Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

Revlon Nail Polish in Touch of Mauve Review

Living in a boarding house and live far from my family somehow force me to live independently and being money wise ( FYI: Doesn`t apply on cosmetic). It includes handwashing my laundry. That is why i don`t really do nails. Moreover, i am also sucks at doing nails. I rarely achieve that colored smooth and pampered looking nails.

I have a collection of nail polish tho, and this is my favorite. It is from Revlon and cost me around 30.000/USD 3. Yaa, affordable lha, moreover it comes in a pretty big bottle, so it is going to last for longer period. 

The color is pinkish mauve, and it applies easily. If i don`t do laundry, it lasts for quite a long time. zacting1.gif More than a week.

Kyaa, don`t laugh at it! Hahaha my application is so fugly mister.gif! Anyway this is how the color turns out. I love it, really suits my feminime self.

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Minggu, 26 Agustus 2012

Life is good! Cookies, New School and a Bunch of Gifts

Hai hai, dear readers.. How is life treating you? Today i want to share with you things that have been catching my attention. Before i got the accident, i managed to go to food exhibition that was held in Grand City Exhibition Center, Surabaya. I saw this cookie machine in one of the booth, and i fell in love with it in that instant. It was so cool and convenient! Aaidea.gif , lets save some money to take this machine home...

Cookie machine

And this is " COUPLE FAVORITE DISH"star.gif . I and Christian ( my BF) HEART it very much. What is it? It is called Chicken cordon bleu from Solaria Restaurant. Gladly, it is very affordable, hmm around 20.000 - ish per portion. Our favorite part of this dish is the melted cheese inside.. YUMMY...  

And... the best part of this post is this huge collection (for me) of make up given by my juniors. They come from faraway, Belgium and USA. Thanks! I already made a review about Milani Baked Eyeshadow here. Aa.. It feels so great to have this collection!

Ah, ya, remember my sister, Reta? She has finally went to culinary school in Surabaya Hotel School. Let`s pray the best for her! laugh.gif

Yaaa, tho life is tough sometimes, simple things like this somehow can make my day and remind me how good life can be. So, never give up! Fighting

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Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2012

Skin 79 Hologram Pearl Pact Review

Holaaa teddy.gif, How are you today? Hehehe I pray that everyone is living well. Here it comes my review on my FIRST Pearl Pact. This is a SKIN 79, Korean make up brand. 

The website says :
Skin79 VIP Gold Hologram Pearl Pact includes fine pearl that shimmers to make beautiful and bright skin. Soft focus powder covers up skin’s problem areas naturally as well as reflects light to makes makeup more radiant. It contains HYC powder so it is good for adhesion and persistency. It prevents makeup from looking caked on and reduces shiny patches caused by sweat and sebum. Keeps skin feeling and looking clean and refreshed all day long. Abundant nutrition of Gold, Caviar extract, Coenzyme Q10 and Squalene makes skin moist and healthy. ( Courtesy of

I have a collection of Skin 79 BB Cream, gold and pink, that was 

why i thought, " Why don`t i buy the pact?". It was on sale too  


What i like about this
+ Nice packaging, it looks expensive though it is actually not hahaha. But i don`t like the sticker at the top of the pact. They should just print it instead.
+ Shimmery. I hate disco ball face, my MISSHA Shiny BB cream left untouched because it has shimmers. Well, gladly tho this pact has shimmer, it is very subtle and acceptable to me.

Subtle Shimmer
+ I find it best to set the BB cream, it gives me radiant and flawless finish couple.gif . I like it!
+ No weird scent
+ Has a lot of nutrition instead, such as gold, caviar and etc
+ A little bit goes along the way

Nice and hygienic packaging. This way the dirty puff won`t touch the powder and scatter bacterias .

What i don`t like about this pact:
- Light coverage
- Sometimes can be cakey
- Lousy oil control monster.gif . I have to blot every two hours and because it has shimmer. My face looks even more oily. Yuck! I recommend to use this at night to give you that radiant - glamorous look.
- It can be blotchy at times


bare face ( excuse my pimples >.<)

A layer of hot pink Skin 79 BB Cream

BB Cream + Pact


Hehehe excuse my messy hair >.<! I am still sick and have no mood to manage it mister.gif.. This is my silly face + FOTD using this pact. My face looks smoother and more radiant. Love it!

