Shasha, Lala, Olin, Ce yen yen, Yessy Suwandi, Dewie Aprillia, Shelley and many more..

Thanks all, 
and i am grateful to have all of you!
I just have the feeling that more good things will come to our life.

So let`s start with this one below!

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Self building posts??

Now is December. It means this year is almost over for all of us. Ussually, in December, people are going to start thinking about their life and how has it been for them especially when New Year is nearing. Me too, that is also my habit. 

Being that said, the urge to write posts about self building rearing again. Hmm? Self Building? Yeah, you read it right. Self building is one of the most intriguing and interesting subject for me ever since i learn psychology. I want to start this a long time ago, but too afraid to do so. First, afraid because i am no professional. Second, afraid that you girls might not like it. Talking about life, character and how to build ourself sometimes can be hard to read, makes us think, and very debatable. Well, people have their own perspective that they hold dear in their life, it can be different than mine.

AFRAIDDD >.< , just a random pic
It is a good thing that this afraid feeling can be cast away if i serve a good cause. And i believe i do. I have seen many girls with porcelain faces, look so unhappy and behave ugly. Me too, i have been in that state. I am still learning everyday and trying to build myself to become a better person. I find that my meditation, books i read, and this effort are advantageous after all. I feel that it is right to write a posts about self building. I hope we will learn together. I am telling myself to be courageous to write, after all it is a duty of psychologist to make people become better. So, i hope the posts will be beneficial ^^, inner beauty must be counted too

Now that end of the year is nearing. I pick the theme grateful. If you read my posts, you might know already that i am now crawling out from sickness. I got a very bad accident and i am trying to organize my life now. It was a very bad accident yah, but it gave me this amazing insight. The way i see my future, the way i see myself and the world around me has been different ever since.  I see this as a bless. I see this as the way God has given me one more chance to once again pick the most important thing of my life.

All this year, what had happened to you?
Just like good things
Bad thing happen too

But remember this
" And we know that ALL THINGS work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose"

Kamis, 29 November 2012

The Face Shop BB Cream Power Perfection Review

Heyyyy chicas!! I am supposed to writing a report now, but boredom has bring me back to the blog hehehe. Let`s take some time out!! And for the time out I am writing you this BB cream Power Perfection from The Face Shop. For this review, I am using samples of the BB cream. These days, I want to be sure before buying BB Cream first, before buy the full bottle. I was so sure about my Dream Girls BB Cream from Skin 79 after reading tons of good reviews about it. Yes, it is good! Very good indeed with those glowing finish and great oil control. But, the shade is not right. *slapped!*

Learning from that, I purchased some samples of BB Cream to try out. And one of the purchase was this POWER PERFECTION! I read good reviews about this and wanted to buy the fullsize as well, but decline to do so after tried out the samples. I will tell you why…

 FACE it Power Perfection BB Cream SPF37 PA++

(taken from http://www.thefaceshop.my/)
  • A ‘3-in-1’ BB cream (anti-wrinkle, whitening, sun protection) with perfect  coverage
  • Total Skin Treatment BB cream(Special ingredients for rejuvenating skin): actively addresses all skin problems such as loss of firmness, dry skin, uneven skin texture and dull complexion
  • Better makeup results (flawless coverage + good adherence + long lasting):
- Provides perfect coverage without being thick on the skin.
- Contains coated powder similar to skin cells which offers great adherence.
- It leaves skin feeling comfortable, providing delicate and long-lasting makeup results.
  • Marvelous airy-touch texture:
  •  A light-as-air texture that smoothly melts into the skin upon application making skin comfortable and able to breathe.
  • ※Clinically tested. (Clinical trials to test firmness, moisturization, coverage, and long lasting ability)

Amount: 40 ml

Price: 197000 rupiahs/ $ 19

She is so pretty, isn`t she?

My haul which include power perfection bb cream in it

Texture and consistency:
The texture is just lovely, not too watery or not too creamy. It is very easy to blend and smooth. Hmmm, just a bit thicker from my Dream girls BB Cream, I think.

Shade and Coverage
The shade is a bit grayish, which I don`t like but the coverage is good. I would say it is sheer to medium, but buildable. It covers the redness. When I use it I do not use concealer ( It is on me though, can be different for you). I just use the bb cream and loose powder. My face become smooth. I like!

