Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

Tresemme Conditioner review

TRESEMME is here in Indonesia!


Finally i meet this lovely conditioner again! Back then when i am still young and pretty *bwuahaha*, i lived in USA. This was one of my favorite conditioner lha, my host mom used to bought this for us, and it was so big i could put conditioner two times on my hair ( Oh mom, now you know who used up all the conditioner! *slapped!). But it was okay because it was only $3 for 600 ml.  

The packaging is about the same. It comes with a flip cap. It smells floral-ly, and quite strong. The texture is quite light, so even when i put conditioner two times on my hair, it doesn`t feel sticky at all. I have this unruly hair that requires me to chemically smoothing my hair once a year, otherwise i will look like a lion everyday *RAWRRRR*. I love to put lots of conditioner so it looks shiny and my hair ends don`t split.

In humid Indonesia, it doesn`t feel as moisturizing as it was (or it just my own thinking?). But yeah, it certainly doesn`t stop my hair ends to curls due to humidity.

The conditioner retails on affordable price, not more than 20.000 rupiahs/bottle. I found mine in carrefour and hypermart. Have you tried this? Do you like it?

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