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Tze Yien Giveaway

Hi dear, my fellow blogger Tze Yien is having an urban decay giveaway. Hmm I like this pallete very mych :), have been wanting it since Jen frmheadtotoe featured it on one of her video :) If you would like to join, please click here. Goodluck, girls

March Pallete Haul.. Hmm Beautiful!

Hai girls, have a happy March! Today i am going to post a short post about my current March Haul. It is a beautiful pallete from NYX, The all i've ever wanted make up box " . I am going to review this soon :) Bye for now

My Romantic Valentine

Hi, girls! Hehehe you probably wonder why Valentine? Duh, it is 29, Hana, so late! hehehe yaa i know,  February is almost over, but yet i haven`t post anything about my valentine with my boyfriend. Actually, i wrote this on 15th this month, but somehow i forgot to post it until today :) My Valentine day was real cute, hmm we didnt go to somewhere fancy, pretty much at his house and did a lot of talking. I liked it that way. For me talking about our future together is a lot more fun then going to a fancy restaurant. I am so simple

On my valentine day, he picked me up from my house, and escorted me to his house :). He gave me flowers, yay! we had been together for many many years so he knows very well that rose is a must for me on val day :). 

Then, the most special one was the book. He called it " my love book". Once, i told him that there is a research said that love letter is going to be a lot more useful to be kept, and then to be read when the couple has already married. Because when people are married for several years, somehow the love fades away, and they need a reminder of their love, which is the love letters. So, he took the initiative to give me a book. Once a month he told me to give it back to him, so he can write a love letter for me. He knew that i am so clumsy, so there is no way i can keep papers, book is so much easier to keep, he said.   He wants me to keep the book properly, so later we can read it together when we are old, and falling in love again everyday. Oya, there is also a pack of my favorite chocolate :) Yummy

Hehehehe this is him. His name is Christian. I hope that we can have a happy life together till the death tears us apart

Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Beauty on Oscar`s Red Carpet

Under the spotlight of Academy Awards, also been known as Oscar Award, these stars shine with their astonishing beauty. Just now, i read The Cuatro, a spanish newspaper and i found these beautiful pictures of the ladies with great make up and hair do. I totally loved it, then i suddenly decided to write this on my blog. These three actresses are my favorites! They are not only talented, but pretty as well.
They are..... ( * drum roll)
                                        1. Jessica Chastain

I love her hairdo. It is something that we ussually do everyday, half up do, but she really takes this to the whole level. Don`t you agree? I think her hair colour and pretty waves contribute a lot to it. I also love her neutral make up, with not so strong lip color, her smile looks really natural. An effortless beauty.

2. Stacy Kiebler

When i saw her picture in The Cuatro, i was like " Who is she?" Hmm, i dont mean being rude, but today is the first time i see her. She is pretty. Then i searched through the internet, and i was so shocked. She is a wrestler, girls! She is a WWE wrestler. Such an elegant lady, but in the other side she is also strong. I totally admire her. In her Oscar look, i love her wavy hair and her neutral make up. She looks fresh and young. The best part about her make up is the lip color. Fresh, and managed to frame a beautiful smile

3. Angelina Jolie

Who doesn`t know her? Hehehe her acting in action movie such as SALT and WANTED was totally awesome. I love her. She is also kind to adopt four orphaned children. In this year`s Oscar she wore a black dress again. A critic from the newspaper said that her dress is boring. She comes up with black dress every year. What`s up with that? But personally, i like her elegant black dress. I think it is pretty. Don`t you think so? As always, her make up is daring. Sexy with her red lips and smokey eyes. Great!

Have you read news from Oscar, girls? Who has the best make up?

Love, Hana

QUOTE of the Day

No soy el rey del mundo, pero yo gobierno mi vida. Que es suficiente.
 ( I am not the king of the world, but i govern my own life. That is enough). Hana

Minggu, 26 Februari 2012

Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

REVIEW: Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream

What is this, Hana?

         This is the second Missha BB cream that I have tried so far J. The first one is Missha Shiny BB Cream, you can read the review here. Missha is Korean brand, and it is famous for its BB cream. This BB cream has SPF 25 PA++ and it claims to be hypoallergenic. So, I guess it will be good for you who has sensitive skin. Ah, I have the picture from their website www.missha.net  that I captured for you. There stated how to use it and the quality that the products claims to have.