Oil Control
It oxidize, which I do not like also. My face becomes orangey like I do not wear make up at the end of the day. It stays for 5 hours before oxidizing. Oil control is good also, around 4 hours.

The finishing is dewy if you just use this bb cream. But I always matte it out with loose powder.


Overall this is a good BB Cream, really. One of the best, and this is the best seller out of The Face Shop BB Creams. But then, because it oxidize and has a slight grey tone. I am hesitating to buy. Mind that the price is quite high, I would rather purchase LIOELE Triple The Solutions BB Cream. Wanna know why? I will tell you on my next post. So stay tuned!

Now Reading: A lot of Research Journal, Textbook.. and the best self building book! The WINNING ATTITIDE from John Maxwell

Listening to: Nafiri FM. This is my favorite Christian radio. It was off air for several weeks and it made me sad. But now, it has made its comeback! HUGS *listening while smiling*

Okay all, 
Don`t forget tomorrow is the last day to join my make up sharing giveaway



Thank God for the winning

I feel so touched. I can not say thanks enough to God for His Grace. Yesterday, when i ate chicken with my boyfriend, i got a message in my blackberry saying that i won a Shu Uemura Monshu Girl Look alike contest. I was like " WHATTT??" Really, not in my dream i would win this, i just participated in this competition for fun. Just to find a reason doing some experiment with make up hehehe.

Photo: Crazy eatery for two
Photo: Chicken monster :)

Nevertheless, i am so incredibly happy lha. This winning boost up my confidence in make up like, 1000 percents.. Hahahaha.

I am sooooo really going to keep practicing my make up skills, making more FOTDs, and just watch out you girls, hahaha i am going to spam you with FOTDs and make up tutorial. Oh yeahhh, please don`t get bored with it #slapped!!

And this was my submission for the contest.
To share this happiness i am going to hold a giveaway when my friends reach 200, which is like 5 shorts! Whooo hoooo 

and smile more!

Rabu, 28 November 2012

Maybelline Clear and Smooth Blushes Review

Fresh Coral
Fresh Rose

I am so not up to date. Hehehe I am sorry. I probably the last beauty blogger who write a review about this

But I want to share about this blush on nonetheless, i hope you love it too ^^

A blush from Clear Smooth Line, which offers a matte, non shiny finish that last for a day


35000 – 40.000

Fresh Rose
Fresh Coral

The packaging is so – so. Very simple and standard. The greenish blue color underneath also not interesting color to begin with. But yeah, it does serve the purpose. I am so clumsy, and I drop this three to four times already. It is still okay. Hehehe the powder does not chopped off, and the packaging is sturdy, just like nothing happened.

Fresh Rose, the most wearable one for me
Fresh Coral

I got three shades, fresh berry, fresh coral, and fresh rose. Every one of them is PIGMENTED. Very. One swipe pours out an intense color. You really need to go light handed, especially coral and berry. It is a little bit hard to blend and it is just a big mistake if they are on your cheek already, HEAVILY. My friend commented like this, “ Hana, do you got burn on your cheek? Your cheek is so red.” Done. Short, but very embarrassing  hahaha.

Fresh Rose
Fresh Coral

It is not chalky and not powdery. I think it is densely packed and definitely will last for a long time. I bring my fresh berry to my food counter to give them to my employees. Well, they do make ups everyday, a free blush will be a great help for them. Guess what? I have four employees, everyone is using it everyday. And it is gone after six months. Crazy. Imagine if I use myself? It means two years and I gonna have to use it everyday. Haha.

Coral and Berry are matte colors. If only they are not that pigmented, I am so sure that I will use it everyday hehehe. The only color that I use everyday is the fresh rose. I like the pink – purplish color it gives. Long life Fresh Rose! I personally think that this blush could be a good buy if the color is right. Well, it is affordable, pigmented, long lasting, great quality, and available everywhere. If only… if only….

Rating: 3/5
Repurchase: No

Hmm, i have a giveaway information for you, my friend Shelvi from www.xiaovee.com is having a softlense giveaway. You can support her giveaway by clicking the picture below

I am about to have a giveaway too when this blog reached 200 friends. It is for thanking you my dear beloved readers who had support this blog. Also to made up my very first giveaway that ended up disatisfying for me. I was deeply sick in the hospital, so could not prepare well for the giveaway. I hope this time id going to be a joy for everyone! Cheers...


