Minggu, 30 September 2012

Face on face powder foundation review *Vanilla Beige

Who wants to have a good powder with affordable price? Hands up! * Put my hand up*
Hehehe good news for us, i find one! It is Face on Face Two Way Cake from Rohto. I got this from a doorprize from Hadalabo event. Thank you, Rohto. *hugs*

It comes with this pink cartoon box. It says "improved with Hyaluronic Acid" and i was like "SWEET! It will compliment my Hadalabo skincare regime!! Cihuyy!" 

And i was not wrong, tho. It is moisturizing and stays on the face *nempel banget*. It doesn`t break me out too. I love this even more after seeing the packaging. I think it is the best packaging ever for local drugstore powder foundation. It is pink, sturdy and hygienic. There are two-story. The upper one is for the powder, and below is the sponge.

First Story

Second story

The puff is decent. I like it. Smooth and does the job. The puff delivers more of  medium to full coverage. When i just need sheer coverage, i will just grab my Bobbi Brown powder brush. I like this powder very much. So far is my favorite. It delivers smooth and glowy result. Ah, i won`t say more, i will just show you my pictures.

This is the look i did on Fresh Look post. Hehehe go read if you want to know how this look done step by step.  * Monggo mampir, teman - teman :) * But well yeah, the camera doesn`t lie. I look so fresh, and i like it. I google this and it costs around 27000 rupiahs. So affordable! #SUKA SUKA SUKA!! Unfortunately this brand is hard to find. I try to find in hypermart, there isn`t any and not every cosmetic store carries the brand >.< Ah, too bad Pengampon (local make up stores in Surabaya) is too far from where i live. I hope Rohto will spread this brand to supermarket. I will be the first customer line up for sure!

+ Everything is perfecto, MY FAVORITE POWDER so far
- Hard to find >.<

Oh my.. Anybody knows how to find this in Surabaya? The brand carry great decoration product such as blush on and eyeshadows too. I really really want to try. If you do know, please help me......

Updated: If you want to know more about face on face as much as i do,
click their facebook page or twitter. The admin is nice ^^

Sabtu, 29 September 2012

Maybelline Unstoppable Mascara

This is another mascara from Maybelline. Maybelline is my favorite make up brand because it delivers such a great quality with affordable price. LOVE! I love to collect their mascara, eyeliner and blush on. Mascara and eyeliner because they are longwearing and have true colors, and blush on because they are so pigmented. What not to love?

Comes with a pink bottle, this mascara claims to be able to curl and lengthen my eyelashes. Two benefits jammed into one bottle. Hm, talking about the packaging, i quite like it. It is sleek, long and PINK! hehehe. One problem about it, the cap is hard to close and open, seriously! It is very tight that i need extra power.

It comes with a brush like this. The bristles is soft, doesn`t hurt my eyes at all. I love the pointy end too, it makes it easy peasy to apply on my lower lashes.

The color is true black. Love it :). It doesn`t smudge and waterproof tho can be clumpy at times. Especially if i apply more than three coats. It dries fast and last on me about 5 or 6 hours.

This is how this mascara looks on my lashes after two coats. How? Good enough? The result looks normal, and i personally expect more of this mascara because of the price. I got this for 90.000 rupiahs or about $9, with that tag i was hoping i would get amazing result. Oh my... Overall this is pretty good mascara except the hard opened cap and clumpy formula. Will i buy it again? I don`t think so lha, i rarely buy so - so product for mascara because there are a lot of choices out there. They are waiting for me to try them on *drooling* hehehe.

Love: Hadalabo skincare
Hate : My phobia towards flammable things >.< Argghh..

Confession! My skin problem..

Everybody has a skin problem, it could be blackhead, acne prone skin, or even dull skin. Mine is acne scar, sun spot, and uneven skin tone. Blame it to the sun and raging hormones! Hyaaa, i just hope i live twenty years ago when the sun was a lot friendlier >.<. But it is already happened. What to do??? I have to accept that my skin is problematic now. Daily, my face is going to look like this...

Looks like just fine right? But if you take out the BB Creams and loose powder, you will see my real problematic skin >.< Tadaaaaa...

