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From the liner notes: "Saturnus (1971) by Ludo Mich (filmed with a self made fish-eye lens) is one of the top works of Belgian underground cinema, still fascinating young generations everywhere. Strange pictures and sounds are received from outer space, they show us the bizarre life on one of the moons of Saturn. In a self-designed setting, several characters: a king, a queen, torturers, gladiators and bush women. They speak an unintelligible language (Lingala) and are dressed up grotesquely, painted Ensorian style. The soundtrack for Saturnus was made using fucked up sound sculptures, heavy tape machines, non stop sax outburst and African poetry and was released in 2005 as part of the Ultra Eczema LP Music from Films by Ludo Mich. One of the leading roles is played by Nicole Van Goethem (1941-2000), Oscar Winner for her animation film Een Griekse Tragedie in 1986."

Director, director of photography, screenplay, camera, set design: Ludo Mich
Editing: Ben Mangelschots, Ludo Mich
Sound: Jules Goris, Louis Goyvaerts, Jo Van De Velde
Music: Daniel Doncq (sax), Ludo Mich (vocals), Wally Van Looy (percussion)
Narrator: Magie Dheere
Actors: Nicole Van Goethem, Guillaume Bijl, Lea Wijns, Vera Fret, Daniel Doncq, Marceline Bertens, Mie Van Cakenberghe, Rina D'Hertefeld, Harry Meeusen, ...

This movie was originally screened on 16mm reversal film in black & white.

©1971 Ludo Mich, contact me for screenings:

review: Putri Apple Shampoo

 Have you heard about Putri brand? It is a local brand from Indonesia. It comes from the same company as Wardah.I think WARDAH is the make up and skin care line, and PUTRI is the haircare line. The mother company is called PT Pusaka Tradisi Ibu 
I love this because it is crazily affordable, only 13000 or 1,5 dollars for 500ml. nice huh? This shampoo reminds me of Tre Semme professionals shampoo in USA. It offers bulky and great quantity with an affordable price. Personally, I bought this shamppo to clean my brushes.  The formula is rather mild and has a very nice apple smell. I actually like this. So everytime I am done shampooing my brushes, they would smell very nice like apple. Hmm, yummy J. I also try this shampoo on my hair and I ended up dislike it. It dries out my hair.  It is not foamy too.  Anyway, this shampoo does a good job for a brush cleanser.
Rating: 3/5
Rephurchase? YES for brush and comb cleanser

REVIEW: Pixy Blush On in Carnation Bloom

I had this blush for quite sometime. I used it quite often before I had another blush. It lasts really long,after using it 4 months I still have about 85%left. Awesome huh? So here are my thoughts about this blush on

+ Nice colour, it gives me natural peachy color
+ Very affordable, I forget how much I get this blush on. I think it was about 20000
+ It gives me sheer finish that is great for daily use. My friend Mega loves this blush on very much because it gives her a subtle color without looking  too much
+ It is buildable. Because it is not pigmented, i have to apply this blush on over and over again until I get my desirable result.But then again, this product is affordable and last a long time, so there is no problem on applying generously.

-          It is very chalky and powdery
-          It disappears rather quickly on my combination skin.
-          It is not pigmented

Rephurchase? NO

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REVIEW: SILKYGIRL eye opener mascara

I was born with small monolid eyes. My friends used to joke that if I smile/laugh, it looked like I close my eyes. When I laugh, they said  they would hide so by the time I opened my eyes, my jaw would dropped because my friends are suddenly gone like a magic. Hohoho. That is how small my eyes are. When I saw this product, I was quite excited since it said “ EYE OPENER” wooo, it seemed that I kinda need this. This mascara looks like this :

Why I like it:
-Actually, this mascara really does open my eyes. I feel like my eyes got bigger because it lengthen, curls and define my lashes very well
after pic

before pic

-It is very very affordable, only about 27000 rupiahs, or around $3 ( price may vary)
- Great for daily use
- The brush is thin and able to reach out inner and outer lashes very well
- Available locally
- Holds lashes very well J
- It feels very light
- Easy to clean. I just have to wash my face with facial foam, and it comes off nicely.

