Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Quick Review

Just a real quick review post on my daily hair serum. I bet many of you loves this also because it is well known and easy to get! hehehe 

IMO (In my Opinion) :

Makarizo hair serum is oil based serum. So I only use it on the end of my hair. Using it near the roots will only make my hair greasy, dirty easily and has no volume. It can make my hair shiny smooth and smell very nice! Overall I like the serum ^^

Price: 8000 rupiahs or SGD 1 per tube

- Affordable and available everywhere
- Makes my hair shiny smooth
= Smells great


- Feels heavy on my hair if i use too much (oil based)

Rating 4/5
Repurchase Yes

Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

Sponsored: Solusimu Review + Ramblings!

Pretty much everyday I go to the malls. Not for shopping though but for college and work. My beloved Pelita Harapan University is inside mall and also I own some foodie outlets in some malls. Going to the mall and using public toilets are unavoidable.

Let me share with you some nasty truths about public toilets in malls. If you think that public toilets look clean and nice. You are wrong. I meet a lot of cleaning service men that skip cleaning the toilet cover when they have the chance to. If their supervisor is not around, they don`t clean though clearly the toilet is freaking smelly.

Public toilets are disgusting. Sadly, we really can`t control the way cleaning service work or people who use the public toilet. Moreover, sometimes in malls, there is not enough hygienity tools like tissue and toilet cover available. Compare this to USA, when I was there during my high school years, most of public toilets have toilet cover paper! Arghhhh, Indonesia you should learn from that! We, woman deserves hygienity.

Well, the least I can do is maintain and choose the best for my hygienity. My choice goes for this toilet cover from Solusimu. At first I did not know that Indo has toilet cover paper too *slapped. All this time I put tissue all over the toilet cover for hygienity reason. The price is affordable! 5000 for 1 pack and a pack contains 10 sheets. It is also biodegradable so I don`t have to feel guilty when flushing it down the toilet hehehe.

Rating 5/5
Repurchase? YES

Minggu, 28 Oktober 2012

Etude NYMPH Aura Volumer 2 #PINK review

Nymph Aura Volumer
courtesy of google.com

I am currrently in search of a good shimmering base that can be blend into one with foundation :). If you read my glowy tangerine post, i do not have a shimmering base at the moment and use MISSHA M Shiny for a subtitute. Missha is too shiny tho, it has a noticeable shimmer that i dislike. So, i try this infamous volumer from Etude House called NYMPH Aura, in pink.

I tried the sample size, but if you happen to buy fullsize, it is around 125.000 rupiahs in online shop and obviously a lot higher in ETUDE stores nationwide.

IMO (in my opinion):

Nymph aura 2 is a shimmering base with subtle pearl. What i mean subtle is that the shimmer is not very noticeable if you blend real well. The finish will be dewy glowy like Korean artist. One thing that i notice about it is a very strong fragrance. I do not mind tho because i like the fragrance,but if you are sensitive to fragrance then this may not be for you. The fragrance is so strong that it stays fragrant after i put on my face and i can still smell it after one hour!

The texture is not very runny and blendable. I ussually use this to highlight my cheek bone and nose bridge. More than that would be too much on my taste. But if you like, you could also blend with your bb cream to achieve more glow. I also get a "dillemma" on using this NYMPH Aura, hehehe. It is too sticky that i do not feel comfortable about it, but if i dust it with powder, the glowy finish will be mattified as if you wear no NYMPH Aura beforehand.  

Courtesy of google.com


nymph aura 2, contains shimmer and pink pigment


Blend More
I really like the finish. Healthy glow, because the undertone is pink!


I think NYMPH Aura is a good shimmering base, i like the finish of it. But i am still not sure whether i am going to purchase the full size of it due to the stickiness. You may like this if you do not mind sticky face and fragrance, because the pink undertone will really compliment the skintone. It gives off a healthy glow. 

Rating: 3/5
Buy full size? I am not sure

P.S. I currently joining international giveaway from BANINI beauty. She will be giving away lotsa epically epic products for three winners. If you want to join, you can click here

Banini Beauty Giveaway

Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2012

Nature Republic Aloevera Soothing Gel

Key features:
92 % Aloevera

Full jar of 300 ml aloevera gel

I got this as freebie from Cosmopolitan Magazine, but if you buy online it is around 65000 rupiahs and 50.000 rupiahs in Nature Republic Stores

IMO ( In my opinion) :

This is currently my HG Skincare! Hehehe it is very multitasking. I can use it to soothe my burnt skin, revive my dry hair or even use it as my make up base. It is quite affordable also, 50.000 rupiahs or about 5 Dollars for 300 ml full jar of good aloevera. Love!!
I do know this is a very good product because it brings good improvement to my burnt legs. After the accident ( Half of my body is burnt, quite large area), my skin is like melting and the new skin is pink and easily irritated. Of course my skin can not take just any random product, wrong product will cause an irritation. Nature Republic Aloevera is amazing! No irritation and very moisturizing. After a while my legs become better also.

