Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Review: PAC Cream Foundation number 8

Hi everyone! Happy holiday :) How do you spend your holiday? Eating out? Dating? Hehehehe, since i want to help you spend your holiday, today i am going to share with you my HG contouring foundation. Why Holy Grail? Because i use this most of the time and the result is great. You can check my make up tutorial when i use this foundation :)

Just like its name, it is creamy :) I ussually use this with my foundation brush and sponge. Until now, i havent had any bad reaction or anything. And this foundation last all day. I ever went to a party, i applied my make up in the morning and at night, i can still see the contouring dimension. Just right! hehehe.. The price is affordable, i forget the exact price, but i think it is around 90.000 rupiahs or SGD 15.

Here are the swatches. Pretty and blends real well on my skin. I would recommend this for you who seek for affordable and creamy contour foundation. Talk to you later, friends!

<3 Hana

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