Kamis, 08 November 2012

Review Rivera Cover Foundation in Misty Green

In a color wheel, green is a counter color for red. It will tone down redness 
and turn it neutral. So, if you happen to have redness in your face like mine,
grab green color corrector and all things solved.

Recently I find local drugstore foundation that has green tone in it. I decided
to bought it, mind that the price was affordable. In the end of the day, I got
this Rivera green misty foundation on my stash

Amount : 9 g
Price: 26000 rupiah or about usd 3

Rivera foundation - the one on right ^^

Imo ( In my opinion)

Packaging: sturdy and looks professional with black cap, but yeah it is boring 

Texture and consistency: it is like cream foundation, thick texture and to be 
honest it feels heavy on my face. It is also hard to blend. I have to be very
very patient

It is heavily scented and even when I have blended them, I still notice greenish
tone on my face. It does tone down redness on my face though. Take a look at my
newest fotd: barbie in me, the foundation makes my face look flawless, but don't
forget to put on face powder to get rid of greenish tone.

This is how my face look after blending rivera foundation - still greenish
This was after the powder. I think it makes my skin kinda poreless and definitely eliminate the redness

Affordable price
Able to tone down the redness

Heavily scented
Hard to blenD
Strong pigmentation

swatch - one swipe

swatch - blended 


I appreciate rivera for making this green foundation. Though has many aspects to
improve on, I do feel that it serves the purpose. It does tone down the redness
on my face. Worth the money.

If you don't like scented and creamy foundation, this is not for you. But, if
you are playful with make up like I do, this foundation is a definite go!

Anyway, I'd like to open the jar to be shared with you. Free, and hopefully you
can use this for your make up exploration. CLICK HERE
Final verdict 3 out of 5

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