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PGH Photo Fair Speaker Series #4: The Bidwells

Please join us for our next PGH Photo Fair Speaker Series installment as we welcome Northeast Ohio-based art collectors and philanthropists, Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell, founders of the Bidwell Foundation and Cleveland’s new events and exhibitions space, the Transformer Station. After exploring the photography world from the perspective of the auction house and the gallery, the third and fourth installments of the PGH Photo Fair Speakers Series explore a new area by putting collectors in the spotlight.

The talk will be held at The Andy Warhol Museum on Wednesday, March 13, 2013. Doors open at 6:00pm with a cash bar followed by our talk at 7pm. This event is free and open to the public.

In this talk, the Bidwells discuss the pleasures and pitfalls of collecting, how they established their “ground rules” (to guide their collecting and to keep from getting overwhelmed) and why they chose to focus on contemporary art. For Fred, one of the special rewards of collecting living artists is the relationships that can develop. Besides the satisfaction of supporting creativity, he notes, “artists tend to be interesting people.”

Fred and Laura Bidwell will also introduce to Pittsburgh their latest project: the Transformer Station. This public-private partnership with the Cleveland Museum of Art, unique in the United States, is designed to bring original contemporary arts exhibitions, events and programming from around the world to the west side of Cleveland.

The Bidwells were first inspired to collect photo-based art after visiting a friend and passionate collector, whose home had been transformed into a remarkable floor-to-ceiling exhibition. Gradually, as their collection grew in size and significance, Bidwell Projects was formed. Today, the Bidwell Foundation supports numerous artists and arts institutions concentrating in Northeast Ohio. They have worked closely with Akron Museum of Art, University of Akron, Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, SPACES Gallery, Inter-Museum Conservation Association and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Just as a refresher about the genesis of all this: PGH Photo Fair, through the auspices of Fugitive Vision, LLC, is sponsoring six talks on photography at a variety of venues in Pittsburgh on the 2nd Wednesday of every month leading up to the fair this Spring. The series aims to augment the already rich art and photography scene in Pittsburgh with speakers who will focus on the state of the art, collecting, and connoisseurship.

For more info about PGH Photo Fair, please click here.
For more info on PGH Photo Fair speaker series, please click here.  

Find us on Facebook here.
Written with the help of Alexandra Oliver

Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Hime Gyaru and Pygmalion Land Giveaway

Hi ladies! I am back with a Hime Gyaru Style inspired by a post in Pygmalion Land
M (the owner of Pygmalion land) attached a cute Japanese video on how to do a Gyaru make up.
I pretty much just follow the video and crosscheck with the example.
And this is what i got!

Gyaru style is quite simple minus. Mine is simple gyaru hehehe. I am too afraid to put on contact lens and too lazy to do the hairstyle *slapped myself* wkwkwk

Anyway, right now M is holding an amazing giveaway in her blog, picturing TWO guess handbags at stake! Who doesn`t want a cute hand bag, seriously?? If you want to join, please follow her blog and you may enjoy her amazing reviews on beauty products plus tutorial, like what i used in this post. Just click the picture below and find your self (and myself hopefully) lucky *finger crossed*

pygmalion 6th giveaway

Okay, see you later, chicas,

Senin, 25 Februari 2013

The Skinfood Grape Seed Rich Cleansing Oil Review

I am very particular person when it comes to cleaning the face.
When i am not lazy then i will do this step:
Eye make up remover - cleansing oil - cleansing milk - face wash - toner
If i feel lazy then i will skip eye make up remover
But nevertheless, cleansing oil step is a must do for me!
Cleansing oil do the best work on cleaning heavy foundation, bb cream and oil based cosmetics that face wash ussually unable to remove.
After a lot of blogging, my choice comes to Skinfood Grape seed Rich Cleansing Oil!

Cute and Vintage Bottle!

The cleansing oil comes in a cute vintage bottle. It does look elegant in my vanity case.
When my friend came to my room the other day, she was like grabbing the bottle and say " Hana, what is this? So cute!" Hehehe i was just smiling and told her that it is cleansing oil to clean make up. It has cute cap on the top of the bottle, with a Skinfood Angel emboss. Love it!

Cute cap!!

It contains 150 ml and i bought mine around 130.000 rupiahs / $13 a bottle. Not very pricey considering one bottle will last a longgggg time!

I don`t like the pouring cap here! Gaahhh! It makes the oil come out too much.

