Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

BIOKOS Vital nutrition Eye cream for 30+

This is by far, the first eye cream i have :). i was not really interested in eye cream before, because i thought i am still young, what do i need this cream for? But well, yeah, after opening my shops and reach 6th semester, i stood up in front of my mirror and see my eyes were shadowy black and felt tacky dry. Lack of sleep + STRESS + STRESS = my face looks 10 years older. OH MAMA!!

For prevention, i use eyecream lha, better prevent than cry later. I bought this eye cream, because it is from BIOKOS, a wellknown skincare brand from Indonesia. Yea yea, call me a brand snob, but actually for skincare like this it is better to know what kind of brand that issued the cream. I like biokos because it has laboratory for skincare and moreover it is in FRANCE. How cool is that? Local products go international.. 

The price is super affordable, just around 30.000 rupiahs. and i get this jar of eyecream. Jar? Yeah, unfortunately it comes in a jar. but it comes with a spatula tho. Just keep the spatula near the jar, don`t lose it like me >.< (slapped!!).

Hmm, the size of the jar is travel friendly, but design is so - so lha, nit cute at all. The main features about this eye cream is:
  • clinically proven
  • Dermatologically tested
  • infused with bio aloe vera
  • keep the skin looks young and slowing down the aging signs

When i opened, taraaa... this white cream appears. This white cream is actually pretty thick in consistency and it takes time to absorb. But it doesn`t left my eyes greasy, which is a good thing. Greasy eye leads to smudging eyeliner and fade away shadows.

The scent is very strong, but i personally like it. It calms down the mood hehehe. Overall, i have been using this for two months now and have been repurchase one more jar for back up. I like it, it really makes the skin near my eyes smooth and nicer. It doesn`t makes my panda eyes disappear tho. Well, i can not really blame this eye cream, because i myself do not sleep properly. I will recommend this for a prevention towards an aging sign. It is a good starter, the price is affordable and it really does moisture the under eye area.

Night night ladies.. I hope this review helps. hehehe.
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I love you all
<3 Hana


Tuhan berikanlah aku kekuatan dan kesabaran untuk 

mengubah hal - hal yang bisa aku ubah. Ketika ada banyak 

masalah datang, ajarkan aku untuk bisa menyelesaikan dengan 

hikmat dan tetap mengandalkan Engkau -hana-

Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

My blogsale. Ayoo dibeli..murah murah :)

Hiiii, friends. Aku jual preloved make up dan ntar bakal nyusul new make up. Harganya murah - murah, lho.. Dibeli ya sis...

Silky girl lipgloss ( 85%) = 10000
Revlon pink in the afternoon (98%, 2xswatch) = 15000
Silkygirl lipstick in illusion ( 99% 1x swatch) = 15000
Alasan jual: Pengen warna lipstick yang baru

Aneka foundation dan BB cream
Foundation Revlon new complexion in 04 natural beige ( 85%) = 50000
Missha shiny bb cream ( 95%) = 60000
Maybelline angelfit foundation in buff (50%) = 20000
Maybelline clear smooth foundation in natural (50%) = 20000

Garnier fructis ( asli dari USA) 20% left= 20000

Covergirl concealer 30%left = 20.000
Viva eyebase gel 98% left = 5000
66 Big eyeline charm (88% left (swatch sekali) = 25000
Silkygirl gel eyeliner 90% left = 20000
NYX Diamond sparkle lipstick = 20000
Maybelline Lengthening Mascara (95% left)= 30000

Ayooo dibeli  dibeli hehehe.. Post ini akan diupdate setiap bulan. Jadi stay tune yaa..
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Review: SILKYGIRL Pure fresh oil two way foundation - Natural

Hola, girls! How are you doing? Today is the first day of Ramadhan, so i would like to congrats you who are starting to fast today. Give your best! 

Back to the review, i want to share with you this powder foundation from Silky girl. Since, my Revlon powder foundation already hit the pan, this foundation is ready to take its place. 

From the website:
Courtesy of www.silkycosmetics.com

Formulated with Selective Sebum Powder to free your skin of unsightly shine and minimizes the appearance of large pores. Infused with the goodness of Apple Extract to maintain the balance of your skin’s moisture level. Contains Olive Squalane to keep skin smooth, soft and supple. This product’s non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and oil-free formula leaves your skin matte, fresh and natural.

I love this powder foundation mainly because it`s oil control. The web says it right, the oil control is awesome. It is way better than my Revlon and Maybelline. It doesn`t feel heavy in my face too. The feeling is more like wearing compact powder, but the coverage is great like powder foundation.

It stays put for 4 hours, after that it starts to oxidize. Yeah, this is the down part. My face looks orange-ish at the end of the day. Hiks >.<. It covers my pores well and texture is creamy smooth.. Way easy to blend :).

