Rabu, 11 Juli 2012

My skincare routines to combat pimples

Most of the time, i have two skincare routines. First one is for combating acne, and second one is my daily skincare. What about you? Do you have different skincares too? Lately my skin breaks out, due to the hormonal change and stress >,< Pimples appear on my cheek and they hurt very much T.T

Yikess!! Pimpleee...

This acne - combating skincare routines starts from face cleanser. First i wipe off all eye make up with this PIXY eye make up cleanser, and continuing this routine with Sariayu pembersih kenanga. 
After that is facial foam from Clean and clear. It is esssentials foaming wash. Sometimes, when it breaks out really heavily, i use ASEPSO brand. My friend from Singapore got me these soap and i like it very much. I can tell that it dries up my pimples very quickly. It is available in Indonesia too, tho. Asepso soap has a sulfur smell, but it doesnt left my skin feel tacky dry after wash, unlike another sulfur soap. After face cleanser, i also tone my face with clean and clear toner. Toning is important to make sure you don`t have any dirt left and also minimize your pores.

I also scrub my face two times in a week. This process is to exfoliate any dead skin therefore preventing new acne to come. But don`t scrub your face when you got pimples, because it is only going to make it worse. After the acnes are completely healed, then, you can start exfoliating your face.

And now, down to moisturizer part. I use this clean and clear whitening moisturizer. Lightweight, and also have salycic acid to help cure the pimples. I like it very much. Then, for the eyes, i use BIOKOS eye cream. I use this on a regular basis, both on daily skincare or in this acne combating skincare. I also use wardah acne treatment care and apply it right on the pimple spot. It is very affordable and is a good treatment. Lastly, i use L`oreal white perfect night cream. This too, i use on regular basis :). I tried my best not to skip night cream, so my face stays supple on the next day. 

That is my skincare routine on combating acne. How about you?

<3 Hana

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