You see? The left cheek has a lot of black spots and my nose got blackheads. I want them all to go away! *cranky face*. I read once that one can improve their skin by using a good quality skincare. That means there is still hope for me and for you. After a long search, i think i want to buy these following skin care products. Hopefully they will kick all the problems away. Ciaatttt!!!

For my blackheads, i want to try blackhead sponge scrub oil and magic patch from Holika - holika

Blackhead Scrub Sponge OilBlackhead Sponge Patch
And....... for my sun spots, acne scar and uneven skintone, i will need a real good whitening regime to fade them all out. Therefore, my pick goes to White Tone Up Series from Innisfree. 

White Tone up SkinWhite Tone up Essence

This series from Innisfree contains mulberry and licorice extract. Natural power to make my skin bright and even. Thank God, there is an online shop in Indonesia selling these babies with reasonable prices. Visit them in SHABANG - SHABANG. They sell high quality and authentic Korean products ready stock as well as pre order.

That is my confession. Do you have any suggestion for my problematic skin?

Jumat, 28 September 2012

Just Enough Glow

Currently i am quite bored doing make up reviews hehehe. Do you? I hope you are not bored reading it, chicas. hehehe. So i thought of doing something different lha. This is my current favorite look, i name it just enough glow because it is really glowy and fresh. I will explain with Bahasa here. It has been a long time i haven`t do a post in Bahasa, i kinda miss it. 

Mulai dari wajah polos saya >.<. Kali ini pake BB Cream Skin 79 Dream girls. Ga tau kenapa semua BB Cream ku dari skin 79, mulai hot pink, gold dan dream girls ini. Aku sih pakenya gantian ya.. Kalau muka berasa kering, aku pake yang gold label. Kalo muka normal dan pengen terlihat sangat mulus, pake yang hot pink. Nah, waktu pengen make up ringan, aku pake Dream Girls ini. Buat teman - teman yang pengen nyobain bb cream, aku jual sample nya di jar, klik aja BLOGSALE di atas. Bukan kenapa - kenapa, aku suka banget ketiga bb cream ini, tapi isinya kebanyakan ga abis - abis, dan aku udah pengen banget bb cream yang baru hihihihihi.. 

Oya, cara pake dream girls ini biasa aku totol - totol di muka, terus diratain pake tangan. Soalnya teksturnya ringan banget kayak lotion. Kalo di aplikasiin pake foundation brush, malah habis banyak dan ga rata - rata.

Si Dream girls ini ringan banget, jadi ga bisa nutupin noda dan bekas jerawat. Aku pakai ELF Tone Correcting Concealer in Rose Beige supaya terlihat flawless. Terus dibedakin tipis - tipis pakai powder favoritku dari Neutrogena.

Alisnya dirapiin pake pensil alis viva. Jangan ditekan keras - keras ya, soalnya ni pensil pigmented banget dan hasilnya bakalan kayak sinchan >.< Hehehe. Untuk mata, aku pakai Luview Baked Eyeshadow in White Indigo. Kalau penasaran, kemarin aku udah review sodara - sodaranya lho. Ini eyeshadow sheer banget buat sehari - hari. Aku pake warna cokelatnya aja dan dibaur ke seluruh kelopak mata. Setelah itu, aku pake eyeliner dan mascara.

Biar terlihat bersemu cantik, aku pakai ELF contouring dan blush on powder. Contournya cuma di atas tulang rahang supaya pipiku yang seberat satu ton ini terlihat lebih langsing wakakakak.. Caranya gampang, aku kempotin pipi, nah daerah yang "masuk" ke dalam di kontur pakai warna cokelat ini. Pelan - pelan aja karena warnanya pigmented. Nah, pipinya pakai warna peach. Kalem banget, suka! 

Nah, keliatan lebih glowy ya? Padahal aku ga pake highliter atau shimmer powder lho.. Rahasianya ada di BB Cream, powder, dan blush on. Dream girls BB ini cenderung bikin wajahku glowy, demikian juga kandungan mineral yang ada di bedak Neutrogena-ku. Terus blush on dari ELF ini ada subtle shimmer nya yang bikin pipi jadi glowy. Aku suka banget make up an kayak gini. Paling cocok buat jalan - jalan dan ketemu pacar hehehe

Kamu kalau jalan - jalan pake make up kayak gimana? 