Bare face 

Hah, as you can see from those pictures, my pores are covered and my face looks really smooth. Good powder foundation! Recommended!

+ Affordable
+Available in indo
+ Nice oil control
+ Creamy texture
+ Nice coverage
+ Doesn`t feel heavy on my face

- Oxidize after 4 hours >.<

So, this is it for now girls. I will talk to you soon..

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With lots of hearts

Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Review Max Factor Masterpiece Color Precision Eyeshadow

I bought these babies sometime around last month, and the result have been satisfying. I have two shades, which are icicle rose and also coffee. Both have two functions, as eyeshadows and also an eyeshadow base. 

Icicle rose: Shimmery white eyeshadow with a hint of pink. Great for highlighter.
Coffee: Brown eyeshadow, and great for everyday color

Icicle rose and coffee
Packed in a lipgloss-like tube, it becomes very handy to bring along. The applicator is also like a lipgloss. It is pretty sturdy and doesn`t leak on my purse

I think this is one of my favorite make up product. No kidding. They both are so useful i like `em very much. The color is very pretty. Icicle rose even works well as a highlighter. I use it on the tearduct, nose bridge, cupid bow and my cheek bones. The result are very natural, and the shimmer is subtle. Wooww, this is all i can ask for a good highlighter!!

 It is also pigmented. You absolutely can see it in my swatch, one swap and it is enough for the whole lid. Well, my eyes are definitely very small. If you have bigger eyes, you might need more. 

The texture is creamy, easy to blend, but it dries very fast. You need to blend right after you apply it, because if you don`t do so, the color might dries up, and you end up with those ugly hard edges and uneven color.

The last good thing about it is the longevity. These products definitely stays put the entire day. Since i am a working girl who do my best to stay pretty :P LOL, i ussually put make up on 8.am after cooking. Then, i ussually do not do any touch up until 10 pm. I would say wearing these alone is enough. I go home, and the pretty colors from these eyeshadows are still there. Fade a bit? Yeah. But it still looks okay. 

Other than highlighter and eyeshadow, you can also use it as eyeshadow base. Three purposes in one product! Waaa.. hehehe here are the swatches for you.. 

The icicle rose is pretty right? It reflects the light therefore great for highlighting the face

The one in "hearts" are eyeshadow + Maxfactor masterpiece, whereas the other is only eyeshadow

This eyeshadow definitely intensify the color. Icicle rose makes the eyeshadow looks richer, whereas coffee intensify the eyeshadow and makes it darker. Hmm, i like it both! How about you? Have you tried these eyeshadows?

Rating : 5/5
Repurchase? YES, another shade


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Minggu, 15 Juli 2012

AFS Welcome and Farewell Party

Hi, dear readers :) How are you? Hmm, no make up post today, i just want to share with you my AFS experience. I joined AFS since four years ago and had learned a lot from it ever since. Without AFS, i might not be Hana that you know now. I also meet a lot of friends, Indonesian or foreigner. Here we promote World Peace through youth friendship, leadership and we also educate our fellow Indonesian cultural art.

Today was a welcoming and farewell party. We welcomed home our fellow friends that had been sent to another country as exchange students and also we bid farewell to our friends that who will go overseas to promote world peace. We also welcome all of you who wants to join us as volunteer. :).. Contact us here. AFS ROCKS!!

Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

Review Skin 79 Super BB Cream Hot Pink

Hi everyone :). How are you? Today i am going to review another BB Cream from Skin 79, i got this in gold also. Read the review here. I ussually use this for afternoon, and then the gold one is for night time. The finishing is semi - matte. Very lovely.   

Key features:
- Contains Adenosine and Arbutin
- Richly filled with OSMOPUR ingredient: sunflower, ricebran, and ivy extract
- SPF 25 PA ++ to intercept the UV Rays
What i love about it:
- Lovely packaging and comes with a pump
- Makes my skin smooth and supple
- Good oil control, last all day
- Medium coverage, leave my skin smooth appears fine.
- Affordable
- Absorbs easily to the skin

What i hate about it:
- It has grey undertone, so if i don`t dust it with a lighter face powder. I am going to look tanner.

A little comparison

The gold one is nicer :).. It looks more elegant and more expensive with the hologram.

Oil control:
Yay to the pink one and nay to the gold one. Pink one has better oil control whereas gold is more moisturizing

Texture, coverage, longevity:
About the same, but gold offers dewy - er finish.


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Rabu, 11 Juli 2012

My skincare routines to combat pimples

Most of the time, i have two skincare routines. First one is for combating acne, and second one is my daily skincare. What about you? Do you have different skincares too? Lately my skin breaks out, due to the hormonal change and stress >,< Pimples appear on my cheek and they hurt very much T.T

Yikess!! Pimpleee...