This is the back of the packaging. All written in Hangeul so i have no idea what it says hahaha
But in case you are fluent, you can read it here.

I also like the sticker design here! Very vintage. It comes off easily though >.<

Now swatch time!

Below, i am using my eyeshadows from Coastal scents and Milani liquif eye eyeliner.
I apply the oil and emulsify it with the water.

Rub ... rub... rub... gently

Remove all the oil with a clean tissue.
And taraaa.. All clean!

Final Thoughts!
The cleansing oil has an amazing removing power. Even the mascara and waterproof eyeliners come off. The smell is nice and it does not break me out. I would recommend this for you who loves to use BB Cream everyday like me. Removing it properly is a MUST for us other wise the cream will clog our pores.

Repurchase? Yes
Rating? 5/5

Pittsburgh welcomed Tom Gitterman

Even though Pittsburgh was hit with a snowy, slushy night, we had a great turnout for Tom Gitterman's talk in our 3rd installment of the PGH Photo Fair's Speaker series. Tom brought dozens of examples -- from Roger Fenton to Ken Josephson -- to illustrate his thoughts on connoisseurship, pricing, process, and (most importantly) his passion for the medium. The goal of the series has been to encourage debate and conversation around photography, so it was a pleasure to hear Tom's talk peppered with questions and enthusiastic responses. Gitterman Gallery will be one of the 12 galleries featured in the PGH Photo Fair this May 18-19, so those who missed the talk will have another chance to speak with Tom about photography and the work he will be bringing to show.

Remember, the Speaker Series is every 2nd Wednesday of the month up to the time of the fair in May. Next up will be Fred and Laura Bidwell, noted collectors from the Cleveland area, at the Warhol on March 13th. A post dedicated to that event will be up soon. Follow me for updates or sign up on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pghphotofair.

Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Dove Night Intense Care Hair Serum

Today i come back with another review of my hair product.
It is Dove Damage Therapy Hair Serum.

Hmm, since everyday i wait my store in one of food court`s mall in Surabaya,
my hair becomes very very greasy in the end of the day.
The foodcourt`s air circulation is horrible! So, i have to wash my hair everyday.
To avoid my hair being dried, before i wash my face in the morning, i put this serum the night before.  I put it along the hair strand, concentrating on the end of the strand.


My hair feels better. It feels smoother after shampooing!
I like it a lot. 

As for the packaging, it comes with a pump. Very hygienic!
When i pumped, i will get this creamy white serum that smells great.
I like the smells and my hair strands absorb it nicely.
The serum does not make my hair greasy and heavy during my sleep.



Overall, this is a great product for me. I like it a lot. It smells great, and that fiber active inside the serum does make my hair healthier. If you have a dry hair and you have to wash your hair daily, you might like this as this will make your hair less dry after shampooing. It reduces tangles and make the strand smoother.

Repurchase? YES!
Rating 5/5

Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher Review in #5 Apricot Pudding

Ellow, ladies! 
I am coming back with another blush on review.
Oh my, another blush on! Yah, i know, but i can`t help it, mah,
blush on is my biggest flirt out of all make up.

I won this blush on from Bunny Beaute Giveaway and i really love it.
Thanks Liana for giving me this cutie.
It is 8.5 grams and retailed at approximately 60.000 to 80.000 rupiahs at local online shop.

About Lovely Cookie Blusher

Etude House NEW Lovely Cookie Blusher: Various beautiful and bright colors lasts for long time on your cheeks with its sebum control powder and coating pigment.

There are 10 shades available for the new series. They name it after foodie, like apricot, strawberry and grapefruit. Really, hearing the name has made me want already. Mine is shade number 5 Apricot Pudding. 


The packaging is super cute leh! Currently, this is the cutest blush in my stash!
The front cap is clear, showing a fluffy puff underneath.
Below, it is a plastic base and the color is matching with the blush on.

The puff is suppa cute also. Fluffy,soft and able to pick enough blush on.
I really like to use this puff, even more than using my blush brush.


It does not really show on my hand. It seems just like a peck of beige peachy colored.
It seems to be light colored on the pan too. Well, the story is different once it applied on the cheek.
I need effort to make it show but since i have a fair skin, i can never go wrong with this blush.
Though not very pigmented, i can build the color up confidently because the color is subtle and natural. 

It has tiny shimmer inside, but i consider the finish to be matte. The shimmer does not really show, so it is okay. I like it more this way. Just perfect for college and daily errands. It stays for a good 4 hours on air conditioned room.