Why I don’t like it
- The packaging is so – so. Simple. But I think I kinda like the way they choose the color, black and pink. Somehow it looks pretty and nice
- Eventhough it says waterproof, it is actually not. There was a time when I used this, I cried. The mascara fell off and made my eyes black like a panda >.< I was so embarassed. So, just use this for go to school, or daily activities where you are less likely to cry.
- The brush looks so “cheap”. It is thin and bend-able.

This product is worth trying. The price is affordable with a good quality. As I say, I think this is great for daily use, where you need affordable mascara so you can apply it as much as you want. Not to mention that it is easy to clean. I would recommend this for you who have normal eyelid. If your eyelid is oily, this mascara would smudge out easily.
Rating 4/5
Rephurchase: YES

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Party look: Pink glitter blast

Missha Shiny BB Cream
Maybelline BB cream
Maybelline Concealer Mineral in Sand Beige
Revlon All in one new complexion powder
NYX highlithing powder
NYX Contouring powder
NYX Blush in Natural

Viva Eyebrow Pencil in Brown
Aubeau Eyeshadow base
NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Pallete in Pink
Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Satin Black
Silkygirl Gel Eyeliner in Black
NYX Eyeshadow – Black and Pink
PAC Shimmering Powder
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Blackest black
Maybelline Unstoppable Mascara

Revlon Soft Nude
Silky GIRL lipgloss in Barely Nude

Dress: Miss UPH dress :P designed by Michelle Matilda

Hair Up Do with Lazy hair bun

Brushes: Bobbi Brown

Total look..

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Skin care review: Clean and Clear Moisturizer

Long time ago, I read in Gadis magazine ( a local girl magazine), that this moisturizer was recommended for combination skin. That was when I was 15 hahaha. After reading, I picked this moisturizer for the first moisturizer that I have ever had. I was happened to use this for quite a long time before I changed my preference to Olay and L`oreal. Here are my thoughts about this product

What  I like about Clean and Clear moisturizer
-          OIL FREE! Yay
-          Non comedogenic
-          Nice fragrant. I ussually don’t like fragrant in my cosmetics, but for this one, I kinda like how it smells. The smell fades as soon as you put on this moisturizer
-          It comes in a tube. I prefer tube instead of jar for one reason. HYGIENIC. It doesn’t seem right for me to dip my finger day by day, leaving bacterias to grow inside my moisturizer.
-          Very affordable, around 15OOO – ish for 60 ml ( price may vary)
-           It doesnt break me out
-          My room mate has a problem with zits, after using this product, she said her zits are reduced. Hmm, good testimoni, huh? Well, this product does say that it prevents blemishes
-          Has salycic acid

What I don’t like about this moisturizer
-          It doesn’t give me that moisturizing and supple effect much
-          It doesn’t have SPF, so I have to put on a second layer of sunscreen when I wanna go outdoors

I would recommend this for teenagers who doesn’t like to wear a heavy make up. This moisturizer is light- feel. Nice for everyday use. It is also great for those who have an oily or combination skin.
Rating : 3/5
Rephurcase? No

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slice of Life: My new baby

Hi everyone, i am so happy today coz i got a new baby :) A pocket camera! Yay!! I have wanted a camera for a long time, and i am so glad that i finally got the chance to have one. My new camera is Kodak easy share M552. It has 14 Mega pixel and able to take HD video.. WAA so exciting! So from now on i hope i can take better pictures for my blog. ^^ better pictures for u too :)

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Review and Swatch! Silkygirl Moisture Lipgloss

                Hi my beloved fabbulous readers! How are you? Thank you very much for keep reading my blog. Today I wanna review lipglosses from Silky Girl. Silkygirl is a Malaysian product, before I bought these, I heard much rave about them being a great dupe of Wet and Wild products. My friends talked a lot about it being in the same company as the one who produced Wet and Wild. Well, their website didn`t say any of the facts above, but since I was curious, I tried them out anyway. 
                I got these two lipglosses in Matahari department store when they were on discount J. Yay for being UPHS student, we know first for this kind of thing hahaha. I got two shades, Almost Nude and Rose Pink. Both of them were the most natural shades. Almost nude has beige color, whereas rose pink is soft pink color. Very nice for daily uses.  Here are the swatches.