Products that i used:
SKIN 79 Hot pink BB Cream
Skin 79 Gold Pearl Pact
NYX Cream Blush on in Glow
ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Lemonade
Luview Eyeshadows in Gold Brown and Lovely Gold
Inez Black Liquid Liner
Silkygirl long lasting eyeliner

See ya, friends!bye2.gif
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Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

Sponsored Review: Hadalabo Skincare part 1

I am fond of Hadalabo ever since two years ago. At that moment, Hadalabo was only available in Japan and China. I also have to buy 'em at online shop with a high price hellokitty10.gif. Hmmm, i think around 200.000 IDR for a toner. So much for a poor student like me *slapped!

Just like a breeze in a hot day. Finally Hadalabo comes in Indonesia market with more affordable price! Jiahhh... back then, i paid a lot to get a good product like this. Now, this product is affordable without leaving it`s effectiveness! That is even better. Those products above were sent to me two months ago by PT. Rohto Indonesia. I was thinking that i want to use it for a month first before reviewing it, but then when i finally ready, i got accident! I have to be temporarily crippled >.<. So sorry, PT. Rohto for i haven`t been able to post review about these sooner.

Face wash ( Blue: Shirojyun, White: Gokujyun)

PT. Rohto kinly send me the whitening series, plus they send me a face wash from gokujyun series and a packet of shirojyun series. FYI, Shirojyun series are made for whitening purposes. They comes in blue tubes and bottles. Then, gokujyun series are invented for moisturizing purposes. They comes in white tubes and bottles.

Shirojyun series( L -R: Face wash, Serum, and Toner)

In Japan, this brand is famous hellokitty05.gif! It is sold 1 every two seconds, i also read many good reviews about them. So, stay tuned for in depth review for each product. I had bough the shirojyun lotion and gokyujun toner to complete my Hadalabo collection. See ya again, readers!

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Kamis, 23 Agustus 2012

Lovely Copper! Milani Baked Eyeshadow Review

Hi girls! Hana is finally back hehehe.. I got accident about a month ago which explains why this blog has been so quiet lately. Well, i am still wounded, as a matter of fact, but now i can sit which enable me to start writing again. Yay! Can`t wait to fully recover!

Last month my juniors were back from overseas. They kindly brought me make ups. So, all of the sudden, upon their welcoming party , i got make up from Belgium and USA. Aaa, can`t be happier! Thanks!

One of them is this lovely copper color eyeshadow from Milani. Honestly this is my first baked eyeshadow *newbie face* and i like how the eyeshadow is beautiful and marble - like

I got my shade in COPPER EXCESS, it shadows beautifully and sometimes i mix this with my pink blush on to achieve pink-gold sheen look. Ah ya, it is made in Italy!

 What i like about thiS...
+ The color! Great for everyday use
+ The marble like look
+ The packaging is sturdy lha.. Quite okay..
+ It can be used wet and dry, soft or intense. WICKED! Look at the swatch below. Here i am not using any make up base, this shadow only. The left one is intense because i applied it wet, whereas the right one is softer when applied dry :)

+ Affordable, around 8 USD
+ A lot of product! I am not sure i can finish this within a year...

What i hate about thiS...
- The texture is not very smooth.Hmm how should i say it? Quite sandy
- The packaging is very boring mah...
- The moon shape applicator is hard to use, i find it very inconvenient
- Hard to find in Indo

Sum UP...
I would say that the copper is lovely. I love the shadow tho it is not my HG yet. It is pretty and worth the money, i would totally repurchase this in another colors. I would give this a 4,5 rating outta 5. So, have you girls try this? Do you like it?

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Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012

LIOLE Make up class

Hi everyone... this will be super late post, but i have no choice but posting it now due to my health hehehehe. Last month i went to LIOELE make up class in Shangrila Hotel Surabaya along with my fellow blogger friends, Shasha, Shelley, Yennyca, and many more. It was a fun experience for me, and i got this super skincare that i like, Aroma Soft Peeling Gel (review will come soon)

They have a lot of make up collection and they are sooo pretty.. WOOOWW....

This is the model Daisy who get a make over from Lioele, we got to watch her transformation for about two hours while sometimes swatching products. It would be MORE MORE better if we can do real make up class, like really applying stuff unto our face and get to know how to make a korean make up.