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Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer in 002 (Lavender) Review

Four years ago, i first knew about make up primer. Thanks to TLC`s "What not to wear" program!. Ussually, the pretty make up artist ( I forgot her name, blah!), put face primer and then face powder. The result? Glowy and very natural. Waaa, me want! And just this year i got to try my first make up primer. Hehehe.

My first primer is from REVLON, called Revlon Photoready Primer.

Description ( from www.revlon.com):
Lightweight primer smoothes skin while evening out skin tone with color correcting pigments that neutralize redness and uneven color. Wear alone or under foundation.

27 ml

 150.000 rupiahs or USD 14 on your nearby Revlon Counter

Packaging 4/5:
It comes in glass bottle. Hmmm, not so travel friendly but in the other side, it looks more elegant and has this pricey feelings. Hygienic! for it comes with a pump so  i don`t have to dig my fingers in to get some product

Finish and pigmentation 4/5:
Finish is matte with no coverage at all. The strange color of lavender actually going to turn translucent upon application. 

Oil Control and texture 5/5:
Texture wise, it is somewhat very soft. This primer will harden upon contact with air, i think. Because everytime i pump, there always this hard crystalized lotion and it is originally the leftover primer that stuck on the pump. Oil control is very good, i like it. It definitely makes my make up long lasting.


Conclusion 3/5:
This how the primer works on my skin. I took the pic two weeks ago, when my face broke out. It reduced the redness and pores, just like what it claims. But i do not like the fact that it feels hot and uncomfortable if i do not put thick moisturizer beforehand. Have you experience this? And also when i put this primer, it is very hard to work on foundation because the foundie or bb cream can`t glide easily,resulting in uneven application. I have to use buffing brush and slowly work on my foundie/ bb cream. Not convenience at all. If you do not mind these downsides, i think the primer will work just fine on you, because it does reduce the pores and redness while making the make up last longer.

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Bye chicas,

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