Feels breezy and cool against the skin
Smells good
Available in Indonesia
Multitasking, good for skin, hair and make up
No paraben


I am going to buy this a lot, and I will even restock it! Hehehe.  I do recommend this because it is very good for the skin, 92% aloevera, and no paraben also!

Final verdict

P.S.: Chicas, i am currently joining giveaway from MOULETTE, hehehe, i really wish that i could win that cute set of nail polish. If you are in need for nail polish, you could join her giveaway too, who knows you could win, hehehe try your luck, uh?

And then a friend of mine, GITA is also having a giveaway. She is so kind and not fake! Hehehe her blog just really resembles who she really is. Gita is a fashion and beauty blogger, based on Surabaya. Great blog deserves great supports from us, right? Please check her blog at http://gitasyalala.blogspot.com

Exciting stuffs eh? I know.. me too, I feel the same way.. hehehe this is why i love blogging :) in any way or another we give to others through giveaway, and then receive from other too. I also thank you all who joining my sharing make up. Mine is not fancy, i know hehehe, it is just a way so that you can get samples of the products that i review. But it is so refreshing to see many people gladly join. I can not be thankful enough that you girls are actually appreciating my kind intention . THANKS *bow.

And i do love to read your stories about blogging. I learn a lot from you girls. Apparently in this big big world, we always share something in common. We share passion with others and we are never alone. In our case, it is blogging. I hope that we can continue to write, share our aspirations and BE FRIENDS! Btw, if i happen have not follow your blog, please kindly write your URL below so can we have a red thread to connect to each other and support our blogging passion!


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Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Berbagi Make Up Giveaway - October

This is not a giveaway!
Nah lho? hehehe i will tell you why..
This "giveaway" is actually more like me sharing things that are on my vanity stash with you to try on. Nothing fancy. I put giveaway on the tag only to make it familiar hehehe. 

Why do I host this?
 This all begins when i chatted with some of my readers. We were discussing make up techniques and where to learn make up until they said something.
" I`d like to learn lha (make up), but i still save some money to buy make up products. I really can`t wait, but no choice >.<"
The other one, also a blogger, was sharing with me her overly impulsive make up buying ever since she started her blog. I ask her why? Ya, because when she read another blogger posts, she would like to try and when she wants to do review, she feels that she need to buy products. 

They spark something! First, Why wait? I really don`t want to be happily playing with make up alone. I want my readers to have chance to try too. Of course I have shared my make up already with the reader that chatted with me. She was sooo happy,it makes me want to share with all of you who needs make up, but unfortunately my make ups are limited. Hopefully with the "giveaway", people can take turns and i can help more hehehe..
Second, Why buy too much? Blogging is about passion to write and share. To blog does not means you have to spend a lot of money. You don`t have to buy fullsize foundation to know whether it is good or not. Just like you don`t have to drink the whole barrel of wine to tell whether it is nice or not. 


I will be sharing my make up with you!

Everything that can be shared, like foundations, BB Creams, skincares, I will put them in jars, and send them right to your doorsteps. I will be doing this regularly, maybe every month or so. Hehehe, that is why, pray for me that i can earn a lot of moolas and can afford good make ups, so we can share it together! hehehe.

I will also send to you fullsize product and accessories as gift!

So, what to share this October? Check it out!

Full size product: Tresemme Smooth and Shine Conditioner. It is newly launched and sizzling hot! Try it for free!
Accesories: This is a bun to make a Korean hair bun. Very neat and a cute Korean Bun is ready in a matter of seconds!
I also added some shampoo samples. First from premium shampoo brand Chihtsai and shampoo from Tresemme.

Sample in Jars: 
Maybelline Angelfit foundation in Buff
Skin 79 Dream Girls BB Cream
Skin 79 Gold Label BB Cream
La tulipe cover foundation series: Rachel, Suntan and Natural
Rivera Green Misty Foundation

Two Pairs of Eyelashes.

So, if you need or want these items, just click this Rafflecopter form below. Easy Peasy and once you click you don`t have to click anymore for the next Berbagi Make Up giveaway. 

