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Great medicines for Burns

hellokitty12.gifHi, sistah! Today i want to share about burn treatments. As you may know i am suffering of second and third degree burns stretching across both legs and tummy. Most of the time it hurts! Well, thanks God it is getting better now, i can walk tho painful and do some activities. I am so grateful that i can recover, it is suck to be bedrested for more than a month. Wanna know great medicines behind the recovery? Here it goes................

After i got my third surgery, i am allowed to go home. The surgeon prescribed for me some antibiotics. I have to go back to the hospital every 4/5 days to change the dressings of the wounds. Tell you what? It is a torture. Plus, my surgeon and the nurses were not very nice. They were so coldblooded and they just make the pain worse! Ah, it is so unfair because i paid couple millions every time i change dressings and i went to a wellknown hospital here in Surabaya.

Fed up with the hospital services, i called my aunt and uncle who are also doctors. They said that i can change the dressing myself at home and they both agree that the price i paid for the hospital was too over the top. So, after that i change the dressing myself. Painful, yucky and ah, only terrible words i can think for describing the process.

My uncle prescribe me this vitamin called Zegase. It contains Selenium which induce skin cells growth. I like how the recovery is boost up eversince i consume this vitamin. It is very good for my health too, i think i will continue to staple this even after my full recovery. Yeah, it is good for my skin!

Then, being a chinese - raised i am, my aunt bought me some chinese traditional medicine too. And guess what? I personally think they work better than the doctor`s med! I still consume the antibiotics of course and give some time recess before eating this traditional medicine. The first one is Pai Tze Huang. Ussually i felt so fatigue before start taking these pills. I have no energy to walk and after taking these i feel more energized! Great great great! The only down part about this medicine is the price. One box costed my aunt 600.000 rupiahs. Hell! It contains 6 capsules, so 1 capsule is 100.000 rupiahs. If i were not sick, i would rather buy collections of Urban decay Naked Pallete every three days! huhuhuhuhu

Now, i don`t have to change dressing anymore. I use this CHITIN CHITOSAN CAPSULES. This one is pretty reasonable in price, around 400.000 rupiahs for 100 capsules. Okay lhaaa.. What i do is i open the capsules and cover the wounds with the chitosan powder. What this capsules do is pretty much making a thick scab and clot to cover the wounds. It is also making a nice environment for the skin cells to grow. My wounds look so disgusting with thick scab and clot. Yuck! But i can really tell that it is healing, the scab edges fall off bit by bit everyday and i can tell that the scab is decreasing in size. This way is the least painful for me too. I can walk more and even taking pictures for this blog.

courtesy of tiensshop.com

I still have a long way to go for a full recovery and recover from discoloration here and there. But yeah, once again i am so grateful because God heals me and make these medicine works. If i heal, i will still have discoloration on my skin which take years to get back to normal. I heard laser service can make the process faster? Anybody knows about good laser service?

Bye for now, chicas ! Please pray for me ^^
Love: GOD and HIS amazing works in my life

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