Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2012

Nature Republic Aloevera Soothing Gel

Key features:
92 % Aloevera

Full jar of 300 ml aloevera gel

I got this as freebie from Cosmopolitan Magazine, but if you buy online it is around 65000 rupiahs and 50.000 rupiahs in Nature Republic Stores

IMO ( In my opinion) :

This is currently my HG Skincare! Hehehe it is very multitasking. I can use it to soothe my burnt skin, revive my dry hair or even use it as my make up base. It is quite affordable also, 50.000 rupiahs or about 5 Dollars for 300 ml full jar of good aloevera. Love!!
I do know this is a very good product because it brings good improvement to my burnt legs. After the accident ( Half of my body is burnt, quite large area), my skin is like melting and the new skin is pink and easily irritated. Of course my skin can not take just any random product, wrong product will cause an irritation. Nature Republic Aloevera is amazing! No irritation and very moisturizing. After a while my legs become better also.

Feels breezy and cool against the skin
Smells good
Available in Indonesia
Multitasking, good for skin, hair and make up
No paraben


I am going to buy this a lot, and I will even restock it! Hehehe.  I do recommend this because it is very good for the skin, 92% aloevera, and no paraben also!

Final verdict

P.S.: Chicas, i am currently joining giveaway from MOULETTE, hehehe, i really wish that i could win that cute set of nail polish. If you are in need for nail polish, you could join her giveaway too, who knows you could win, hehehe try your luck, uh?

And then a friend of mine, GITA is also having a giveaway. She is so kind and not fake! Hehehe her blog just really resembles who she really is. Gita is a fashion and beauty blogger, based on Surabaya. Great blog deserves great supports from us, right? Please check her blog at

Exciting stuffs eh? I know.. me too, I feel the same way.. hehehe this is why i love blogging :) in any way or another we give to others through giveaway, and then receive from other too. I also thank you all who joining my sharing make up. Mine is not fancy, i know hehehe, it is just a way so that you can get samples of the products that i review. But it is so refreshing to see many people gladly join. I can not be thankful enough that you girls are actually appreciating my kind intention . THANKS *bow.

And i do love to read your stories about blogging. I learn a lot from you girls. Apparently in this big big world, we always share something in common. We share passion with others and we are never alone. In our case, it is blogging. I hope that we can continue to write, share our aspirations and BE FRIENDS! Btw, if i happen have not follow your blog, please kindly write your URL below so can we have a red thread to connect to each other and support our blogging passion!


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