Final thoughts

I think this blusher is lovely. Purrfect for me lha. The color is subtle and natural. Moreover the packaging is cute. It has been really fun using the baby. If you are a beginner in make up and do not want to look too much, this is a great stuff. But then, if you are looking for a "serious" knockout blush on, this might not be the one.

See you later babes,

Best Valentine Gift Ever

If you are friend with me in facebook, you probably have seen this picture before. But still, i can not hold myself quiet after receiving this sweetest gift. My boyfriend got me Blush Pallete and Gel eyeliner from BH Cosmetics, also a mask from Etude House. Review will come soon, ladies, i also can not wait to try these babies out lha

I am also very.very.very grateful for everything that God has done to me in 2013. I finally got "my life" back after the last accident, and it is getting more exciting than ever. He has made me able to overcome every obstacles through prayer and hardwork. I just can`t wait to see what is more to come this year. Wish me luck! I hope you have a great Valentine and always be grateful for the life that has been given to you


Senin, 11 Februari 2013

Dove Essential Nourishment Hand and Body Lotion

A while ago, DOVE has launched their body lotion line and i managed to get one on my monthly errand. The price is quite expensive compared to my usual Vaseline Hand Body Lotion. 

Price: Forgot exact price, i think about 25.000 rupiah ish
Amount: 250 ml

Comes with a white plastic packaging, nothing too catchy lha, but it suits the concept of another Dove line. Quite sturdy also, as long as i have it it never break nor spoiled


The lotion is thick, smells good and easy to absorb.
My skin feels very moisturized after application,
Even better than using my body butter.

But i am quite disappointed that my skin, especially my patchy post - burn skin,
It does not respond well to the lotion. 
It turns red and after a while it calmed down.
Anyhow, it might be a special case for me.
A lot blogger find this lotion is very nice.
I too, this lotion works well on my "normal" skin such as hands and body.


+ Smells good
+ Affordable
+ Moisturizing
+ Sturdy Packaging

- Might not work for sensitive skin

Rating 4/5

Have you tried this lotion?
What do you think?


Senin, 04 Februari 2013

New Beauty Chica Grateful Giveaway Winner

This time i come back with a new giveaway winner.
I have contacted the winner but has not receive a respons from her,
So to be fair i will need to pick a new one.


The lucky girl is Nathasa Sarah W. from sentfromme.blogspot.com


Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

Milani Luminoso Baked Blush

As a blusher junkie i am, at last i could not resist the temptation of having Luminoso in my stash. It is raved by many, for sure, and now it is my turn to see whether i love it or not.

About the product (from www.milanicosmetics.com)

A luxurious powder blush that features a mélange infusion of colors baked on Italian terracotta tiles. Easy to use, sensorial in texture, the nuances of color become extraordinarily luminous. Silky smooth application leaves your face looking healthy and radiant all day.

Price : 89000 rupiahs on local online store.

Amount : 0,12 oz

What i think....

Baked Blush has nine shades, and mine is Luminoso. Luminoso is very pretty in the pan. It looks like a marble and i love it. When it is swiped, it delivers pretty peachy color with golden shimmer. It looks good especially on an olive skin. It gives a natural glow. Whereas on me, who has pink undertone, it look somewhat orange. When i use it, it gives me glamour mature glow, not the girlish flush that pink blush on ussually gives.

The packaging is nice with gold color. It looks grown up-ish and just compliment marbelized texture from the blush. I havent dropped this blush, *applaud myself*. So i cant really say about the sturdiness. But so far i dont have complain. The applicator works well though the bristles are not very soft.

It is very pigmented and hard to blend. I espescially like to use dual fibre brush to pick the colir, only to make sure i pick just correct amount. Any leftover color would be hard to swipe off with tisue and i am not a big fan of covering it with powder. It turns the pretty sheen down.

It stays very long, 5 - 8 hours on my oily combination skin and has satiny finish that enhance the cheekbone. If i use it slightly, it seems like i do not wear blush on, only my cheekbones get more definition and i look less pale.  The blush definitely get praised from me, applaud Milani for brings out high end blush qualities tagged in drugstore's price. Though Luminoso is not my favorite  color,i am  very well pleased with the quality and i think i will repurchase in Dolce Pink


I would recommend this for you who is looking for an everyday blush. It is going to look flattering. Pretty without looking too much. Any skintone will be able to pull this off for sure, but i think olive skintone would pull it off best.

Rating  5/5

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