Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Coastal scents 88 Original Pallete Review

Tons of colors to play with, cheap price and good quality eyeshadows.

Those are three things that describe this pallete the most. I bought this for around 250.000 at Make up Brush FB. Since then, this has been my toy, and my best friend to do a little experiment on make up. When i first received the package, the silver pan falls off, i have to stick it with a double tape. It comes with a little mirror and two applicators. The mirror is so small, quite disappointing, >.< because i like bigger mirror better. The applicators are useless too, it is stiff and hurt my eyes when i use it. They don`t have enough sponge to deliver a good and comfortable application. After several times using these applicators, I throw it away and change them with a better ones.

Hmm, it is just the start and i have talked so many minus points about this pallete >.< (MY BAD!). It doesn`t mean that this pallete is not good tho. It is great, really....

Now, look at the pan! It contains 88 eyeshadows with matte and shimmery range. Very pretty! Most of them are pigmented. You can see the swatches. I swatch them without any primers, and the colors kick so well. Vibrant! But some colors like beige and pale colors are not that pigmented. I may need to apply it over and over again.

Just a little tip, this eyeshadow is easy to fall out. So, don`t forget to tap the excess before applying, or you can put a lot of loose powder below your eyes to catch the fall out. Inspite this down part, the application is quite easy. Blendable and the texture is good. It glides easily on my eyelids. It stays for 4 -5 hours after that it is going to fade. For a monolid like me, the eyeshadows would likely to crease, so eyeprimer is a must.

After about a month using this pallete, i already created some looks. See them here and here. My favorite beauty guru, Sasaki Asahi is also using this a lot. She also use another pallete from coastal scents like the warm pallete, shimmery pallete and blush on pallete. I really want to collect the other pallete ^.^... Lets save money! hehehehe.. 


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