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Lip on Lip Water Color in Ivory Orange Review

Heyyy chicas! Happy Sunday for you all!  I am back with review of Lip on Lip in Ivory Orange. If you lived in Indonesia, I believe you ever spot this once or often. Well, it is everywhere, in supermarkets, minimarkets, and cosmetic shop. Thumbs up for PT.ROHTO for the ease of availability. Now, lets go down to the review, shall we?

courtesy of PT. Rohto

I used this for my FOTD, Glowy tangerine. 
Beauty Chica says:

Packaging is not very cute, but elegant with the white and sleek tube. The pigmentation is very sheer, orange color with fine silver glitters. I actually quite love the orange color. It is great for daily lha, but why glitters?? The glitters makes it look unnatural on my lips. I was hoping this problem solved after patting on tissue on my lips. But the color comes off and the glitter stays. OMOO… Other than that, the texture is smooth, not very heavy. It smells like orange which I like. It does not stays long on my lips though. Overall, i think this is a great lippie for a beginner, maybe highschool or junior high girls who love to toy around with make up. 

Rating :3/5

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SOOOO many right??
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Have fun joining giveaway girls,
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