Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

REVIEW: SKINFOOD grape essential BB cream

Hi everyone.. It has been a long time that i didn`t post anything about BB cream. Now, i want to review about one of my skinfood favorite, the grape essential BB cream. This review is made from my experience using 5 samples of these. But, because i was busy using it and didn`t take any pics, all the samples are gone. So sorry, i didn`t have any of original picture in this. What are left on me are experiences and my opinion about the product :). Anyway, let`s get started....

The cream is a little bit hard to blend at first. Not very creamy. I have to patiently dab it onto my face and blend.

Oil control
Oil control is just so - so, around 2 -3 hours. When i first use it, i was like "wow" because my face looks flawless and nice. But then after i blot 2 -3 times, some of the redness are showing >.<

Lasting Hours
Pretty long lasting. I would say 6 to 7 hours, before my face turns to a blotchy and tired face hehehe. 

The coverage is medium. Well, it can be full if you add more and more. But i think it will sink on the fine lines. I have ever tried it once, and i wasn`t fine with the result. 

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