Barang lenongan yang kupake hari ini:

Dream Girls BB Cream
ELF Tone Correcting Concealer - Rose Beige
ELF Blush and Contouring Powder
Pensil alis Viva - Brown
LUVIEW Eyeshadow White Indigo
Shiseido Eye lash curler
Max Factor False Lash Effect

Kamis, 27 September 2012

Local Product oh Local Product

Akhir - akhir ini lagi pengen nyobain local product, macam mustika ratu, sariayu, face on face, dll. Sapa tau ya dapet koleksi yang tokcer, bikin cantik, harga murmer dan gampang dicari? Hohoho. Local product kesukaan kalian apa? Mau bikin list belanja nieee...


Rabu, 26 September 2012

Silkygirl pencil eyeliner review

The perfect tool to enhance your peepers. Waterproof and smudge-proof, you can depend on this product to give your eyes precise definition. With high volatile silicone content, this liner stays loyal to your eyes all day. With Vitamin C Derivatives to nourish and care for your lids. Also contains Vitamin E to preserve moisture and protect against aging. Available in 4 colors, this eyeliner glides on smoothly in just one stroke.

Packaging: Made of black plastic. The cap is sturdy, and there is nothing wrong with it,really. I just hope it could be cuter hehehe..

This eyeliner is retractable, which means i do not need to sharpen. Just twist, twist, twist... Easy! For monolid like me, this eyeliner is not very useful. When i use it in my upper lid, it smudges, so it is for my lower lid. I believe this will not happened if you are double lid. When i use my eye scotch, this smudging doesn`t happen. It smudge after a very long time, around five hours. It is also very smooth and soft in application. The pigmentation is good, tho i need to swipe this about two times before achieving that jet black color i want. Good quality for such an affordable price, but not my HG yet.

I am still searching for a very nice retractable eyeliner. Something that can be used for a monolids like me, waterproof and smudgeproof. Any suggestion, chicas?

+Available locally
+ Affordable, around 30.000 rupiahs
+Good pigmentation
+ Long wearing

- It doesn`t suit my monolids >.< Smudge on me

Love: The wound that has become smaller
Currently reading: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Senin, 24 September 2012

Quote of the day

Kadang aku pengen banget beli blush on baru, padahal di rumah sudah punya banyak. Oh no! Kukeluarin semua blush on ku, ku swatch satu - satu sambil dihitung. Langsung dah, dalam hati bilang, " Masih banyak ya, bulan depan aja deh kalo sudah ada yang habis." 


Luview Baked Eyeshadow Review part 1

These are Luview`s! If you are not familiar with the brand, Luview is a Korean Brand that provides high quality make ups. These belows are there newly launched baked eyeshadow. I was blessed to win this through sparkle apple blog. I won four baked eyeshadows and i will review two first. 

The left one is my favorite shade. It is Lovely Gold 01. Beside lovely gold, is the shade Gold Brown 04. In terms of packaging, they are quite sturdy, tho not cute enough >.< The packaging is very standar, just like my Maybelline Clear n Smooth Blush packaging.

Come, take a closer look! This is Lovely Gold. Every shades in this Luview Baked eyeshadow collections are pretty IMO. I like the pink color because it brightens my eyes. 

The pigmentation is very very sheer lha. But i will not use any pigmented eyeshadows for everyday make up anyway, so it is okay. One thing about baked eyeshadows is that they can be very pigmented if applied wet. My left swatch is dry application, and i apply it so many times but look at my right swatch! I apply wet, and that is the pigmentation i get from one layer of application.

Now welcome the gold brown shade. Just like the Lovely Gold, all colors are shimmery. Hehehehe. The beige color on the right if very pretty if i apply sparingly as highliter on my cheekbones and cupid bow.