Selasa, 27 November 2012

Psychodance: Two Faces and many ramblings

Dance is my love. Since i was kid, dance had consumed my life. Really, i just enjoy dance in any kind, say that it is traditional, hiphop, jazz, salsa or ballet. Doesn`t matter to me, as long as it is dance i`m gonna love it

But, i am forced to let go of my love. Ever since i got burned, my tummy and my legs are full of scars. The new skin are black and inelastic. I tried to dance once, and i ended up make my scars bleed. Moreover, for a dancer like me, i am no longer flexible, my legs are stiff. Say goodbye to that beautiful arabesque, assemble, and balancoire. Those moves that i used to love the most, i am no longer able to do them.

Well, that is the dark aka sad part. So sad, but I believe in staying strong in difficult situation in life. Yes, i lost my ability that i am proud of. It made me desperate, but sometimes in life, i got to just accept it. Accept things that i can not change. Be grateful that once in my life, God has ever given me the chance to be a dancer. 

Now that it is gone, i am just grateful (again) that i could help being a dance competition`s jury. Though can no longer perform, that does not mean i can do nothing for a stage art! This is my second time being a dance jury and i love it! This competition called PSYCHODANCE: TWO FACES, was held by Pelita Harapan University Surabaya, my uni. There were many teams performing with tons of energy and great skills.

It was like... EXPLOSION~~

I was really happy to see all the talented high school students! I hope they got a great time in performing something that they love.

And here are the winners

Runner Up: PETRA 5 Senior High School

Winner: Frateran Senior High School

Group Picture! Can you spot me?

And me..

I am winning over my life struggles. Sometimes a very bad and unfortunate things happen in life. It is very bad that for a while i lost my life meaning and my confidence. But i am too precious to become a bitter person. Yes, i lost my ability to dance, but i gain an ability to judge a performance. Life is two faces. Happy and Sad. When sad comes, just stand strong and choose to be happy. Lost and gain. When you lost something or someone, see that it is an opportunity to learn something new.
don`t give up.

Life has two faces and we are strong enough to face it.

Congrats for the winner and the commitee who had worked hard. I wanna let you know that you were doing a great great job putting up a dance competition and helping me find a new meaning.

Cheers all,

Minggu, 25 November 2012

Bella Swan Vampire Failed Attempt!

And I am here in the library working on my internship report. Oh, well! What a life! hehehehe
Though i haven`t got the chance to watch my favorite movie, i am still happy, because today i am sharing with you my Bella Swan Vampire Look hehehe


So, here it is the look that i am trying to imitate, when i first see the picture, it seems to be so easy, with copper and deep brown eyeshadow dominating the look. But this look that i created will be minus the red eye contact lens. I am just too afraid to wear lens >.<

But, my version seems to went wrong. First i need to smudge more and create deeper eye make up. Mine is too simple maybe, plus my eyes are almond eye so definitely different with Bella`s
So here is my version

1. Apply copper color on eyelids

2. Apply dark brown eyeshadow for outer corner. Blend well. I also add a very natural fake eyelashes, because in the picture, Bella seems to have those very natural eye lashes. Btw, i really messed up the glue, that is why please please pleasee excuse those ugly left eye with apparent glue on the bristles 

I use this kind of falsies. Short and the hairs are sparse

3. Add some dark brown to lower lash line, just 3/4 of it, and then dab beige eyeshadow on 1/3 of inner lash line for highlight.
4. Don`t forget to curl falsies and the eyelashes together

RAWWRRRRRRRRR! Asian Bella is here (OMG, sorry being racist hahaha!). RUN before i bite you off!!

And this is more composed and elegant pose of Vampire Bella
I added coral lipstick, but seems to be not enough, it needs to be more opaque.

Caring Colors EVERLAST in Silk Pink
Revlon New Complexion Two way foundation in Tender Peach
Milani Baked Eyeshadow in Copper
Luview Baked eyeshadow in Gold Brown
Fake eyelashes
Max Factor Lash Fusion Mascara
ZA plump lip gloss in 07

Though failed, i did have a good time on making this look. I hope you will too ^^. 

