Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Reflection: When Life Gets Hard, Take Time and Reflect

Time runs so fast. Just like today, before i knew it, the time turns to 1.00 am in the morning. When i counted it, i already worked 13 hours today. Well, just typical day of my life. My life wasn`t like this before i started my new business. I have never imagined that start something by your own is really tiring. I have a family business in Mojokerto, an electrical antenna business and it wasn`t this tiring. When i glanced back when i started that antenna business, i really can not say enough thanks to the help from my parents. Starting by my own like this really exaggerate the meaning of their contribution back then.

I have lost all my likings for the job. I love teaching and dancing, you girls, might know that already from my profile. I used to teach and i enjoyed so much. One by one i let my teaching job go and focus solely on my new bussiness. I also didn`t dance anymore. A lot of time i get a fight with my BF too, because i am too busy working. I often left him alone when we have a date and went to the counter to solve a problem. Sometimes this kind of thing pissed him a lot. I left my violin in the corner of my room. Left unplayed. 

At this point, i was wondering, why do i work this hard? What for? My life becomes very boring and tiring. Well, i know all of this are consequences, i accept, but i can`t help being sad. Choices have consequences. This just a part of it. I remembered once my lecturer remind me not to work and push myself too hard because i might come to a point of burn out. Burn out, and it will be hard to fight and stand back again.

Well, i might as well as being burn out this time. After time and time think and doing some reflection. I really feel that i didn`t regret to choose the business. I have met important people of my life. I met my best friend and my mentor, James, who had helped me through difficult days. Even though he is faraway in Singapore, he always all ears and brain to me. He helped me solve the company problems and being patient with my feeble and moody habit.

All the fights i had with my boyfriends are worth it. It hurts, yes. But then, after all the fights, didn`t i get to see his true colors, and my true colors. I really reflect all this time. We endure all and our relationship is stronger. We understand now that relationship is not all about movie, texting, romance, flowers, and all that happy thing. Our effort to understand each other and willingness to help each other matters. When i saw him help me, like lifting sugar containers (each 30 kgs), running errands around the city, repairing the store until 2 in the morning. I was grateful. The saying that said "two is better than one" really is true. 

I learned so much during this time also. Later when we succeed, i will never forget the time i almost got into accidents when i run errands with my motorcycle. I will never forget that lonely - unfair days, when it feels like no one can help me and i have been left alone. All these bitterness will come to an end one day :). If i quit now because i burn out, those bitterness and hard works will come to a vain. Nothing but waste of time and efforts. I have to walk strong and work harder until i can see that the bussiness succeed. 

I do believe so.

REVIEW: SKINFOOD grape essential BB cream

Hi everyone.. It has been a long time that i didn`t post anything about BB cream. Now, i want to review about one of my skinfood favorite, the grape essential BB cream. This review is made from my experience using 5 samples of these. But, because i was busy using it and didn`t take any pics, all the samples are gone. So sorry, i didn`t have any of original picture in this. What are left on me are experiences and my opinion about the product :). Anyway, let`s get started....

The cream is a little bit hard to blend at first. Not very creamy. I have to patiently dab it onto my face and blend.

Oil control
Oil control is just so - so, around 2 -3 hours. When i first use it, i was like "wow" because my face looks flawless and nice. But then after i blot 2 -3 times, some of the redness are showing >.<

Lasting Hours
Pretty long lasting. I would say 6 to 7 hours, before my face turns to a blotchy and tired face hehehe. 

The coverage is medium. Well, it can be full if you add more and more. But i think it will sink on the fine lines. I have ever tried it once, and i wasn`t fine with the result. 

Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

Review: Trustee sheer eyeshadow in Blue

Hi, everyone :) Do you like blue eyeshadows? Some people i know love it so much, because it will give us a versatile and brave look. But  some finds this color too much and hard to do. How about you?

Well, in case you want a pigmented blue eyeshadow, i have one. This is very old eyeshadow that i won two years ago on Feminax writing contest.That is why the packaging is pretty yellowish and ugly. The new one is unlike that. It is actually very pretty, white, sturdy with marble-ish feel. Love it.

