Senin, 16 April 2012

Multi-D : 2D (film, 1982):
"During the Seventies and Eighties, Ludo Mich intensively experimented with holography as a new medium in art. His aim was not to manufacture beautiful reproducable 3D images, but to process the essence of multiple dimensions. In his self-built lab he researched systems for holo-cinema and holo-sonics (images that make sound waves visible).

This 2D film from 1982, composed of a mixture of techniques (including celluloid, video, laser light and animation) served as visuals to his holographic installations. A brand new camera was even destroyed while filming, burned by laser beams.

On February 24th 2007, during the celebration of ten years Cinema Nova in downtown Brussels, this digitized version of Multi-D : 2d was screened, accompanied by a live performance of The Joyous Cosmology (Djuna Michielsen, Maarten Tibos, Niko Rubbens, Frank Vranckx, Hans De Ley)."

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