I hope you enjoy
Good luck
P.S: Open for Indonesia Residences Only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I want to say Happy Idul Adha 
for you who celebrate it today!
God bless!

Salam Bibir

Maen make up itu seru! Hehehe setelah bikin empat FOTD, sekarang jadi keterusan

Nah sekarang aku lagi pengen bibir gradasi ala Runway. Kayak di picture ini, bibirnya bergradasi dari merah ke merah tua. Matanya disapukan warna abu - abu

Nah ini dia versiku.. Kagak mirip sih hehehe. Ini FOTD dibuat di sela sela kebosanan belajar buat ujian, jadi lebih simpel. Aku juga ga punya lipstik warna merah tua yang pekat gitu, hehehe akhirnya pake yang ada aja deh, yang penting kan belajarnya.. Ya ndak? hohohoho

Matanya gampang, cuma perpaduan warna putih, abu abu dan hitam. Terus warna bibirnya pake warna pink dan merah. Gradasi bibir kayak gini bisa bikin kesan bibir yang kecil dan imut, lho !

Etude House All day strong BB Cream
3W Clinic Loose Powder
NYX All i`ve ever wanted pallete

Coastal scents 88 original pallete

NYX ALL I`VE ever wanted pallete
Revlon Matte in Pink Pout

Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

I won a giveaway!

Yay! Thank God i won giveaway from www.priscillaclara.com feat shabang - shabang *dancing in the joy*

Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Lovely Lue Lue Giveaway and Cat Eyes FOTD

Hai teman – teman, hari ini posting pake Bahasa Indo lagi yaaa. Hahaha.. Hari ini aku bawa kabar baik lho! Ce Lulu dari Lovely Lue Lue blog lagi ngadain giveaway yang hadiahnya WOW banget. Hehehe. Aku yakin kalian bakal suka. Nah, ini aku juga ikutan lho. Pertama – tama mau jawab tiga pertanyaan dari Ce Lulu dulu ah….

A. Kenapa kamu follow blog Lovely Luelue?

Pertama follow karena sebenarnya terpesona dengan kulit wajah ce Lulu yang mulus, terus cat eyes nya bagus. Terutama waktu nyobain eyeshadownya Sariayu yang Kelimutu. Aku masih ingat lho, waktu itu habis ngeliat postnya ce Lulu langsung coba belajar pake eyeshadow warna biru dan ijo.

Selain itu.. Kehidupan ce Lulu itu lho! Berasa kayak baca fairy tale. Hehehehe. Cantik, bisa masak, bisa bikin craft, bisa make up, bisa kenal banyak orang penting, dapet suami baik pula. Aaa sungguh sempurna.  Kalau baca blognya ci Lulu ini kadang aku suka termotivasi. Keadaanku mungkin jauh berbeda sama ci Lulu, soalnya keluargaku pada ga bisa masak, make up nya juga belajar – belajar sendiri, dan setiap hari mesti struggle memenuhi kebutuhan keluarga. Tapi somehow aku percaya aja lha, kalau aku berusaha dan terus mau belajar, why not? Mungkin suatu saat bisa juga membahagiakan suami dan keluarga, jadi cewek serba bisa kayak ce Lulu.

B. Kenapa kamu memilih hadiah ini?

Aku ni orangnya suka belajar ce, termasuk belajar make up juga. Dari dulu pengen banget punya urban decay ini tapi ga perna kesampaian gara – gara mahal >.<. Padahal warna – warnanya kan bagus dan flattering banget. Terus natural juga untuk make up sehari – hari.  Tau Jen frmheadtotoe? Nah, di tutorialnya dia sering pake Naked Pallete, Ce Lulu juga suka pake Naked pallete waktu bikin FOTD dan EOTD nya. Pengen belajar deh. Semoga ya, bisa dapet hadiah ini dan bisa belajar lebih banyak tentang natural make up look dan Korean look.

C. Nah, ini dia hasil CAT EYES ala Ce Lulu (versi hana) hehehe

Inspiration: Ce lulu

Suerrr, susah bikinnya! Hahaha..  Mungkin karena aku belum pernah bikin cat eyes yang kaya Ce lulu. Khusus matanya aja, aku sampe ngulang tiga kali, alamakkk.. hahaha.. Mata sampe agak merah dan cape. Tapi waktu berhasil? Rasanya puas banget dan sayang banget mau ngehapus make up nya hehehe.. Puji Tuhan ya, sekarang sudah bisa berhasil bikin cat eyes, mungkin ke depannya mau coba pake warna biru dan warna – warna lain.