In case you never heard about trustee, it is a local brand. I think it is a junior brand of RISTRA. hmm.. kinda diversification in company. If Ristra is targeted for a lady, then Trustee is made for younger adult. 
 When i open, voilaaa.. there are two colours. Dark blue and baby blue. Both are very pigmented but a little bit powdery. That is the down part about it. The staying power is so - so, but the texture is SMOOTH :) i like it

This is the swatch. Without primer, and in only one swipe (*colek). For me the pigmentation is quite great for a local product like this. It is worthy to be collected under my vanity case. 

Do you have your favorite blue eyeshadow?

Overall: 3/5
-available locally
-nice packaging
-SO - S0 staying power
-  A lil bit powdery

<3 Hana

Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

REVIEW: Revlon Natural Glamorous Blush in Tawny Peach and Pink

Hi girls, how are you today? Today i come up with a review about blush on from Revlon. These are like my fourth blush on and so far my favorite too :). I bought two shades, Tawny Peach and Soft spoken pink.

Tawny peach is peachy color, it gives me natural color cheek. 

Soft spoken pink is dusty rose color, it pops out a barbie color cheek. 

Here are the swatches
Left soft spoken pink, right tawny peach

When i first saw the packaging, the packaging looks ugly and cheap. It is only black and not interesting at all. But well, yeah, what can i say, the blush on inside is pretty. I bought them anyway.

Inspite of the packaging, the color itself is very NATURAL, just like its name. Three swipes ussually last me about four hours and they are able to make my cheek looks healthy and cute without looking too much. I use these everyday for college and work. Very nice. But ussually, they wont show on the pictures unless you put A TON of em 

Here is the applicator that come with it. So harsh and no use at all. Redundant. So i throw it away and use my favorite brush blush instead. 

- Great everyday blush
- Great color payoff
- Cheap, only 50000 rupiahs (price may vary)
- Beautiful semi matte colors

- Hate the applicator >.<
- Ugly packaging

Rating 4/5
Rephurchase: YES

FOTD: Everyday make up look

Hi  hi.. today i am gonna post my FOTD. It is not really a great one, since i took these pics aftre i got home from work. And very tired >.<. I work mostly 12 hours till 14 hours a day. Crazy. I hope this effort will paid off one day hehehe. Anyway, after i got work, i saw my make up still looks great, with no touch up i impulsively taking this FOTD.

Most days, i prefer glowy and natural make up. And for the eyes, i like to do cat eyes look, somehow i think that it makes my super small eyes look bigger. Is it? hehehe

For the face, i am using:
Silkygirl Pure fresh 2 way foundation
Shimmering powder Bena from Sariayu
Revlon Natural gramorous blush in Tawny Peach

So, the face is very simple, i just put powder and then highlight my cheekbone. I also use the same shimmering powder to highlight my browbone and color my lid with the chocolate shimmer, It might not be well seen in this pic, yeah, because it is very very sheer. Then, i do my cat eyes with ELF eyeliner pen and curl my lashes with Maybelline unstoppable curly extension.

Maybelline unstoppable curly extension
Shimmering powder Bena
ELF Eyeliner Pen

And for the lips, i am using my HG lipbalm Maybelline in Strawberry and Etude color me nude

So overall that is my FOTD. i am sorry that my room is incredibly messy. Yes it is. And that random red bag behind me. :)...

See u soon,
<3 Hana

Open Submission Contest in Ireland

My friend, Peg Amison, who runs an art residency program in Cork, Ireland, just sent me this notice of an open call for a contest in Cork. Details and weblinks are below. Sounds like an interesting platform to me. Give it a shot if you agree and have some compelling work to show:

ASPECT: an open submission exhibition

The Organisers

RightBrain is a fine-art printing service for visual artists and creative professionals based in Cork city.
RightBrain specialises in exhibitions, portfolios and editions. It is a Hahnemühle Certified fine-art print studio and the only Digigraphie Certified Lab in Ireland  www.rightbrain.ie
Stag & Deer is an exhibition-making team whose objective is the innovative promotion of lens-based work. www.staganddeer.com
Tactic Cork is an artist-led exhibition space in Cork City Centre www.tactic-art.info

Remit for Open Submission

This exhibition is a platform for emerging/early career national and international photographic/lens-based artists, graduates and undergraduates. We are looking for imaginative and inventive high-quality work. There are no limitations on theme, genre, technique, process, or approach. The selected work will be exhibited in Cork city in October 2012.

