Senin, 06 Februari 2012

The making of Lysistrata (1976):
From the liner notes: "Filmmaker, painter, sculptor, holographer, musician, performance artist and Fluxus associate Ludo Mich adapted Aristophanes' bitingly satirical poetic comedy into a strictly personal ludic burlesque. All actors perform naked. This was due not simply to the budget being too small to accomodate the appropriate costumes and regalia; the director also intended to use this particularity to heighten the impact of Aristophanes' anarchistic ideas. The original version was shot in a mixture of Dutch and (mainly) English. This highly personal, eccentric interpretation was shown at film festivals and museums worldwide."

Video: Chris Goyvaerts, Roger Steylaerts, Cherica Convents, Flor Bex.

Cast: Jacques Ambach, Guillaume Bijl, Annie Cré, Armand De Hesselle, Frieda Diels, Herman De Laet, Denis Denys, Emi Denys, Nicole Van Goethem, Vera Goyvaerts, Jozef Hermans, Erik Kloek, Alain Mathijssens, Ria Pacquée, Jan Terbruggen, Daniel Weinberger, Frans Weyler.

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