Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

REVIEW: L`oreal Day Moisturizer Hydrafresh


This lovely moisturizer is packed inside a glass jar. Personally, I like the design,the cream looks pretty inside it. In the other hand, jar makes this cream a little bit unhigienic because I have to use my finger to dip inside over and over again. It would be so much better if they use pump. The fact that the jar is made of glass,makes this cream is kinda heavy to take for travelling,also looks fragile.
This is the how the gel looks like

Hehehe mine is almost gone

This is the gel paired with white perfect night moisturizer, Hydrafresh is the one on the left

This gel moisturizer is tagged in a reasonable price for 50 ml, around 70000 rupiahs or $10. I like the texture it feels cool when I apply it, cool and refreshing.  If you want to exaggerate this icy-cool effect, you can put this moisturizer inside refrigerator. It has light texture and smells nice too, smells fresh.   

                The cream itself works so well.I like the way it makes my skin supple and smooth after two weeks. As you can see I have used this cream for more than half.This cream doesn’t have SPF tho, so I have to put additional sunscreen when I have to go oudoor. I suggest this for you who have combination or normal skin like me. It is moisturizing and refreshing in  a right amount.

Rephurchase? YES

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