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Face on face powder foundation review *Vanilla Beige

Who wants to have a good powder with affordable price? Hands up! * Put my hand up*
Hehehe good news for us, i find one! It is Face on Face Two Way Cake from Rohto. I got this from a doorprize from Hadalabo event. Thank you, Rohto. *hugs*

It comes with this pink cartoon box. It says "improved with Hyaluronic Acid" and i was like "SWEET! It will compliment my Hadalabo skincare regime!! Cihuyy!" 

And i was not wrong, tho. It is moisturizing and stays on the face *nempel banget*. It doesn`t break me out too. I love this even more after seeing the packaging. I think it is the best packaging ever for local drugstore powder foundation. It is pink, sturdy and hygienic. There are two-story. The upper one is for the powder, and below is the sponge.

First Story

Second story

The puff is decent. I like it. Smooth and does the job. The puff delivers more of  medium to full coverage. When i just need sheer coverage, i will just grab my Bobbi Brown powder brush. I like this powder very much. So far is my favorite. It delivers smooth and glowy result. Ah, i won`t say more, i will just show you my pictures.

This is the look i did on Fresh Look post. Hehehe go read if you want to know how this look done step by step.  * Monggo mampir, teman - teman :) * But well yeah, the camera doesn`t lie. I look so fresh, and i like it. I google this and it costs around 27000 rupiahs. So affordable! #SUKA SUKA SUKA!! Unfortunately this brand is hard to find. I try to find in hypermart, there isn`t any and not every cosmetic store carries the brand >.< Ah, too bad Pengampon (local make up stores in Surabaya) is too far from where i live. I hope Rohto will spread this brand to supermarket. I will be the first customer line up for sure!

+ Everything is perfecto, MY FAVORITE POWDER so far
- Hard to find >.<

Oh my.. Anybody knows how to find this in Surabaya? The brand carry great decoration product such as blush on and eyeshadows too. I really really want to try. If you do know, please help me......

Updated: If you want to know more about face on face as much as i do,
click their facebook page or twitter. The admin is nice ^^

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