Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

VIVA lipstick no 10 review

Hola! I am sooo excited to write this review.
After reading beautiful-channel, I grabbed this on my way off work.
I am so in love with the color, thanks Miss Aldila for introducing this to me ^^

If you are wondering what it is that i am bragging about,
It is Viva Lipstick no 10
Viva is Indonesian Local Brand that has good quality and affordable price

Price : $1/ 9650 rupiah


Viva no 10 is beautiful peachy color, has some orange and pink tone in it too.
It is beautiful and unique color, worth to try out.
The lipstick is waxy with sheer pigmentation
I need to apply 2 - 3 times to get the color right

What i like :
- Affordable and easy to find
- Pretty color
- Great for playing around with make up

What I dislike:
- Waxy texture
- Strong smell
- Uncomfortable to wear
- Sheer Pigmentation
- Does not stay in my lips
- Exaggerate fine lines 
- Transfer everywhere, to tissue, clothes, bag, food, etc
- Cheap looking packaging (well, it is!)
only black color and it does not made for a clumsy girl like me
I only had it for about a week and it is broken already


Viva Lipstick no 10 has beautiful color and VERY affordable price.
I like it. But i personally would only use it for play around with make up
or making FOTD, which is only need 1 - 2 hours top.
I would not use it for my daily lipstick due to waxy texture, 
i find it uncomfortable in my lips
Also, the smell is too strong to my liking.
I would still repurchase though
only  to collect colors that i am curious about because the collection is PRETTY!

Rating : 3/5
Repurchase : Yes

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