Rabu, 19 September 2012

Fresh Look

Hola chicas :). How are you today? Hehehe today i want to share with you my hang out make up that can be done in five minutes only. Very fast! This time i also use new make up that i got from Hada Labo launching event doorprize! *excited* It is called Face on Face. Really good products! Anyway, let`s start, shall we?

After washing my face and apply my skincare routine ( I use Hadalabo), the first step to this look is concealing. I conceal my under eye, acne scars and my freckles so that it looks flawless and better toned. Especially after sick, my skin becomes so tacky >.< and dry. Huhuhuhu just don`t stare on my fugly bare face >.<. Conceal, conceal, conceal! After applying the concealer on particular area that need coverage, i dab it slowly with my fingers. Do you see the difference on the third picture?

Hmm, now it is time to use new make ups! Yihuuuu... I use Face on Face foundation powder in vanilla beige, press it lightly on to my face so that it looks glowy. Then apply blush on, here i use Face on Face 
blush on in Blooming Rose. I really like the blush on it gives my cheek beautiful flush. Looking fresh!

Now time to move on to the eye. I only use eyeliner, eyelid tape and mascara. Because i have monolid, putting eyelid tape on will make my eyes look bigger. Just a little tip for you, don`t put the eyelid tape very close to the eye rim because it won`t have any effect. Here i use gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown in Black Ink. I line my eyes and wing it to make my face looks fresh. Then, i curl my eyelashes and apply Max Factor False lash Effect

So, the look is done! Hehehe simple mah, only using five products!
- Maybelline Mineral concealer in sand beige
- Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
- Bobbi brown gel eyeliner in black ink
- Face on face foundation powder in vanilla beige
- Face on face blush on in Blooming Rose

So, this is my share on my daily make up. Hehehe i hope it helps.
Love you, 
Bye chicas :)

Listening to music1.gif: International by One Direction
Lovepingy.gif: KUBE Mp3 second generation
Hate raning.gif: Keloid >.<

To know more about face on face,
you can click their facebook page
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