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Now available on DVD!

"Interplanetary Experiences"

From February 17 till 20, 1971, Ludo Mich organized a Saturn themed Fluxus Festival in the chapel of De Zwarte Panter gallery in Antwerp, Belgium. On the fluorescent invitations shaped like a planet with rings, the Antwerp performer, musician, artist and underground filmmaker announced these four days as "Interplanetary Experiences". The happening included assemblies, performances, sculptures, improvised music, experimental films (including the premiere of Saturn) and a space theater play with grunting piglets unleashed upon the visitors.

This DVD, recorded on film and edited by Louis Goyvaerts, is a representation of the two hour performance done February 18, 1971.


- Saturn: Ludo Mich

- Icicle ring: Guillaume Bijl

- Falling star: Rina d'Hertefeld

- Sun: Mie Van Cakenberghe

- Cosmonaut-lost-in-space: Lea Wijns

- Floating shit of an astronaut: Daniƫl Doncq


- Sax: Daniel Doncq

- Percussion: Wally Van Looy & Harry Meeusen

- Vocals: Ludo Mich

Sound Recording: Jules Goris

Filmed & Edited by Louis Goyvaerts

Cover Photos: Raoul Van Den Boom

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