Well, I also have swatch pictures for you, girls J

before, u can really see my pores and redness >.<

pore is minimized and it evens out my skin

Hana`s review:

As you can see in the pictures above, the coverage is medium to full. One pea size can cover the whole face, so I suggest you to use a bit and build it up because sometimes too much of this makes you end up looking ghostly >.<.  That happened to me when I use it for the first time, I was so embarassed. Hehehe This cream will oxidize and match your skin tone after a while, but, I am sure it will be best if we have the correct amount and skin tone right from the first time.
                The concistency is great. It is a bit runny, but buildable and blendable. It covers my scars and redness, I use this cream alone to get a flawless look. The texture is also not too thick compares to my Caring colours BB cream. Everyday, I ussually set it up with my 3W Clinic ( Dodo Palgantong powder) and it lasts the whole day, 8 hours with little blotting.It can lasts 12 hours like the advertisement say, but I need to touch up. Nice! The price is quite pricey, but regarding how long this product will lasts, I think it is worth it and reasonable.
                After using it awhile, It doesn’t break me out and I notice that my skin texture is suppler and smoother. Hmm, thanks to skin lipid and amino acid contains that this product brings.Well overall I like this products inner out. Even the packaging is cute, it has floral print and looks elegant. More importantly, it comes with a pump, so It is definitely more hygienic hehehe.

Rating: 5/5
Repurchase: Well, I like this cream, but I would like to try another cream J

Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

Viva hair tonic ginseng

What do you think about this product?

It contains ginseng that is able to strengthen your root and avoid hair fall. After using it awhile, I finally finish this cute little 60 ml bottle in about 2 weeks. For a long hair like mine, this bottle lasts for 7 usages.  Hmm, quite okay, I bought this for 6000 rupiahs ( price may vary), so I spend around 800 rupiahs for one time hehehe too county, am i? I love this smell hehehe strong but refreshing. I haven`t notice any improvement for my hair, well it is still falling out nevertheless. Speaking about packaging, it made of plastic, it didn`t leak, but looks so cheap ( well, it is J). After using this product you can feel cool sensations on your scalp almost immediately. Hmm since this product obviously do not meet my needs, I am still looking for a real good tonic. Do you have your favorite, girls?

Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Teaching ideas: SURPRISE GIFT

Hi,  have you read my lovelyfriend`s advice? This activity that I am going to share with you is another sequel of it. Hmm, after I did my lovely friend`s advice in my classroom. Next, I did a SURPRISE GIFT activity. Who doesn’t love gift? Everybody does. It represents care, love and also self sacrifice.

The goals of this activity are:

-          They learn to care to each other
-          They learn to give unconditional self regard. It means that you respect others for who they are.
-          They learn to accept their weakness and work on it to be a better person
-          They learn to tolerate each other
-          They learn to be grateful for the love that has been given to their life
-          To increase their soft motoric skills.
English Education Goals:
-          To encourage them to speak and express their feelings in simple present tense and modal tense.


All you need is OLD NEWSPAPERS

How to do this?

Okay, hehehe, I shall explain then. Today, in class, I told them about the name of the game, then I distributed the old newspaper. They were so excited and kept questioning me what was the activity all about. Then I told them ,” we are going to gave each other surprise gifts. But it is no ordinary gift! It is special. Just now, you know your friend`s weakness. I want you to imagine gifts that help them encounter their weakness. It can be everything. Just be creative, and show your care towards your friend. The rules are simple, first, you can not use scissors and second you have to make it full-heartedly”
Then I gave them example. Example speaks louder than words, it always do. I took a piece of old newpaper, folded it until it looked like a book. I said, “ Since John is forgetful, I may make a book for him, so he can write things that need to be done here.” That was example of “logical” gift. I tore the newpaper into very very little pieces. I said, “ This is can be a gift too, do you know what is this? This is a super magical fairy stardust.  I pour this onto John`s head, and I may wish that his forgetfulness may be gone forever. That is my gift.”Everybody laughed.

                Because everybody understood what to do, I shuffled the cards once again to determined who will make the gifts and for whom. 
After everything settled, we started to make the gifts hehehe. I made gifts for John.  The first one was blackberry to remind him what to do and what to keep. Next one was super goof ball. This goof ball was supposed to retrieved back his memory. I said,” Somebody just has to hit him with my goof ball, and he is going to remember everything.” Everybody seems to be entertained hohohoho.

                John gave his brother Ben a story book J. He said, “ If you stop being indifferent, I shall give you this book” It was a cut out from a newpaper cartoons. It was so cute. Hmm he made some grammar mistakes on his gifts, but it was tolerable since he is still new in english.