The Exhibition

RightBrain will be sponsoring the exhibition in full by printing all selected work on behalf of the artists. The approximate print size of each work will be approx 16 X 20 inches (40x50cm). There may be some size variation for presentation purposes. The work will be presented in a contemporary style to a professional level. The hanging of the work and the presentation approach will be at the discretion of the organizers.
Stag & Deer and Tactic Cork will be supporting the exhibition by providing exhibition-making services as well as the exhibition space. Aspect will take place at Tactic Cork, 3rd floor, Former Government Buildings, Sullivan’s Quay, Cork, Ireland. It will be part of the Stag & Deer event THERE THERE which will be taking place in October 2012.

How to Submit

A submission can have no more than five images. Work can be submitted by email or in the form of physical prints. There is an entry fee of €10 per submission to be paid through PayPal on the the Stag & Deer website. Please use PayPal button below for entry.
All submissions must quote a relevant PayPal Transaction Number or your entry will not be considered for selection.
Images can be emailed in JPEG format together with an artist’s statement / small bio, your PayPal Transaction Number, name, address and website/blog address (if applicable) to rightbrainbox@gmail.com
If you would prefer to submit physical prints then please post 5 prints at 10 X 8 inches or similar to RightBrain, 9 Sidney Place, Wellington Road, Cork, Ireland. The prints must reach us before the submission deadline. You must also include your PayPal Transaction Number, artist’s statement/small bio, name, address and email address. Prints will be returned if a fully paid stamped addressed envelope is enclosed.
Submissions will be accepted from Monday May 21st 9am until Friday June22nd midnight, 2012.
The selection process will take place during the final week of June and the first week of July. Selected artists will receive notification by email when the selection process is complete.
In the event that you are selected for ASPECT, all images must be made available to RightBrain as high resolution digital files for exhibition printing within one week of receiving the notification email from us.

The Panel

The selection panel will consist of:
Matt Packer of The Lewis Glucksman Gallery - http://www.glucksman.org/
Pádraig Spillane & Pamela Condell of Stag & Deer - http://www.staganddeer.com/
Pamela Myers Artistic Director, TACTIC Sample-Studios, Cork - http://www.tactic-art.info/
Sheelah Moloney of 2020 Art Gallery, Cork - http://www.2020artgallery.com/
Tony O’Brien owner of RightBrain - http://www.rightbrain.ie

Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Review: PAC Cream Foundation number 8

Hi everyone! Happy holiday :) How do you spend your holiday? Eating out? Dating? Hehehehe, since i want to help you spend your holiday, today i am going to share with you my HG contouring foundation. Why Holy Grail? Because i use this most of the time and the result is great. You can check my make up tutorial when i use this foundation :)

Just like its name, it is creamy :) I ussually use this with my foundation brush and sponge. Until now, i havent had any bad reaction or anything. And this foundation last all day. I ever went to a party, i applied my make up in the morning and at night, i can still see the contouring dimension. Just right! hehehe.. The price is affordable, i forget the exact price, but i think it is around 90.000 rupiahs or SGD 15.

Here are the swatches. Pretty and blends real well on my skin. I would recommend this for you who seek for affordable and creamy contour foundation. Talk to you later, friends!

<3 Hana

Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Review: Maybelline Lipbalm in Mandarin and Strawberry

Hi everyone :) How are you? This week i have been very tired and overwhelmed. Now i try my best to cope. If you do feel the same way, please overcome, don't give up.. FIGHTING! 