SWATCH TIME! So how do you like the color pals? I personally like it lha.. Lastly, i make for you EOTD.. hehehe. This was taken when still sick, had to bedrest *sudah sakit, masih genit pula*. So , to make it quick i just apply the Lovely Gold on my left eye, and Gold Brown on my right.

So which one suits me better? The gold brown or lovely gold?

Bye for now, xoxoxoxo 

Currently reading: Human Resource Management Handbook
Love: Roti Morin
Hate: MID EXAM >.< wish me luck!

Minggu, 23 September 2012

Quote of the day

Setiap kerja keras akan membuahkan kesuksesan.
Kalau kamu kerja keras tapi tidak sukses, berarti ada orang lain yang sukses.
Kalau kamu sukses tanpa kerja keras, berarti ada orang yang telah bekerja keras untukmu

Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Ce phanie`s giveaway

Hi friends! Got a good news for you. Ce phanie, the owner of Diary of product junkie`s is having giveaway. Please check her blog. I bet you will like her blog. For me, her review is very trusted, what she likes ussually are something that i will like too. If she said the product is good, then it really is. Ussually i will check her blog before buying anything. This kind of blog is hard to find ya know hehehe, so i would like congratulate ce phan for her 2nd anniversary!I hope your blog keep being awesome and also thank you to help me being a wise product junkie. Oya, i hope you write more blush on reviews too ce ^^ ( this one i forgot to mention on the survey :P )

This is the prizes at stake :

This giveaway is open for Indonesian only. Hehehe check her blog lah, Quick quick! AND.. Thanks ce phan for having this giveaway. I love you and your bourjouis foundation too (*random!). Awesome!

Sneak Peek: NYX All i`ve ever wanted make up pallete

Friday was my first day of school after a very long break due to work accident. Guess what, i never come to the class and suddenly this upcoming week i will have my Mid Exam, WTH!! I guess this weekend i will have to hit the books and catching up with the classess I miss. Tho sad, today i finally got the chance to lay my hands to Cosmopolitan September Magazine + its lovely bonuses. Hurrayyyy! It was the last one available at the store. I guess i still have some luck left :)

So, let`s forget the sadness and look at some colors instead. Here i will present to you NYX all i`ve ever wanted make up pallete sneak peek! I own this for quite a while now and all this time i have been loving it. It was around 300.000 rupiahs when i bought it and it is actually worth every cent.

The packaging is quite sturdy. Black color, revealing a professional feel with the design. When i open this up, it has two levels. First level is the eyeshadows. They are quite pigmented, but chalky and powdery sometimes.

Many range of colors, which certainly perfect for beginners and people who loved to play with make up. The pans are small, but yeah i don`t need a lot of eyeshadows, so it is okay with me.

The second level is the powders and also lippie. I use this lippies on my previous post, "change the lippie change the mood" The lippies are creamy and sheer.

Eyeshadow swatches. Pretty colors!

Lippie swatches. Great color range, 6 colors to choose.

Contouring powder, they are matte, pigmented but powdery. It looks messy on the pan.

Blush On! Pigmented too, wearable (except the bright pink), my favorite blush is the third one, because the shade is like Milani Luminoso.

Powder and Bronzer, The bronzer here is sparkly and too dark for my skintone. I rarely use it, so is the powder. I ussually wear my own powder. The texture are not very smooth, blendable and pigmented

Kamis, 20 September 2012

Change Lippie, Change the mood!

I am so excited to share you these looks! Hehehe if you notice i have been starting on posting FOTD + semi tutorial, it is all actually start with these. I made these looks for Pink Buble Vanity Trove Challenge. At first i made the pinkbuble fire look, then take selcas. I found myself looking different than usual!! Then, i started to change the lip colors and guess what? My face looked different too. It was fun and i simply could not stop experimenting on new colors. I hope you join the challenge too, believe me it was fun! I hope you will like it as much as i do. 

Since it was fun, i think i will post more FOTD + semi tutorial from now on. I am no professional and i do fail on my make up sometimes. And all the pictures were not edited, i just make page but do not photoshop the pictures at all. Simply to say, because i can`t. #gaptek banget yaa. Hehehe so foolish >.< I know! So, if you find some pics are fugly, just don`t stare too much, okay? Hahahaha.