I also found that Almost Nude lipgloss goes so well with Barely Nude Lipstick from the same company. I tried this for Miss UPH look, you can see it here. It went nicely J as if they were made for each other.

I like this lipgloss because
It has a very nice colors, with enough glam to make me sparkle
It is not sticky compares to another lipglosses
I like the packaging
Very affordable, around 17000 rupiah, or about $2
Available locally. Even I can`t find them just anywhere, they are pretty easy to find.
Love love love the colors!
It doesn’t dry my lip
I don’t like this lipgloss because
The staying power is so – so. It fades in only 1 hour. I have to apply it again and again. Tiring

Overall, these lipglosses are quite nice. Not the best, but if you wanna wear lip gloss just for fun, I think this product is great  to fades your curiosity. Honestly, I am not really huge fan of lipglosses because I don’t like the sticky feeling that they make. These lipglosses make me happy because their stickiness are tolerable and enjoyable.  Have you tried this one? Share your thought J
Rating : 4/5
Rephurchase: Well, maybe. I don’t like lipgloss much.

REVIEW : La Tulipe Loose Powder

Hello ladies ^.^ Happy Chinese New Year! This celebration has come, and surely we are going to be blessed! Living abundantly, beautifully and healthy, that is my motto for this upcoming year. As usually, this year I will also go back to Mojokerto, my hometown, to pay my respect to the elders.  What are you gonna do? I hope you have a lot of fun!
Before I am heading back to my hometown, I feel like writing review and tutorial for you J. Today`s review is about La tulipe`s loose powder. La tulipe is Indonesian local brand. Famous. It has two lines, one is la tulipe and the other is la tulipe pro. La tulipe is cheaper and very appropriate for daily uses, whereas la tulipe pro is more premium, a lot of make up artists use this brand to create the look.
Add caption

Natural shade : up close

Sun tan shade: Up close

This loose powder comes from the first line. I got two shades, natural and suntan.
What I like about this product?
-          1. It gives you flawless effect
-          2. Great for setting your make up
-          3. Since it is loose powder, it is more breathable than compacts
-          4. Finely milled powder. Me likey!
-          5. Great staying power
-          6.Affordable, only 35000.

What I don’t like about this product?
-          1. It breaks me out. After using this for a week, my skin starts growing pimples. Uh!
-          2. It has a strong scent.

This is a great product, I recommend this for you who has normal skin or combination skin. I personally use this as one of my staple for beauty course. My teacher recommends me to use this because it sets make up wonderfully. For you who has an olive skin, sun tan shades would suit you nicely. I have tried this all the time to my models. Naturals would be suitable for fairer skin. Have you try this powder? Share your thought!

Rating 3/5
Rephurchase? NO

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Deus Ex Machine (1970)
A Fluxus film about movement with two naked bodies, mixed with animations by Ludo Mich. Selected for the 8th Biennal For Film in Paris, 1973. The original version of the soundtrack was composed by Ludo Mich in 1966 and used for his performance Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at Theatercafé Babylon, Brugge (Belgium). In 1970 ten minutes of the original 120 minutes were used for Deus Ex Machina. The original 120 minutes got lost.

Camera, editing, music, animations: Ludo Mich

With Mieke Van Cakenberghe and Tony Lagrillière.

The music of this film was part of the Ultra Eczema LP Music from Films by Ludo Mich, released in 2005.

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QUOTE of the Day

Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.
Napoleon Hill

QUOTE of the Day

When you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it - The Alchemist

REVIEW : Maybelline ALL IN ONE cake powder


Two days ago, when I dropped by one of local minimarket, I saw a maybelline powder but in a very small packaging. I asked the lady what it was, and she said it was refill powder. I was excited, because I had 5 maybelline powders, but they were almost gone ( read here). It was also very very cheap, only 20.000 rupiahs, or about 2.5 dollars. Without more hesitation, I grabbed one of this.