To ease my mind, today i want to share a happy thing with you. I want to share my new - found HG lipbalm to you all. Hehehe.. It is Maybelline Lipbalm. I got it in two shades, Mandarin and Strawberry.

One swipe is enough for a sheer color on the lip. No pale! Hehehe. 

I used it everyday, and i feel that my lips become softer :).. Hehehe.. Nice mah, but i never use this alone, i use this with my etude color me nude  concelear. If you want to see, you can see my pink and purple tutorial. That was the result :). Glossy, moisturizing, but not sticky at all . Pretty to the max!

The price is affordable, only 22.000 IDR or about 2.5 SGD. Moreover it is available locally. I love it! Totally gonna repurchase :)

Pretty colors!
Available locally

Nothing that i can think of :)

Rating : 5/5

Heart <3

Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

The efforts that young people have to do in order to strengthen the nationalism through loving the culture

Since 1945, in Rengasdengklok, our founding fathers had unite us together into one Republic of Indonesia. For our beloved country, they put a foundation called Bhineka Tunggal Ika. I believe that Bhineka Tunggal ika that means Unity in Diversity didn`t just come casually. I too, believe there was consideration behind it.

Indonesia has been long known as one of the biggest archipelago in the world. It is enormous. Compromising more than 17.000 islands, we do diverse in a lot of way. Since each island had been isolated back then, each island and region had developed their own custom, tradition and way of life. We are diverse. In this kind of diversity, we are also prone of war, ethnosentrism, and competition against each culture. Inspite of killing and mocking others, our founding fathers were hoping that we can unite as one. ONE INDONESIA. I believe this was their consideration.

As young people, WE ARE the PILLARS of this country. The future of this country is us and depend on us. Whether our country will stay strong or easily divided by others, it is also our responsibility. So what do we must do in order to love our country more? Then how to grow sense of belonging of Indonesia? I think these kind of questions have even popped out to your mind. No, not all of you, just those who is concerned about this country.

Considering on how diverse we are, there are two things that we can do in order to make a change. First is the effort to tolerate, and the second is the effort to learn.

Being diverse, we sure are different. Sundanese are different then Javanese, Balinese are different from Papua' s people and so on. What we believe in might be different, so instead of exaggerating this differences, i hope you are able to say ' It is not good nor bad, it is just different". Your belief is good for u, their belief is good for theirs. Everybody has their chance to pick what is good for them. So, there is no need for us to judge them from our narrow perspective.

Instead, allow yourself to learn. It is a beautiful thing to learn other culture. So, you might understand why others have certain value. Learn WITHIN yourself too, remember that each of has two identities. First, is our national identity as Indonesian. Second is your tribe/ race/ regional identity. Root for it.  As for me, i am Indonesian but i am also Tionghoa ( Indonesian - Chinese). I try to grasp and live it everyday. I cherish lunar new year, cheongsam ( i love it!), filial piety and so much more. I am proud to be Indonesian and Tionghoa. It is who i am.

I hope you do too. Just imagine if each of us learn and understand who we really are. Then we have a heart to preserve the traditional culture. I believe our country heritage won`t be forgotten. They will be well preserved, and other country would not even think to claim them. Instead, they will be amazed on how beautiful and diverse we are, yet we can maintain national peace and we belong together as Indonesian. 

These are the keys. Beauty of our country Indonesia. 

<3 Hana

Jumat, 11 Mei 2012

Sungkyunkwan Scandal and City Hunter: MAJOR LOVE :)

Hi readers :) I just finished a korean drama called Sungkyunkwan scandal. Waa so cool!! Hahaha.. I love drama very much. People who knows me well sometimes joke "If you want Hana to be stupid, just give her a pile of dramas to watch, she is not gonna think about anythin' else" hahahaha.. Ya they are exaggerating, of course, but yeah, i do love it very much, it is very entertaining for me to watch drama, and the way they do their make up. 

