Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Surabaya Beauty Blogger First Gathering :)


This aglio olio paste and mango juice that i ate during my gathering with fellow Surabaya Beauty Blogger :). I love how they use frying pan as a plate. 

Ay, ay, and this is PIQUE NIQUE - Grand city Surabaya, place where we met. I love the cozy surroundings

Taraaa and this is surabaya beauty blogger, so happily chat and taking pic together. There i met..
1. Shelviana - She is actually my upperclasmen in UPH. I never thought that she is also beauty blogger. Surprised! and so happy also that we are such a click. She is so diligent and able to handle herself in terms of buying make up ( envy envy >.<), unlike me who is going crazy and buy a lot of make up every month. Really, i should learn from her.

2. Priz  - Priz is very pretty. Long haired and fair skinned :). She is about to step up into college world. I am so happy for her and wish her the best.

3. Caroline - She is the youngest of us all. I love her beautiful eyes. She was voluntarily become a mascara model for me and sha - sha.

4. Mami Elisa - What a charming lady she is! Talkative and fun to be with. I hope i can see you again.

5. Shelley - Shelley is the only vlogger of us all. I love her videos, especially her video about her make up collection. Totally make my jaw drops.

6. Yennyca - This pretty lady is a make up artist :). 

7.Sha sha - Sha is the owner of missbelanjaonline.com. One of my favorite blog ^^. She is so kind and nice.

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