Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Quick Review

Just a real quick review post on my daily hair serum. I bet many of you loves this also because it is well known and easy to get! hehehe 

IMO (In my Opinion) :

Makarizo hair serum is oil based serum. So I only use it on the end of my hair. Using it near the roots will only make my hair greasy, dirty easily and has no volume. It can make my hair shiny smooth and smell very nice! Overall I like the serum ^^

Price: 8000 rupiahs or SGD 1 per tube

- Affordable and available everywhere
- Makes my hair shiny smooth
= Smells great


- Feels heavy on my hair if i use too much (oil based)

Rating 4/5
Repurchase Yes

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