Senin, 10 Desember 2012

My Christmas WishList

Christmas is almost here!
Actually, today is even going to be my first christmas concert for this year.
My campus is starring Sidney Mohede, a famous Christian singer
to sing at UPH`s christmas concert!

Anyway, for this Christmas, i want these babies here

1. Kamera Prosumer
Courtesy of

I still feel undecided about which one to buy, but i heard it can take better pics then usual camera pocket. Also, i have search around that the price is not that expensive. Around 2.000.000 rupiahs.  Do you have this kind of camera? Can you suggest for me?

2. Hair straightener Iron

Believe it or not, i do not have any hairstyling tools >.<, not even this must have hair straightening iron. So lame, no? Well partially because i have to pay 10.000 for each time using this iron. So expensive right? Well, it is the rules from my landlord huhuhu. But, yeah i already made up my mind to buy this kind of tools nevertheless, who knows i might need this for party every now and then hehehe

Update: My handsome Santa, Chris, bought hair straighening iron that can curl too! This is my christmas present for him. SOOO LUCKY! *dancing in the joy*
3. Beauty Stuffs

Since i need to save for camera, buying much beauty stuffs like usual will not be acceptable, leh! hehehe. Save. Save. Save. I need to bare that in mind. But still, there are some beauty babies that i really really want to have. First, from Etude House

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk

Their packaging is one to die for! Arggghhh.. Me want...

Etude House Aloha V Line Slim Maker

Nah, this one seems to be a great tool for contouring. I saw the trainer from Etude House using this baby also. hehehehe.

Now, from Lioele

I hope i can have this Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher

Urban Decay Naked Pallete 1

This wish just came true yesterday hehehe. My beautiful Santa, ci Lulu from lovelyluelue give this to me for christmast present + giveaway prize. Thank you ce!! Hugs!

Okay, so those are what i want for Christmas this year.
What is yours?

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