Here are some pictures that i took for you :)

When I opened this at home, I suddenly realized that this was not the refill I want. This refill is a new product from Clear n Smooth line called ALL IN ONE CLEAR SMOOTH SHINE FREE CAKE POWDER J.  I was happy anyway hehehe. When I saw the back package, I saw improvements that Maybelline is trying to make on this new product. It has higher SPF than the previous foundation powder, also this one has vitamin c for instant fairness.

So lets review this J, shall we? It claims that it is
1.       SHINE FREE – Blend of water and sebum repellent powders keep skin matte and wonderfully fresh throughout the wear. My opinion: I don’t feel this shine free effect much, honestly in two hours my T zone shines. But yes, I look fresher.
2.       HIGH UV PROTECTION – SPF 25 and PA ++. My opinion: Yeah! I love the fact that maybelline has improved on this part. This powder allows me to go indoor and outdoor without afraid of getting darker. SPF also prevents my skin on developing black spots.
3.       INSTANT FAIRNESS – Infused with vitamin C. My opinion: I don’t see any of this effect. Hmm maybe because I still use this for two days.
4.       Imperfections blend away and conceal blemishes – My opinion : Yeah, the coverage is medium, and full when you wet the sponge. Hmm it conceals redness of my skin, but I still need concealer on my under eye.
5.       Long lasting – My opinion: For me, the concistency is so so, around 5 hours in air conditioned building, and 2 hours in hot indonesian weather.
6.       VISIBLY SMOOTH COMPLEXION and TONE PERFECTING: Yeah, this is true. I like my complexion after using this powder. Not too mention that this time the shade is right. Eventhough it says natural, it doesn’t give me the ghostly look like the previous maybelline powder that I have. This time, it blends perfectly on my skin. YAY!

                I also in love the packaging since it is PINK! Hahaha, I am such a sucker for pink. It is also very small, it fits perfectly on my pencil case, my make up case, and save so much space for other thing. It doesn’t come with mirror, but I think It is okay, since I will have separate mirror in my pencil case. The sponge is also nice, it applies this powder just well and nice. And last thing, just like another maybelline product, it is non comedogenic, so it won’t break my skin out. In conclusion, this powder is totally worthy of the price. Oh, no, wrong, it gives you more than the price. Have you bought any of this? Share it with me J

Rating : 4/5
Rephurchase: Yeah J

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LOTD : MISS UPH look ( Photo Session)

Before it gets too old, I want to share with you my Miss UPH looks J. I made three looks, one for semifinal, other for my photoshoots, and last one is for the final. I did them all by myself ( being cocky a little bit) hahahaha. My photoshoot look was inspired by 1980 looks, with bright eye color. I chose green because it would compliment well on my beige - Asian skintone.

Mostly, i used my La Tulipe Palletes to create this look. 
L`oreal Hydrafresh Moisturizer
Maybelline Concelear in Sand Beige
Cream Foundation in Natural
Revlon Loose Powder in Creamy Beige

I used my pallete, pale pink (Left) and bright pink ( right). Mixed and blended them well. For contouring, i used the middle blush and swiped it around my jawline and chubby cheeks


Viva Eyebrow in Brown
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Blackest Black
False Eyelashes 
Main color: Green color in the middle. I used this on my eyelid, to create a fun green look

Second eye color:
White to highlight my browbone, my cupid bow and inner corner of my eye

Last Color: Green color on the right. I used this to add depth and saturation to my eye color. I swiped it on the outer corner and blended together with main color.

Eye look

Silky Girl Pure
Silky Girl lip gloss in Almost Nude

My old CHEER curls
And Sparkling Hair Band

Final Look

Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

REVIEW: NEUTROGENA Mineral Clearing Compact Powder

I might say that this powder is my HG (Holy Grail) powder so far. I love love love it very much. Thanks to my friend, Stephanie, who brought me this all the way from USA.  I have been using it ever since, and I havent finish it until now. Conclusion? It is very long lasting. A liitle bit goes along the way and it sets my make up perfectly.

