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Skin care review: Clean and Clear Moisturizer

Long time ago, I read in Gadis magazine ( a local girl magazine), that this moisturizer was recommended for combination skin. That was when I was 15 hahaha. After reading, I picked this moisturizer for the first moisturizer that I have ever had. I was happened to use this for quite a long time before I changed my preference to Olay and L`oreal. Here are my thoughts about this product

What  I like about Clean and Clear moisturizer
-          OIL FREE! Yay
-          Non comedogenic
-          Nice fragrant. I ussually don’t like fragrant in my cosmetics, but for this one, I kinda like how it smells. The smell fades as soon as you put on this moisturizer
-          It comes in a tube. I prefer tube instead of jar for one reason. HYGIENIC. It doesn’t seem right for me to dip my finger day by day, leaving bacterias to grow inside my moisturizer.
-          Very affordable, around 15OOO – ish for 60 ml ( price may vary)
-           It doesnt break me out
-          My room mate has a problem with zits, after using this product, she said her zits are reduced. Hmm, good testimoni, huh? Well, this product does say that it prevents blemishes
-          Has salycic acid

What I don’t like about this moisturizer
-          It doesn’t give me that moisturizing and supple effect much
-          It doesn’t have SPF, so I have to put on a second layer of sunscreen when I wanna go outdoors

I would recommend this for teenagers who doesn’t like to wear a heavy make up. This moisturizer is light- feel. Nice for everyday use. It is also great for those who have an oily or combination skin.
Rating : 3/5
Rephurcase? No

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