Have a nice day,

Jumat, 23 November 2012

My lovely sister 1000.000 Pageview Giveaway

Hai, chicas! Hari ini aku mau ngucapin selamat buat ...............*drumroll*


Selamat yaa Aini dan Eve yang blognya udah dibaca satu juta kali! Such an achievement! Buat kalian yang pengen baca juga blog yang satu ini, boleh di ceki ceki di http://my-lovely-sister.blogspot.com/

My lovely sister blog ini banyak banget bahas tentang produk produk korea dan make up tutorial. Fotonya jernih dan professional, man!! hehehe Jadi kalo mau belajar juga, boleh mampir and sekalian jangan lupa ikutan giveawaynya. 

Aku reblog caranya ya:::
Gampang banget kok!
(courtesy of my-lovely-sister blog)

Cara ikutan My Lovely Sister 1.000.000 Pageview! Giveaway:
1. Retweet tentang giveaway ini dengan mencantumkan @mylovelysister
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3. Subscribe blog my-lovely-sister.blogspot.com melalui Google Friend Connect
4. Pasang side banner giveaway ini di blog kamu (side banner diambil dari side banner di blog ini)

Wajib/ mandatory:

1. Like fanpage kami di: facebook.com/aini.and.eve
2. Isi questionnaire di bawah ini:
  • Sebutkan nama/ pekerjaan/ status (single atau menikah)
  • Dari manakah kamu mengetahui tentang blog my-lovely-sister?
  • Apa yang paling kamu sukai dari blog my-lovely-sister? Kenapa?
  • Make up apa yang pertama kali kamu gunakan?
  • Make up apa yang pasti selalu kamu pakai setiap kali keluar rumah?
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  • Merk make up dan skin care apa yang paling kamu suka?
  • Apakah setiap postingan dari blog my-lovely-sister membantu kamu untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan dalam hal perawatan wajah dan makeup?
Kirim jawabanmu ke contact.mysister@yahoo.com dengan judul My Lovely Sister 1.000.000 Pageview(spasi)(nama kamu)! 

Giveaway paling lambat tanggal 16 Desember 2012. Jangan lupa leave comment di post kalau kamu sudah mengirim email ya ^^. Pengumuman pemenang akan diberitahu secepatnya ke email masing-masing dan di blog my-lovely-sister.

Rabu, 21 November 2012

Wardah Peachy Pink Pallete Review

Aight, this will be my last post before i drown myself into books and work on my internship report. Gah, you know girls, yesterday i got shocked therapy from my lecturer, stating that i got only a week to finish the whole report. Because of my very bad accident two months ago, i haven`t start a scratch of it.  OMOOOOOOOO... Now i am in the state of panic, confused and excited in the same time. Excited? Yah i do, i work better on pressure and this kind of pressure is a challenge for myself whether i can make it or not. * curcol dikit* hehehe
Hmm before that dark week started, let me enjoy talking with you about this wardah peachy pink pallete. I use this in almost all of my FOTD recently. I love it! And i will tell you why..

Product description:
This is a lip pallete contains eight colors. They are combination between Wardah`s matte and exclusive series, some is matte, and some is glossy. 

49.000 in your local cosmetic store or supermarket

Packaging wise, it is not cute but yeah, it looks okay with silver color. It looks tough and professional. When i open the pallette, Taraaaaa.. the mirror is huge, man! hehehe It is clear also. I like it! The applicator is nice also. It certainly does the job, it is not scratchy and looks pretty with a clear handle.

Color range is just great! These are the color that i would likely wear. It is ranging from nude, coral and pink. Pretty!

The pallete smells nice, like baby scent smell. Consistency is great also. Eventhough it does not stay long on my lips, 3 - 4 hours top!~ the color is quite opaque. It sinks on my lips fine line, though not exaggerate it. What else? Oya, this pallete contains Wardah`s matte and exclusive collection. I find matte colors dry out my lips upon application >.<


Sorry i am spamming you with this huge lips of mine hahahaha. Once in a while is okay, isn`t it?
Overall this is a great buy for me. For a girl like me who loves to experiment and learn make up, this pallete offers all. Pretty color, great color pay off, affordable price and nice scent. Eventhough there are minor problem like drying out my lip, i think that is acceptable. Mostly matte lipstick are like that, and we always know that we can always put on lipbalm before hand. End of the problem. I will certainly collect this pallete lha! 

Rating: 4.5/5

Now, it is time for me to bid you goodbye and telling myself "Hit the book! Hit the book!" hehehehe.

Bye chicas,