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Etude House Dear Darling My Blooming Lips Talk in PK 005, 0R 205 and BE 101 review

 If you have stay tuned in this blog, you have probably know that these were my Christmas Wishlist. I am really glad that i have these babies on my stash. They are really cute, aren`t they? 

There are 24 colors available and i get myself three of their hot colors. PK 005, OR 203 and BE 101.

Price : 70.000 to 80.000 rupiahs in online shop


I love the packaging because it is cute! Seriously i bought these only for the packaging hehehe
Etude house has made a great effort by adding details into the packaging. It comes with a glossy pink box. It has hearts all over and lace on the top of the box. Suppaaa cute!

This is the front part of the box. Looking great with pink crown and pink hearts

In the bottom of the box, printed the manufacturer date. I like this idea truly! 
The shelf life is ussually around 3 years of the manufacturing date and the expired date is 6 months after we open the box and actually use the lipstick.

Dear darling my blooming lips talk is packed inside a pink tube. Just like regular lipstick, really, when you twist, the lipstick comes out. Only Etude House made the packaging cuter. The tube looks princessey with pink ribbons and lace on the top. I think the tube is kinda bulky and not travel friendly though >.<. I never bring these babies for touch up. I left it and put it nicely on my stash, and they look just like ornaments! Prettifying!


Dear my blooming lips talk is creamy and does not have a weird smell. I feel comfortable using these lipsticks. It is prettifying about 2 - 3 hours and it will definitely be gone after eating something. The color is pigmented and cute. I like BE 101 the most! Now i will do swatches for you. But forgive me, the swatches would not be complete because i lost BE 101 (still crying over it) by the time i write this.

PK 005 is a cute pink color with a cool tones on it. It is very nice for everyday use, giving me that healthy pink lips without looking too much.

OR 205 is very orange with a warm tone. I ussually just swap it once concentrating on the inner parts of the lips to make it less striking.

Now, BE 101! Gladly i still have some swatch picture left and an FOTD.
BE 101 is a beige color with a pink tone on it. The most subtle and the best for everyday out of three of them. It is alot like my natural lip color so whenever i wear it, it seems like i don`t have lipstick on. Useless? No, not really, i still look more polished lha ^^


These lipstick scream out FUN out loud. Cute packaging, decent pigment and nice for feeling all princessy everyday. I recommend these for beginners who is in love for cute looking product without looking too much. If you are professional who is looking for serious lipstick that strike all day then this is off the list.

Until next time!

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