                It is also MINERAL powder. I love mineral J hehehe, if you buy make up products, I suggest you to choose mineral products, mineral is good for your skin, feels lighter, and harmless. Whereas un-mineral and bad products might contain stuff that clog your pores and make you break out badly. This powder also has salycic acid, it is very good for you who has a lot of zits and you don’t want to add more. This powder will help you reduce your acnes. Actually, since I was junior high I have been using powder that has salycic acid in it. If you want a local one, try clean and clear compact powder. It has salycic acid too.

 My shade is natural ivory. It reduces the shine and it has a very cool puff inside. Orange color is for sheer coverage and white color is for stronger coverage. The coverage is certainly buildable. My skin feels smooth and light feel after using this powder. It lasts so long, 6 hours with a little blotting due to hot indonesian wheather.I like this a lot, I will certainly rephurchase it.  Oh Neutrogena *smooches*.
                Rating : 5/5
                Rephurchase: Yes

Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

REVIEW : Famous Maybelline Clear Smooth Compact Powder and Powder Foundation

I used to be in love with this products, and had been a loyal customer for four years (since senior high) of these compacts. Hehehehe, by then I had influenced my aunts, and my grandma to use the same product as mine hahaha. They still use it till now, but me? No. hehehe, I have been busy trying a new compacts. In my beautiful dressing table, I have got five of these stacking up, one is damage, and four another still has some left.
In choosing my make up, I always prefer it to be either mineral cosmetics, or non comedogenic. These compacts are non comedogenic. It means mostly they will not make you break out and has less tendency to build comedos on your skin. It also has SPF. SPF is great for your skin because it wiil reduce bad effects of UV rays. The compact foundation has greater SPF somehow.  
Application is easy, just like ordinary powder. You can apply it with the sponge, or if you want a lighter application, I suggest you to use powder brush or even kabuki brush. I love to use kabuki on compact foundation to turned it into finely milled powder. The finishing result is great, flawless, natural and it is just like using mineral compact powder foundation

It doesn’t stay too long though, even if I stay inside. You know, my college,UPH is full of air conditioner.Sometimes it gets too cold hahaha. Even in a such environment, these compacts come off and gets oily in about three hours. When I bought it, I was hoping that it would stay longer, since it has SHINE FREE tag, and in their comercial Sherina said she can wear this in eight hours and still looks elegant. Powder foundation stays longer, of course. Maybe around four – 5 hours with a little blotting.

For compact powder, the coverage is sheer for me. Hehehe but for some of my friends, the coverage is medium. Powder foundation is different story though. The coverage is much greater than compact. When I use my kabuki brush to apply this, I can attain a good coverage but light weight hehehe. If I wet the sponge, the coverage will be heavier. Both of the powder eliminates your redness, but if you have dark under eye circle, you will need to wear concelear first. I find that combination of these compacts and concelear bring out good result.

Sadly, Maybelline doesn’t have my skin shade. I used to use light shade, back then when I just got back from Maine. I was still pretty with fair skin ( Maine has super long winter). Then my shade got darker. I changed to Natural shade, but then after I started working aside of school, my shade got darker, I guess. My friend kept saying that my powder didn’t match my skin tone hahaha. Next, I made a hop to Honey Shade, it is not too light, but it is too yellowish. I don’t like it. A blend of Honey and natural also weird on my skin tone. So, it would probably best for me if I start trying new compacts, or working on whitened my skin so I can wear natural/light shade again J
Overall, these are great compacts. Not to mention they are sold in such fair price. I would recommend this for you who has normal or dry skin type. If you have yellow undertone, honey shade would look great on you. For olive undertone, choose sand beige. Neutral undertone would look best on netral shade. Last, if you have a fair skin with pink undertone, choose light.
Rating: 5/5
Rephurchase: Maybe