Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

Jatim Fair and Education

Have you been here?

It is Jatim Fair Indonesia that has been held in Grand City Convex since last week. This fair is celebrated annually with  the performances of national singers like Sheila on 7, Maliq and so on. Great lha, i quite enjoy this fair. 

The fair is proudly presenting East Java`s local products such as furnitures, and also local handicrafts. The government departments also presenting their project and works, so that they can get closer to people. We, including me, ussually blame the governments about pretty much everything that doesn`t go right, like the traffic jam, bad infrastucture and also flood. Here you can get their answers.

My sole purpose on going to the fair was to visit the consulat generals`s booth to get information about scholarships and master degrees, and there i was lingering on USA, Japan and European booths! Hahaha, got quite of handful information and i met my friend, Putri who is apparently working for the consulate. Aaa Putri, i miss you so much! Let`s meet again hehehe

Putri and Me

Me and Obama

And.. This is me with Mr Obama`s cardboard. I look so damn short compared to him. Oh well, maybe he ate too much satay ( his Indonesian favorite dish) when he spent his childhood in Indonesia. Gathered a lot of proteins and   got very smart and tall. Hahaha. So now we know the secret to be a president! Satay! 

Now meet Christian, my beloved soulmate who accompanied me to the fair. Hehehe this is what i call compatible. Same chubby cheeks, same fat tummy and about same heights! 

And lastly this is me with Kimono from Japan hehehe. The kimono was surely pretty and had very smooth fabric. I couldn`t wait to go there and wearing the kimono like this myself. 

If you got to choose a country to continue your study. What do you choose? USA, Japan, Singapore?

As for me, my first choice will be USA. I was there for my highschool years and i loved it. I am also dying to meet my hostfamily, touch the snow, play hide and seek in Walmart and buy MILANI for cheap. Maybe i will send some for you readers in Indonesia so you can share my joy.

My second pick must be Spain or Mexico. Hehehe, either way, as long as they speak Spanish. I can speak Spanish though not as fluent as my English and i really want to improve it before that cute romantic language that i learned so hard die! In Surabaya i couldn`t find any spanish speaking community or Spanish teacher, that is why my Spanish slowly going blunt. Oh no! Hehehe I desperately needs to go pursue my Masters in Spain or Mexico!

Which countries suit me best? Hehehe, ya, let`s pray and work for the best. Master degree education is just around the corner. One or two more years. Pray for me too, will ya? hehehe

I love you all,

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