EOTD Up Close!

Buka mata.. Open sesamee.... hehehehe

Gimana? Hehehe Lumayan bagus kan, chicas?
*memuji diri sendiri (slapped!)

Bye - bye for now..
see ya on the next post ya teman - teman :)


Have you heard about Naris before? It is a Japan make up brand, and they are so cuteeeee *kawaii ne.. hehehe. They ussually have cute packaging and the quality is cute too. High quality and satisfying the customer. Now, i am eyeing their lip products!! Some review said it is high quality and very pigmented. And guess what? A fellow blogger of mine is having her giveaway featuring Naris make up Indonesia. Check Lyra`s blog here

Nature Republic Snail Mask Review

I have this for quite a long time, my friend brought me this directly from Korea. I had not use it because I was not a skincare lover until last month hehehe. I was more of make up lover. Since I found Hadalabo skincare regime and felt how my skin can be better, that laziness to take care of my skin had immediately put off. Mask has been a good friend of mine now.

Key features
-          Snail essence
-          Collagen 

IMO (In my opinion):
This mask is decent. The sheet is smooth and thick enough. Essence is in appropriate amount, but not abundant. Maybe mine is in sample form, so the essence might not as much as the original mask. It felt moisturizing afterwards and brightened my face a little bit
Price: 25000 rupiahs in local online shop (may vary)

-          DOFF plastic packaging, somehow looks more luxurious
-          I would say everything is good though non has WOW me. Just decent and appropriate.
-          Sweet florally smell

                                                                                 - Has Methylparaben

Huaaa my fugly face with the mask >.<


This mask has done its job. Moisturizing, brightens, though the effect has not WOW me. The effects were decent lha. I personally love my Dermal masks better than this. Sorry this is just my opinion hehehe.  I would not repurchase though.

Final Verdict:


Oya, a friend of mine is hosting a giveaway on her blog. Check it here 

Just a blog giveaway

The giveaway is super cool! with many gifts! I hope i can win also, there is something i really need in her giveaway. Guess what? Cleansing oil! Hur hur hur.. When i do experiment with make ups, the worst thing is when i have to remove it, i just hope that i will get that cleansing oil lha, so i don`t shade tears when cleaning my make up off *hehehe ..

If you are joining Sekar`s giveaway, good luck for you too!
Psst... she also add some cute handmade crochets in her giveaway..

Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

Suppaa Long Haul Post

 Hai chicas, finally i`ve got to do some haul post. I ussually lazy to do this, simply because i don`t want to gather along things that i had bought, then feel guilty afterwards because i bought too much hehehe. Nor i want to show off my stuffs. I just recently think that doing a haul post is going to be fun, allow you to know what sort of reviews that is going to come up, as well as reminds me not to be over impulsively buying things hehehe..

So, this is my book hauls. I love book! Being a geeky and professor wannabe i am, i love to read and also improve myself. John Maxwell is definitely my favorite author for self improvement book. I also love this trilogy of Hunger games by Suzanne Collins. It simply breathtaking and Catniss Everdeen (the main character) inspires me alot. I swept through this book in just two days!

Well, these are my weekly simple treat hehehe, whenever i got change, i go to the nearest cosmetic store and buy. Hahaha, do you see the eyelash curler? Works wonder and cost me only 6500 rupiahs!

I also got Carrefour voucher and spent them all for body lotions. Crazy? No, it is necessity. My burned skin is very dry and i need to apply lotion every couple hours. Hmm, maybe i`ll do some lotion comparisons next month, how do you think? 

For face i got this masks from Mentholantum. Let`s test them if they are alright hehehe, then maybe i can stop buying mask online. 

Another lotions! Hahaha.. I also bought this leave in hair lotion from Sunsilk that works wonder on taming my "lion" hair. 

New phone! Finally i get myself a blackberry after my beloved Xperia was stolen in the  hospital. I miss my xperia though, but yeah, i just pray that God will forgive the person who stole my phone.

Move to hair products. I bought a lot of conditioners, because i put conditioner two times in my hair everytime i wash it. I also buy L`oreal hair mask and dettol to clean my combs. 

Finally... MAKE UP! I don`t buy too much, do i? Hahaha yeah, my boyfriend look at me with his meaningful eyes everytime i am about to snatch make up on the counter. Thanks to him i don`t haul too much on make ups!

Well, i am very grateful that i can do haul this month, hopefully i can put them in a good use.
Like, for a blog post maybe?


Stay tune!