Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

My Xperia Picture Diary

Meet Fei fei, she is just a kindergarteners, but one of the brightest daughter of my family ( probably she inherited for me huakakakak *plak). Just kidding! Well she loves playing piano, chess, learn math and english. And start her first chess and dance championship in age 3! awesome..
My lil sis is playing piano. tara tara..

Yummy! when u get a chance to visit Surabaya, u should try this at Harvest Pattiserie and Chocolatier. I love it!

Tambourine! with my friend Priskila. Every Wednesday in my college, we have a morning chapel. Here am i with my fellow tambourine dancer took pics before serving in the chapel. Glorify God

Meet GADO GADO BU ZAINI. This is a mojokerto delight. Hehehe. I love mojokerto because the foods are great and cheap, unlike Surabaya. I get this for 5000 rupiahs only and it tasted like heaven hehehe. 

My favorite dish ever! and i never get tired of it. This is infamous Bu Kris platter in Surabaya

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