Anyway, back to sungkyunkwan, it is a historic korean drama about a girl called Kim Hyoon Hee who disguise as a man named Kim Hyoon Shik to earn money for her family. She is so smart and talented, but at that time, woman could not pursue an education. In a mean time, she meet Lee Jon Soen ( do i spell it right? :P) who makes her enter Sungkyunkwan. Here she gets along well with Gu yong ha, Moon jae shin and Lee Jon soen. In the end she is married with Lee Jon Seon.

That is the story, hehehe dont understand? Sorry i am such a sucker in making synopsis. But i think, it is better this way, so i don`t spoil the story ( what an excuse!) hahaha.. I always in love with this kind of story. I love a story about a girl who fight for the family, unbeatable, brave, strong and become a hero. Somehow i can relate myself to it. No wonder i also love Mulan and also Hunger Games. I really do learn a lot from this movie. I love how it entangles politics, love, and also education into one. It is very worth watching :)

Here in this movie i like Moon jae shin the most! HEHEHE handsome! At first i was hoping that Kim yoon hee will end up with Moon jae shin instead of Lee joon soen. Well, yeah, it is great lha he didn't end up with Yoon hee, so he can be with me *slapped!! hahahaha JK..

YOO AH IN :) or Moon Jae shin.. cool face!!

The other one that i watched recently is CITY HUNTER. It is a famous serial, i believe most of you know already. Since it is already a while, like a week ago. I really can`t make a great synopsis, moreover the story is a little bit complicated. 

let me try..let me try... i think the story was like this. Back in 80`s a soldier team was killed by their own country. One of the survivor seeks revenge and raised a kid, Lee Yoon Sung ( Lee min ho) The kid later become a city hunter who hunt the culprit of the massacre.

This city hunter is a major love for me! I cant stop staring at Lee Min Ho and his cool action act. OMG! I also love Kim Na na ( Park Min Young) because just like what i stated above. She is also never give up, strong, brave, and against all odds girl like her always survive in this world :) Park min young and Lee min ho both are great actor and actrees.. Great talent, i thank them for entertaining me hehehehe

I just realize also, that both serial i watch has Park Min Young in them. Her characters are also alike. Well, Min Young, you really suited to be a strong girl. Keep it that way :)

Has anybody watch these dramas? What do you think about them?

Heart <3

Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

F295 photography symposium in Pittsburgh

My friend, Tom Persinger, runs a very cool and useful symposium on photography every year in in Pittsburgh called F295. If you'll be in Pittsburgh the weekend of June 7-10, by all means check it out. The website is: http://www.f295.org/2012/

Make up tutorial : PINK and PURPLE

Hi everyone!! How are you doing? Hehehehe today i make another tutorial using my coastal scents 88 original pallete. I use the color pink and purple. check it out :)

1. start of with clean face. Then, i put moisturizers and make up base. Here i am using Revlon foundation to even out my face, PAC cream foundation number 8 for contouring, and Maybelline eyebrow pencil in charcoal

coastal scents 88 pallete

2. Put eyeshadow base, and then using an eyeshadow brush, pat pink color gently on ur lids

3. Then, using the darkest purple colour, i create depth by putting it on my outer V. Blend well using fluffier brush. Then i also put, the white color for highlighting my brow bone, inner corner of my eyes, and lower lash line.
4. Then, using bobbi brown gel liner in black ink, i create winged eyelines :)

Taraa eyes open

5. Then put on falsies, to finish the eye look

*tips: here i put a lil glitter onto my eyeline to make it glowier. To make your falsies and your natural eyelashes looks natural, curl it together using eyelash curler, and then put mascara on. Here i am using silkygirl open eye mascara.
 6. So the most difficult part is done, i am moving on to the blushes, i am using Revlon Glow Blush and for the lips i am using etude lip concelear plus my newest HG lipbalm from Maybelline ( review soon). 

 So, what do you think? In my opinion, i love this look! My favorite part is the lips. 

Hehehe so this is it for today.. I will see you soon on my giveaway post (please...please..join... *teary eyes* ) and another review. I love you, and have a great day :)

Slice of Life: Happiness All Around

Hi everyone J.. How are you? Tomorrow is going to be my last final and I really hope I am going to do great.. Today I would like to share to you some happiness that I got this months hehehe.. Those happiness are..