Here is step by step for this look........

1. Because i am monolid, i apply eyelid tape. Just to make my eyes look bigger.

2. Put BB Cream all over the face. 
How to use ala Hana: I dot the cream all over the face, then spread it out with foundation brush. This foundation brush is ELF Professional Foundation Brush. It will look streaky at first, but pat the bb cream with the sides of the brush. The cream will get soaked onto your pores, leaving you with a smooth looking face.

3. Contouring is tricky for me, sometimes it got really streaky hehehe. I just play safe with using PAC Cream foundation. If it got streaky i will just powder it out to "Hide" it. Hehehe. I matte my face out with Marcks powder in Rose.

4. Put pink blush on. Here i use Maybelline clear smooth blush on in FRESH ROSE. Then i apply shimmer, i use Bobbi brown shimmering brick. Wanna know the technique? Hehehe again lha, i do some experiment inspired by Ce Elrica`s blog. I got inspired a lot ya know :). This blog is just awesome lha. Oya CLICK HERE for the technique.

5. Get to work on the eyes! Here i use my Sariayu Pallete, and use Salem and white colors. Then i groom my eyebrows with Viva eyebrow pencil.

6. Put colors on! Hehehe suka - suka loe deh warna lipsticknya! The lipstick color is really up to you, depend on your mood! Here i use any lip color from my NYX All that i`ve ever wanted make up pallete

Ini dia hasilnya main lenong - lenongan! Here is the result! hohohoho.. I was amazed with the result, different lip colors really change the whole look. Hehehe dari wajah cewek innocent sampai wajah tante garang, semua lengkap dah! hehehe.. So how da ya think?

What do i use?
Marcks Translucent powder
BOBBI BROWN shimmering brick
Maybelline blush on in shimmering rose

BOBBI BROWN eyeliner gel in black ink
Sariayu anniversary pallete in peach and white
Random false eyelashes
Maybelline Unstoppable mascara
Shiseido eyelash curler


Okay ladies, see ya on my next post!

I have been better and tomorrow i will try to start attending my class. Wish me luck!

Thank God I`ve been Better

Rabu, 19 September 2012

Fresh Look

Hola chicas :). How are you today? Hehehe today i want to share with you my hang out make up that can be done in five minutes only. Very fast! This time i also use new make up that i got from Hada Labo launching event doorprize! *excited* It is called Face on Face. Really good products! Anyway, let`s start, shall we?

After washing my face and apply my skincare routine ( I use Hadalabo), the first step to this look is concealing. I conceal my under eye, acne scars and my freckles so that it looks flawless and better toned. Especially after sick, my skin becomes so tacky >.< and dry. Huhuhuhu just don`t stare on my fugly bare face >.<. Conceal, conceal, conceal! After applying the concealer on particular area that need coverage, i dab it slowly with my fingers. Do you see the difference on the third picture?

Hmm, now it is time to use new make ups! Yihuuuu... I use Face on Face foundation powder in vanilla beige, press it lightly on to my face so that it looks glowy. Then apply blush on, here i use Face on Face 
blush on in Blooming Rose. I really like the blush on it gives my cheek beautiful flush. Looking fresh!

Now time to move on to the eye. I only use eyeliner, eyelid tape and mascara. Because i have monolid, putting eyelid tape on will make my eyes look bigger. Just a little tip for you, don`t put the eyelid tape very close to the eye rim because it won`t have any effect. Here i use gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown in Black Ink. I line my eyes and wing it to make my face looks fresh. Then, i curl my eyelashes and apply Max Factor False lash Effect

So, the look is done! Hehehe simple mah, only using five products!
- Maybelline Mineral concealer in sand beige
- Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
- Bobbi brown gel eyeliner in black ink
- Face on face foundation powder in vanilla beige
- Face on face blush on in Blooming Rose

So, this is my share on my daily make up. Hehehe i hope it helps.
Love you, 
Bye chicas :)

Listening to music1.gif: International by One Direction
Lovepingy.gif: KUBE Mp3 second generation
Hate raning.gif: Keloid >.<

To know more about face on face,
you can click their facebook page
or follow their twitter