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Inez liquid eyeliner review

Hi girls, how are you doing? I hope y` all doing well :). Back again with make up review, i bring you a product from Indonesian local brand called Inez.

It is liquid eyeliner with an affordable price, around 30.000 rupiah-ish. I choose the color black. The color is nice, once it applied, it looks really natural on my eyelid.

I also find this quite long lasting. Six hours in AC room and it stays put. It only starts to fade and bleed if you use this outdoor and mobile alot in hot weather. Hmm, this is a bummer mah, it shows that this product is not really waterproof nor smudgeproof.

This eyeliner definitely deliver fine line result, just like it`s name. But, hell, application is very difficult for me because the applicator is very thin and wiggly. If you have shaky hands like mine, this eyeliner is most definitely will drive you nuts and require a big patience. 

Here is the swatches on my hand. I can draw fine lines, but if you notice they are not straight and neat. After using it for a while, i notice that i am getting better on application.

I also apply some on the lids. Really like the opaque color! If you have monolids like me, just make sure not to open the eyes before it dries. It takes some time to dry and the lines somehow "cracked" and crease if you open the eyes before it completely dries. I find it better to use eye primer before using this product because it is going to enhance the staying power and avoid creasing.

Well, overall this is an okay product for everyday use. I love the result and the price. Since eyeliner is a daily staple for most of us girls, i like to have a local product, so i can just snatch one when i run out of it. Though application can be a little bit tricky, it is going better time after time.

Anyhow, i still in search of a good local liquid eyeliner, what is yours? Do share..

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