                Ben, gave me KAMEN RIDER MASK! Hohohoho so funny. He said, “It is going to give you  a super strength so you can clean your room very fast!” Hahaha. Thank you so much Ben.

                So in the end, I did some reframing to my kids. I emphasized this section on how they should be grateful if they have friends who are willing to fill their weakness, how they can tolerate each other weakness, and how to regard others for who they are.

Rabu, 22 Februari 2012


What is this, Hana?

                This is a lipstick from Revlon. It comes in a super lustrous range. In the official website, it claims to be infused with mega moisturizer to keep our lips smooth J. It has wide colors array, 72 colors, girls! WOW!


As you can see, the packaging is quite simple, black and gold. Well, it looks elegant tho. But it is not quite my style. The lipstick color is okay, but not strikingly nice. What do you think?

What Do I think about this Lippie?

I have been drawn into pink lipstick lately. If you notice, in my look book, i always use pink lippie, and I feel cute like a barbie hehehe ( silly thought). You might have heard a rave for this lippie quite a lot. There are pros and cons, and certainly adding one more thought from me is going to be fine, isnt it? Some people like it, some people don`t. How about you?
For me, this lippie is just okay. I don’t like the color so much, but regarding the price I think it is worthed as collection in my vanity. This lippie is affordable, hehehe it is around 33000 rupiahs or around $4 dollars. It is pigmented, one swap is enough to create a nice pinky lip. Personally, I use this lippie as a lip stain. I put one swap and then after a while, I tone it down with a tissue. The staying power is so so. Since I can be such a foodzilla in the afternoon, I really need to put more on after lunch break. Hmm, I might say it stays around 2 hours – 4 hours lha. Depends on how I use my lip :p. You need to have a silky smooth lip before applying this lipstick because it shows flakiness and dryness of the lips. After a while, the color is kinda “sit” on the fine lines of the lips.
Well, that is my thought girl. Good bye for now J. School has been crazy lately. Too much assignment, and I don’t like some of the classes that I take.  How about your life, girls? I hope it is going well. I love you, I will share more to you soon.

Rating : 3/5
Repurchase : Maybe

Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Teaching Ideas: My lovely friend`s advice

Hi everyone and dear fellow english teacher J Today I would like to share with you a teaching idea. Yesterday I taught about weaknesses. After having some reading and grammar practices, we made a circle and I made everyone say one of their weakness. Ben ( my student) said that he is indifferent. John said that he is forgetful and I said that I am messy hehehe.

Meet JOHN, BEN, and AMY!

Then, I picked three random cards, it happened to be ace, five and six hearts. So I shuffled it, I let them chose one. I got ace, Ben got five, and John got six. I told them that the game name is “MY LOVELY FRIEND`S ADVICE”. And I told them about the game rules.
1.       Each member has to take turn according to the card that we picked earlier. Since I got ace, I was first, then Ben, then John
2.       When it is your turn, you have to say this :
Hi, my name is ……………. My weakness is ……………………..
For example: Hi my name is Amy ( my nickname). My weakness is messy
Then, the other team member will give me advice. They will start by saying :
Amy, if you are messy, you wil …../ you can ……
3.       Each team member has to give at least three advices, then you can move to the next person

Hehehe, my students adviced me like this:
Amy, if you are messy, your room will be dirty and yucky
Amy, if you are messy, you will step on your stuff, then they will be broken.
Amy, if you are messy, your room will have a lot of cockroach

What an enlightment! Hohoho. I also gave advices to my students, and in the end, after everyone had said their advice, I asked them , “ Are they true?”, “ Have you got bad experience because you are …  ( their weakness)?”  All of them said that the advices were right, they got bad experiences. Then I said, “ You see, choices have consequences, if we choose to linger on our weakness, we might experienced all the bad things happened to our life.” I also encouraged them to change theirself, they can “cure” theirself by making good choices.

This activity will let your students to be more self – aware and increase their self understanding. They will know that everybody has weakness, so hopefully they can be more tolerate towards each other, even fill their friend`s weakness with their strength. That is what friendship is all about, isn’t it? This activity will also encourage self determination to become a better person.

Hmm, Now, talking about english skills, this will boost their confidence to speak more J. And this activity is appropriate to teach conditional sentences, future tense, simple present tense, and also giving opinion. I hope it helps J.

