Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Silky Lips Magic Pink Lip Balm

As the new product from the Silky Girl Line, 
I think this Lip balm is worth to try

Price = 19000

It is actually lip balm that turns to be lip tint. It is greasy when you first applied. And then, as if it absorbs to the lips, it dries out and leaving me fresh cherry red lip. The color itself is surpsisingly long lasting. That is why i call it a tint.

Mine is in Cherry. I think they carry strawberry shades too

The packaging is cute. It is pink! and it is actually very thin, so it is going to fit in any make up case hehehe
It is twist off tube and actually when i drop it, the cap is always fell. Means what? Not too tight?

They claim to locks in 6 hours moisture, and soften the lips.
Yes, my lips becomes softer but i think i need to reapply after three hours.

It is white color and when swiped, it turns to be pink

I loveee the color, so cute and it dries and becomes tint after a while
- Affordable
-Available everywhere
- Cute packaging
- Thin 
- Moisturizing

- It feels greasy when first applied

Rating 4/5


NYX Round Lipstick in Harmonica

NYX Round Lipstick is very infamous due to their affordable price and great range of color. 
I am just soooo lucky to get one of them to try myself how great this baby is.
Is it like what people say? Or just another lipstick?

Check it out, ladies!

Mine is in Harmonica. And actually there are 124 shades! JAW DROPPED #
It claims to be anti smudging, velvety and long wearing.

Price : 44.000 rupiahs in online local store

As for the packaging it comes in twist off lipstick tube, just like another lipstick.
It looks cute and professional in black. I like their simple lace that they draw around the brand. I think it is adding some flair to it. The bottom is also clear and this way i can see what kind of color indise. Overall, The packaging is actually looks quite cheap, but yeah, it is! 



Harmonica is light baby pink color that looks really nice if you mix with a deep red color applied in the middle of your lips. The pigmentation is light, and not that great. I do need to swipes more to get more pigmentation

The lipstick spreading thin and actually i love more constant pigment. It settles on fine lines and highlighting my chapped lips. Eck! The wear time is okay, 4 to 6 hours which is nice for an affordable lipstick. It tasted weird like soap and too creamy. If you left it outside the lipstick is going to melt and even losing its original shape.

TIPS: If this ever happened to you, then just put the lipstick inside the fridge and it will turn okay and harder. or simply depot it.

- Professional looked
- Okay wearing time

- Smell and taste like soap. Eekkkk!
- Not too pigmented
- Too creamy and cannot stand the heat

Rating 3/5


Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

Fred Bidwell wows crowd at PGH Photo Fair Speaker Series #4

Fred Bidwell put all of his experience as an advertising exec to good use last Wednesday night as he gave a polished, funny, engaging and informative talk in the auditorium of the Warhol Museum. Sorry to say, his lovely wife Laura was not with him as she had broken her wrist earlier in the week after slipping on the floor at O'Hare airport. Her bright, open spirit was missed, but Fred came through in a big way.

Starting with his genesis as a collector -- including showing a Polaroid portrait of him done by Walker Evans back in the day -- and finishing up outlining the new Bidwell exhibition space, "The Transformer Station", Fred covered many of the important questions asked about collecting and collectors in today's market. Always self-effacing, but direct and factual, it was a treat to hear Fred's views about art in Pittsburgh for the first time.

Thank you Fred Bidwell for making the evening the success that it was, and thank you to the Warhol for hosting our nearly full house in its beautiful auditorium. Next up is NYC artist/collector/curator, David Howe also speaking at the Warhol on April 10th. Remember, the talks are the 2nd Wednesday of every month until the PGH Photo Fair in May!

Jumat, 15 Maret 2013

Quick Review On Etude House Skin Malgeum Smoother and Emulsion

Hi dearest! When i went for a week trip last month, i brought this miniatures of Etude House Skin Malgeum Smoother along. Uwaaa, all i can say is that having miniatures like this was very very useful. I did not have to bring along bottles of skincare!

And this is my review about Skin Malgeum Smoother,
I would mostly talk about how the skin malgeum affect my skin, allright?

The miniatures come in sachet like this. Just so practical for travelling


The freshener is the one on the right. Clear liquid one. It is just like a water, clear with faint hint of fragrance which is going to be great for you who has sensitive skin. I use this by pouring some into a cotton pad and dab it along my face. Hmm. It gives a fresh and cool feeling upon contact. It takes away the dirt and making my skin moist and supple.


Emulsion is cream + moisturizer + essence in one. It is useful and does not break me out. The moist feeling is so so compared to the moistfull series. But i think for you who has oily skin, you will like it. It absorbs quickly into the skin and it is not greasy, means my bb cream sits better  ^^

Tips: Use tap tap method to apply both freshener and emulsion, it absorbs better

Overall, i like these duos. Last time tried to bought these when on sale  but unfortunately they were sold out huhuhu.. My hadalabo skincares are almost run out now, so maybe i will try more of skin care samples to find one that suit me. Anticipate more of skincare quick review, aight?

Rating: 5/5

Ok, until next time girls! And do not forget to take care of your skin..


Kamis, 14 Maret 2013

ELF make up mist and set

Ellow, ladies! How are you doing?
It has been raining a lot in Surabaya and it has been successfully dissuade me to go outside
In this beautiful rainy day, i am reviewing ELF make up mist and set.
I bought this at Twentyseven shop when she has a sale and i got this one for really cheap.

