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Silkygirl pencil eyeliner review

The perfect tool to enhance your peepers. Waterproof and smudge-proof, you can depend on this product to give your eyes precise definition. With high volatile silicone content, this liner stays loyal to your eyes all day. With Vitamin C Derivatives to nourish and care for your lids. Also contains Vitamin E to preserve moisture and protect against aging. Available in 4 colors, this eyeliner glides on smoothly in just one stroke.

Packaging: Made of black plastic. The cap is sturdy, and there is nothing wrong with it,really. I just hope it could be cuter hehehe..

This eyeliner is retractable, which means i do not need to sharpen. Just twist, twist, twist... Easy! For monolid like me, this eyeliner is not very useful. When i use it in my upper lid, it smudges, so it is for my lower lid. I believe this will not happened if you are double lid. When i use my eye scotch, this smudging doesn`t happen. It smudge after a very long time, around five hours. It is also very smooth and soft in application. The pigmentation is good, tho i need to swipe this about two times before achieving that jet black color i want. Good quality for such an affordable price, but not my HG yet.

I am still searching for a very nice retractable eyeliner. Something that can be used for a monolids like me, waterproof and smudgeproof. Any suggestion, chicas?

+Available locally
+ Affordable, around 30.000 rupiahs
+Good pigmentation
+ Long wearing

- It doesn`t suit my monolids >.< Smudge on me

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