Frkbilmerke giveaway

Hmm, another nice giveaway from Frkbilmerke is coming up! check it out on her blog, girls :)

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Bunnyful giveaway

Wow! look at this girls, tempting, huh? I know.. my fellow blogger, bunnyful is having a giveaway. Do you want freebies above? Check this gieveaway here

QUOTE of the Day

Life is not all about stress, it should be fun and enjoyful :) Find the balance and work with the rhythim.

Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Make up tutorial: When orange and pink collide

Hi everyone, you probably remember that about last week, i got a package from Viva company. Here is my attempt to put them on together though i admit that the eyeshadow color and the lip color do not match well hehehe. Anyway, i ended up having a cute look that i like, so i don`t mind. It is a very easy look, you can even try it out at home.

1. Clean your face and moisturize it, here i use L`oreal hydrafresh moisturizer
2. Apply foundation from Viva
3. Put on a face powder from Viva, sorry that the powder shade didn`t match my skin well hehehe, it looks a little bit ghostly on me.

Then, moving on with eyes
1. Apply gold eyeshadow all over your lid
2. Mix and blend with orange eyeshadow, don`t forget to put some on your lower lash line
3. Apply mascara and eyeliner :) and draw your brow

For lip, it is pretty simple, i only use viva lipstick

Then here is the final look :) What do you think?

Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

Make up tutorial : Crease, with cream, black and brown eyeshadow

Hi, everyone :) How are you doing? Today i want to share with you a look that i created in my beauty salon. I love this look, it enhances small eyes and makes our eyes bigger and rounder. It makes the illusion of bigger creases. I use my La tulipe pallete to create this look. Here are the step by step how to create this look. Btw, sorry, it didn`t come with pictures because i was busy concentrating this look and didn`t bother my camera.
1. Start with a clean face and moisturize it well. Then put eyelid tape to make the creases bigger and make your eyes even
2. Put foundation on, make sure you use the correct shade
3. Put concelear on places that need extra care. Here i use it for under eye and a deep scar on her left cheek to make it less obvious.
4. Then, put on a loose powder. Here i use latulipe powder in suntan
5 In this step you supposed to already have a face, as smooth as canvas, ready to work with
6. Concentrate on the eyes, put cream eyeshadow all over the lid
7. Apply black eyeshadow on the crease lines, and smudge it with black brown eyeshadow. Open your eyes, make sure that you apply this black and black brown eyeshadow right onto the crease line. 
8. Then, apply a white shadow to highlight your browbone and inner lid corner of your eyes
9. Curl your lashes and put on a false eyelashes, choose the fluttery ones
10. Waa, the eye look is almost complete. Dont forget to draw your brow, and then put eyeliner on your upper and lower lid

11. Draw a contouring line to the nose
12. Apply blush on, in this look i mixed pink blush on with peach pinky color one
13. Apply lip color and lipgloss
You are done :) The look will look like this 

Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

PAC Shimmering Powders

 What is this?

This is a stack of shimmering powders by PAC. PAC is indonesian brand for professional make up artist. The shimmering powder contains pearl to add shine onto your face. It creates glamour style and great for party and photo sessions. 

How to use this?

I ussually use gold or cryztal and put them as a highlight onto my face. I put it along my cheekbones, cupid bow, my browbone and the inner corner of my eye. I also use this for theatrical make up, for shiny face and an “iron” man look.


                If you buy a stack, then you will get 4 colours in one. It is around 300.000 rupiahs or 35 dollars ( price may vary). You can also buy single pot, but it is only available in gold color and crystal color. The single is bigger than the stack. J.  Here are the colors:

The colors after you blend

The colors after 4 hours

What do I think about this shimmering powder?

                I love it, I think this is one of my holy grail! My teachers in the beauty school also use this as their secret weapon for a bridal look. The color payoff is great. The shimmer amount is a little bit heavy for daily use, but if u just put a tad bit, it is gonna be fine. Eventhough it is quite pricey, it does last  a long time. I like this to create a dewy glow, and it does make your face looks glamour. It is pigmented and last the whole day. The shine goes down after four hours, but dewy glow still remains in your face. If you use this, I suggest you to use a fan brush. And then blend it really well. Otherwise, the glow will not look natural.  Hmm, i also use this for my make up tutorials, if you girls want to check out to see how it looks on real face, it is here and here. Thank you for reading, girls

Rating: 5/5
Repurchase? YES

Journal J Giveaway

Hi ladies, my fellow blogger is having a giveaway. Check her giveaway here at juliantanoto.blogspot.com.