Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

When i am supposed to be studying ( FOTD: Blue)

Tuesday, 3/6/2012 at
Hmm, I am done teaching and I have been trying to study for two hours, but nothing seems to make me interested to study further. But, WTH, tomorrow I have two exams >.<, but look at these books, looks so dull. So bored ( crying face)!

Then I find this, TARAAA hahahaha. I guess it would not be bad to have fun once a while isn`t it? Hehehe ( evil laugh). this is my new haul, and it has been calling me all this time to use it ^.^. I guess i can't resist the temptation!!

20 minutes later.. ( picture spam! hehehehe) Taraaa.. blue eyeshadows are ON!

Product used:

Revlon One step compact powder
Maybelline concelear in sand beige


Sariayu Limited Edition Pallete
False eyelashes

Silky girl lippie in Nude

Hehehe done with camwhoring and late night make up now. Lets go sleep wkwkwkw, tomorrow I will have some more study J!

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