Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013

Green China doll Make Up

So, this is my take  on trying tutorial by Pygmalion land.
It is an easypeasy - fresh looking tutorial.
For a complete read, click here

I love how this make up tutorial looks great on M
and I decide to try this too

On M
On me

Alalala look so different! 
hahaha i think i fail the look, sorry M.
I will keep trying though! *pinky promise

So to make up the fail, i put more eyeshadows and falsies.
Well, after improvisation here and there
This is how i look

For more tutorials, you can always follow Pygmalionland like i do.
Moreover, M now is holding amazing giveaway!

Just do a sweepstake, follow the blog, join the giveaway and enjoy the tutorial and review.
Hahaha good advice!

Okay, that is my beauty diary today
See you next time


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