Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Berbagi Make Up Giveaway - October

This is not a giveaway!
Nah lho? hehehe i will tell you why..
This "giveaway" is actually more like me sharing things that are on my vanity stash with you to try on. Nothing fancy. I put giveaway on the tag only to make it familiar hehehe. 

Why do I host this?
 This all begins when i chatted with some of my readers. We were discussing make up techniques and where to learn make up until they said something.
" I`d like to learn lha (make up), but i still save some money to buy make up products. I really can`t wait, but no choice >.<"
The other one, also a blogger, was sharing with me her overly impulsive make up buying ever since she started her blog. I ask her why? Ya, because when she read another blogger posts, she would like to try and when she wants to do review, she feels that she need to buy products. 

They spark something! First, Why wait? I really don`t want to be happily playing with make up alone. I want my readers to have chance to try too. Of course I have shared my make up already with the reader that chatted with me. She was sooo happy,it makes me want to share with all of you who needs make up, but unfortunately my make ups are limited. Hopefully with the "giveaway", people can take turns and i can help more hehehe..
Second, Why buy too much? Blogging is about passion to write and share. To blog does not means you have to spend a lot of money. You don`t have to buy fullsize foundation to know whether it is good or not. Just like you don`t have to drink the whole barrel of wine to tell whether it is nice or not. 


I will be sharing my make up with you!

Everything that can be shared, like foundations, BB Creams, skincares, I will put them in jars, and send them right to your doorsteps. I will be doing this regularly, maybe every month or so. Hehehe, that is why, pray for me that i can earn a lot of moolas and can afford good make ups, so we can share it together! hehehe.

I will also send to you fullsize product and accessories as gift!

So, what to share this October? Check it out!

Full size product: Tresemme Smooth and Shine Conditioner. It is newly launched and sizzling hot! Try it for free!
Accesories: This is a bun to make a Korean hair bun. Very neat and a cute Korean Bun is ready in a matter of seconds!
I also added some shampoo samples. First from premium shampoo brand Chihtsai and shampoo from Tresemme.

Sample in Jars: 
Maybelline Angelfit foundation in Buff
Skin 79 Dream Girls BB Cream
Skin 79 Gold Label BB Cream
La tulipe cover foundation series: Rachel, Suntan and Natural
Rivera Green Misty Foundation

Two Pairs of Eyelashes.

So, if you need or want these items, just click this Rafflecopter form below. Easy Peasy and once you click you don`t have to click anymore for the next Berbagi Make Up giveaway. 

I hope you enjoy
Good luck
P.S: Open for Indonesia Residences Only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I want to say Happy Idul Adha 
for you who celebrate it today!
God bless!

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