This acne - combating skincare routines starts from face cleanser. First i wipe off all eye make up with this PIXY eye make up cleanser, and continuing this routine with Sariayu pembersih kenanga. 
After that is facial foam from Clean and clear. It is esssentials foaming wash. Sometimes, when it breaks out really heavily, i use ASEPSO brand. My friend from Singapore got me these soap and i like it very much. I can tell that it dries up my pimples very quickly. It is available in Indonesia too, tho. Asepso soap has a sulfur smell, but it doesnt left my skin feel tacky dry after wash, unlike another sulfur soap. After face cleanser, i also tone my face with clean and clear toner. Toning is important to make sure you don`t have any dirt left and also minimize your pores.

I also scrub my face two times in a week. This process is to exfoliate any dead skin therefore preventing new acne to come. But don`t scrub your face when you got pimples, because it is only going to make it worse. After the acnes are completely healed, then, you can start exfoliating your face.

And now, down to moisturizer part. I use this clean and clear whitening moisturizer. Lightweight, and also have salycic acid to help cure the pimples. I like it very much. Then, for the eyes, i use BIOKOS eye cream. I use this on a regular basis, both on daily skincare or in this acne combating skincare. I also use wardah acne treatment care and apply it right on the pimple spot. It is very affordable and is a good treatment. Lastly, i use L`oreal white perfect night cream. This too, i use on regular basis :). I tried my best not to skip night cream, so my face stays supple on the next day. 

That is my skincare routine on combating acne. How about you?

<3 Hana

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When you feel that your life is too hard and you have done your best but you seem to be unable to overcome your obstacle. Don`t give up. You might breakdown and cry in a suffocating atmosphere. Humble yourself to strive in this process. You are not alone. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison once went through this too and they are success -hana-

Senin, 09 Juli 2012

Review: Silkygirl Shimmer duo blusher in Blushing Pink

In my attempt to find a cute pink blushes, i stumble upon this blush on from Silky girl. Cute, small size and comes in promising color if you look outside the pan. I was hoping that i would find baby pink - doll look kinda blush. But i was wrong! Stupid me, because i trust my eyes, and didn`t even try before i buy. The blush turns out to be very very sheer, i need to apply 5 - 6 times before it appears.

This blush comes with two parts, shimmer for highlighting and another matte blush for contouring. I love the shimmer, because it gives natural glow without making me look like a disco ball hehehe. Really, in daily life i just use the shimmer part as highlight. I would recommend this for a beginner who loves dewy - glowy look. Hehehe, with this blush, you won`t be afraid to look "too much" since it is very sheer.

 What i like about this:
- Travel - friendly size and packaging
- The brush is soft

soft brush and okay to apply highlight :)
- The shimmer is very nice, not to overwhelming for daily
- Affordable and available locally

What i don`t like:
- Very sheer and not pigmented.
- It stays around 3 -4 hours only, so just in case, you might need to carry around this blush to touch up.
- Doesn`t come with mirror 

Baby pink colors, left for highlight, right for contouring

swatch.. definitely sheer right?

 Another swatch, hope you can see better in this one..

Rating: 3/5
Price: around 60.000 rupiahs
Repurchase? No, not really

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Selasa, 03 Juli 2012


Memulai kerja keras memang sangat berat. Tapi, kalau sudah 

terbiasa bekerja keras, semua pekerjaan akan menjadi 


Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Review Skin 79 Super BB Cream VIP Gold Collection

Hi girlie girls, meet my new favorite BB Cream! Hehehe It is skin 79 super BB cream VIP Gold Collection. I have both pink and gold range of Super plus BB cream, so far i am loving them! The pink review would come up soon, so stay tune! 

Key Features:
  • Whitening and wrinkle improvement
  • Ultraviolet Rays interception SPF 25 pa ++
  • Contains Adenosine, arbutin, GOLD, and Caviar extract

I love the packaging,just simply elegant! And moreover it comes with a pump. Very hygienic. But with this kind of packaging, i really have no idea how much product left inside the bottle. 

Texture, coverage, longevity, oil control

The texture is creamy and a little bit thick, easy to blend tho. I ussually blend this with my fingers or even with stippling brush. I would say coverage is medium and gives out a dewy - glowy look. Cute cute cute! Since this is made for people with dry skin, of course the oil control is very low. Two hours and then i need to blot. To trick  this, i use Marcks powder to top it of. Tho oily easily, my face still look fresh for five or six hours. Not bad lha. For everyday use, i change between pink and gold. Pink for hot days and gold is for night use, or when my face turns out dry. It is really able to moisturize the face.

Grey undertone, but still works well for my skin tone

I have been trying quite a number of BB cream. So far, the twin pink and gold skin 79 bb cream is my favorite. How about yours?

<3 Hana

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