As you may know, I am a soya milk drinker. I have been drink soya since I was a little girl, and I believe it is a key of my beauty. Hehehe.. It makes my skin smooth and supple (*kenyel – kenyel). Also, one of my healthy eating habit. I get a lot of vitamins and proteins without adding fat to my body J. SOYA is another dream come true for me. I am very happy I got the chance to be an entrepreneur and have bussiness experiences in such a young age. Thanks to my partners, bussiness coaches, and my best friends James and CK who always support me in difficult times. SOYA are now available at city of tomorrow mall and royal mall 

 BRAIN ( Bussiness Rally and Inovation) Contest

left- our beloved advisor Sonny
This was a contest held by Ciputra University. Me, Bastian, and Fred recently won the first place for business inovation J. I was so happy. I have been to competitions before, and this was my first bussiness competition. Hehehe mainly my competitions were psychology or public speaking related. This competition boast my bussiness confidence very much. Who never thought that I can really do well in bussiness? Hehehe.. I am glad I was brave and seized the opportunity. I also feel grateful to the my great team EAGLES. My team were consist of two people from psychology and Bastian is from technical industry J. But we were able to pulled off the competition! GO eagles!!!

fred, bastian and me

SPEECH Contest

It was my first time on speech contest. Hehehe I used to be a debate team, both english debate and indonesian debate. But trying something new is so much fun. I got second place and get  a lot of new friends! 

Holding huge masterbee award

the winners , yay!

My sis

My sis is now helping with my SOYA bussiness and stay with me. We share the room, and gladly we get along well. I really grateful she is by my side, and doing her best in her work. Her future plan to be a SOYA manager really gives me motivation to do some more, grow SOYA to the highest peak available. She loves to cook and takes care of me a lot. Hahahaha it supposed to be the other way around mah, but it turns out to be this way. She is good at house wife kinda thing. She loves to cook, clean, and work hard. I am so proud of her J. Yesterday when I was sick ( work too much), she even bother cook for me porridge and bring back fresh soya milk from the store. So kind of her 

singing with my sis feet hahahaha SILLY!


I couldn’t be happier than this. This semester has been the hardest one in my entire college history. Moreover, I love my SOYA work more than school hehehe. Anyway, I am so glad it is going to be over in next couple of days. It means that LOONGGG holiday is coming. I can not wait to use it for  expand bussiness, learn something new, and of course get a balanced life J.


To celebrate these happiness i will make a GIVEAWAY :) Thank 

you for all readers who have been supporting me. I love you all and 

stay tuned...

Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

Make up Tutorial : Copper Black

Haiiii everyone, hehehehe how are you? It is 11.pm now and i have got major boredom. Tomorrow is my first exam, and i have psyhological test construction workshop exam. Dang! Super hard exam for starter. It somehow gives me dizziness. To cure it, i especially create a copper black make up tutorial for u all.. It is so easy ( i am doing this in only 20 mins ) and great for party, hang out, or just camwhoring like me.

This is my before - make up pic :) hehehehehe i know my face looks super weird, oily and all wtf. just dont stare too much :) okay ! *kick the head!

To start i put face moisturizer, here i am using Olay total effects 7 in one. Then, i apply REVLON new complexion foundation and contour my face using PAC cream foundation. Last, dust it with 3W Clinic face powder. For lips, i am using Silkygirl lippie in nude and silkygirl lipgloss number 5 :)

Hah, here is the eyes :)
1. Before doing the eyes, put eye primer all over ur lid and if you want to add double lid, put some tape to your eyes
2. Apply copper eyeshadow, here i am using coastal scents 88 pallete
3. For the outer V, use black and dark brown, mix it together to add depth unto ur eyes
4. Put some of the black on 3/4 of outer lower eye area
5. Apply white as a highlighter, blend well and put some too on ur inner corner

Taraa here are my happy faces for the night!

See you girls on the next tutorial.. Wish me luck for tomorrow! Kiss!