Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

Review Sariayu Milk Cleanser and Face Tonic in CANANGA

What is this?

It is milk cleanser and face tonic from Indonesia Local Brand called 

Sariayu. It is formulated for normal skin and enriched with 

peppermint oil as aromatherapy, cananga oil to smoothen the skin and 

areca extract to maintain skin elasticity.

My opinion

In my personal taste, I trust my skin care to local Indonesian product. 

It was because when I was living in United States, all the Indonesian 

skin care products I brought had failed to protect my skin. Vice versa, 

when I brought some local American brand to Indonesia, it did 

nothing to my skin. So, I concluded that local product would 

understand my skin better lha J.

Anyway, I have been repurchasing this product three times now and 

so far I love it very much. The smell is very nice and not 

overwhelming. Yumm.. it smells like cananga flower. The packaging 

is simple. It is in plastic and has white color. It is good lha, so I am 

not afraid I might break it hehehehe

It is affordable for everyday use, I forgot the exact price, maybe 

around 16.000 rupiahs or about 2USD for 150 ml, which last for a 

month if I use everyday. Until now, I haven`t got any bad reaction 

from using the product. My skin is always clean and smooth. Aaa, 

overall this cleanser is my favorite lha


+ Affordable

+ Great for my skin

+ Available locally

+ Nice Smell


REPURCHASE? Yeah, absolutely

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