Normal Price : $ 3/ 90000 rupiahs
Amount 60 ml

Key Features
Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber and Vitamin A, C and E

About the product

This is a face mist to spritz to your face on your humid days. Hmm, do you know Evian? Then this is something like that. I ussually spritz this when i sweat a lot and my make up smears. I wipe with tissue and then touch up my make up.

The mist is great also to prep your face before doing the make up. It makes my face instantly moist, therefore the foundation sticks better and last longer. After doing the make up i spritz again and let it air dry. This step will make the make up last longer and look dewy.


The bottle looks okay. Black and look professional. It doesn`t look cute at all >.<.
But well, the bottle does the job. It is tight and all this time i never experienced any leaking.
The spritz is great also. It sprays evenly across the face and i do not need to push it hard to get the result i want.

TIPS: Give 20 cm distance when you spritz the mist, in one spray it covers the whole face. 

Product Review

The mist looks like water with no color, and it works on me. It makes my make up stays longer which i really need, especially when i go to party. If you ask me how long the mist hold my make up, then i would say around 4 hours. Do you know that make up smears and "move" when you sweat? Well this one prevents that happened.


Currently Reading: Masculine and Feminine by Save M Dagun

See you later,

Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Tutorial: Easy Brown

This month i am making a tutorial with brown eyeshadows.
Well, just a natural look that i want to share with you. 

Before - After

How i do the eye make up
1. From my NYX all that i`ve ever wanted pallete, i pick copper color and put it all over the lid using flat shadow brush.
2. Pick dark brown color and sweep it on the outer corner. Now, blend it forward covering the copper color. Blend, so there is no harsh edges.

3. I put white shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corner of lower lid, blending it with the dark brown color that i use earlier in the outer part of lower lid.

4. I line my eyes using Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner in Black Ink, then wink it!

5. Next, i put falsies as close as possible to my actual lashes. Before that i curl and put a layer from mascara to my natural lashes first. I also define my brows using the Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Cake.

6. Done!! I just check the eye make up and make sure the falsies are intact and everything is well blended.

How i do the face make up

1. After moisturizing the skin, i put a layer of Bourjouis Foundation inVanilla Beige
2. For the blush, i use Silky Girl DUO blusher, concentrating on the apple of the cheek
3. I swap pink matte lipstick from Revlon Matte in Pink Pout

Aa, done!

I hope the tutorial helps


Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

ECHO Art Fair in Buffalo call for submissions

I recently had the opportunity to meet the founder of a new art fair in Buffalo, New York, Frits Abell. He's doing grand work and reported to me that in only his 2nd year had attendance of 10,000! Wow. There's now a call for submissions for the next edition. Check it out nad be in touch with them if you think your work might be a good fit.

Brooke Leboeuf

exhibitors for juried art fair and site-specific installations are invited to apply

Buffalo, NY — echo Art Fair, www.echoartfair.com, a juried fine art fair held in Buffalo, NY, announces the opening of its submission period for artists and galleries to exhibit at the third annual fair. The fair will take place September 7thand 8th, 2013 at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library’s Central Library (BECPL), in downtown Buffalo, NY. 

The submission period opens Monday, March 4thand continues until Friday, May 17th, 2013 (midnight EST). Guidelines are available on www.echoartfair.com (Submission Info).

echo Art Fair is open to local, regional and international fine artists who work in all disciplines including painting, photography, sculpture, print, works on paper, video and mixed-media. Individual artists and galleries are welcome to apply. In its first year, echo’s single-day exposition drew more than 3,000 visitors; last year’s two-day event drew more than 10,000 visitors to the 17,000 square foot exposition space, and echo organizers aim to continue the momentum by increasing this year’s exposition space to 25,000 square feet.     

echo founder E. Frits Abell said of the location “The choice of the Library as a venue is ideal: it is larger than our previous venues, will be a raw , open space, it is well-ventilated and well lit--with floor-to-ceiling windows, and it is ideally situated in downtown Buffalo. Exhibitors will be very pleased with the space.” 

Jurors selecting this year’s exhibitors are: Tony Bannon, Executive Director, Burchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo; Jax Deluca, Executive Director, Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo; Doug Dreishpoon, Chief Curator, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo; Roberta Joseph, collector, Buffalo; Jonathan D. Katz, independent curator and Associate Professor of Visual Studies, University at Buffalo: and Maria Via, Director of Exhibitions, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester.

Concurrent with the call for exhibitors is an invitation for site-specific installation projects, which complement, but operate outside of, the juried art fair. The site-specific proposals will be coordinated in collaboration with Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. A team assembled by John Massier, Hallwalls Visual Arts Curator, will review the proposals and select participants. 

echo Art Fair invites site- and event-specific temporary displays that respond to, or engage with, public areas within and directly surrounding the Central Library.  Artists of all media are welcome, including visual media and design works, temporary installations, temporary architectural interventions, time-based media, musical presentations, dance, movement art, theatre, and sound performance.

Abell said “The Library’s large entry-plaza, beautiful sight lines, and iconic mid-century architecture offer a wealth of potential for site-specific installations, particularly those that engage design or architecture themes.”

The submission period for both the juried art fair and the site-specific installations runs concurrently and will begin on Monday, March 4thand continue until Friday, May 17th, 2013 (midnight EST). Guidelines are available on www.echoartfair.com.