Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

My Romantic Valentine

Hi, girls! Hehehe you probably wonder why Valentine? Duh, it is 29, Hana, so late! hehehe yaa i know,  February is almost over, but yet i haven`t post anything about my valentine with my boyfriend. Actually, i wrote this on 15th this month, but somehow i forgot to post it until today :) My Valentine day was real cute, hmm we didnt go to somewhere fancy, pretty much at his house and did a lot of talking. I liked it that way. For me talking about our future together is a lot more fun then going to a fancy restaurant. I am so simple

On my valentine day, he picked me up from my house, and escorted me to his house :). He gave me flowers, yay! we had been together for many many years so he knows very well that rose is a must for me on val day :). 

Then, the most special one was the book. He called it " my love book". Once, i told him that there is a research said that love letter is going to be a lot more useful to be kept, and then to be read when the couple has already married. Because when people are married for several years, somehow the love fades away, and they need a reminder of their love, which is the love letters. So, he took the initiative to give me a book. Once a month he told me to give it back to him, so he can write a love letter for me. He knew that i am so clumsy, so there is no way i can keep papers, book is so much easier to keep, he said.   He wants me to keep the book properly, so later we can read it together when we are old, and falling in love again everyday. Oya, there is also a pack of my favorite chocolate :) Yummy

Hehehehe this is him. His name is Christian. I hope that we can have a happy life together till the death tears us apart

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